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Hi Eva, I am listening to the archive of your new show. Good stuff! Lots to take in.

~ Julia

I really enjoyed your shows with Dr. Swanson and Dannion Brinkley. My local library does not have Dr. Swanson's book yet, but I'll be looking for it. I really enjoyed hearing about orbs, too. Great stuff! Dannion was great too, what a great spirit! I've listened to your shows that are posted on bloginservice, as well as the Don & Wynn shows. Great stuff! I'm looking forward to more of them. Namaste,

~ Michael

Eva, I just discovered your show on BBS radio and can't stop listening. I have yet to find a lecturer that you've had on that doesn't connect with me in some small way. Your determination to help humanity through our reawakening to our true nature is one of the most loving and noble causes on internet radio and I applaud your efforts. In a sea of well meaning but misguided mediocre alternative radio broadcasting I have been completely blown away by your knowledge and skilled interviewing approach.Thanks again for all of your hard work and courageous effort. Love,

~ Roger M.

I see your wonderful site has changed things.... it has been my pleasure to have been a faithful listener of your archives for a long time; especially enjoyed Eva Herr. Again, thanks for BBS!

~ Sharon Kahrar in Jackson, NJ

"Self-Development Wisdom institutes supports Eva Herr vocation and work around the world to ensured that all humans are offered the best Human-Development Wisdom education possible and available..."-JTL"

Very much appreciate the show. Hav e done study with sound over the years, and definitely know the importance it plays in our lives! Thank you!

~ Jean House "jh6713"

"Wow, she blew my mind, she types so fast and she's so quick and now I think I'll be coming to her for more insights and updates"

"SASHA WOWED ME! She is a fantastic fantastic reader and lady!!! I recommend and is definitely one of the best out there!  THANK YOU!!!

“The caliber of the reading was beyond excellent. Sasha has such a great energy I felt so at ease in our session, I didn't want to leave. Awesome psychic abilities, damned good common sense, and a touch of wit... what better mix can you ask for. I hope your rate NEVER goes back up.”

“The information just kept flowing and I appreciate all she provided as she tuned in very well into my situation. She needs no dates of birth and she just runs with it.”

ELIZABETH - you said the purchase of my car would work out and it sure did!  Today the staff brought me the mail and right on top of the pile was another GMAC mailing.  I was shaking so much I couldn't open it. Within the white envelope was a reminder of the first coupon offer and the expiration date.  It also gave me the certificate # so that I could go on-line and print out the sale info to bring to the dealer. Thank God I stalled another week before giving the dealer more than the $100 I put down.  I used my eye infection to say I couldn't drive. Then I contacted you to help me find the coupon. You said it was in a white envelope, possibly in a bag, and on its way to me. Just had to tell you. Thanks again for the insight! Love to listen to you on "Let's Find Out." BOY - you sure can "find out!"

Elizabeth - Just listened to you on BBS - Let's Find Out - and it was great! (10-10-10)  I enjoyed that you were able to explain what was happening with the 5th Dimension energies so well. You made it very clear. William Vitalis is still my favorite all time ecstatic singer and I love to play his music when I want to go deep! The meditation was terrific and I was swept away by it.
~Sharon Kahrar

What an incredible show! (10-10-10) You have made this powerful information, from your book Ascension, so accessible. Elizabeth has new answers for us to unlock within.
~Rosemary Desrosiers

I am the caller named Eric from Maryland. I have regret in my heart for what I have done with my family's savings. The closer of the scam was when her husband giving me a call on Friday saying that this gypsy took me and that she and her mother does this all the time. You told me on the show to call the Police. Her husband stated to me that nobody ever does because it is too embarrassing for them. I'm not even sure she is still in town. Three other psychics never gave me warning. Thank you for writing Psychic Attack Are You A Victim? and for yours and Frank's guidance. Any more advice or just a kick in  the pants will be GREATLY appreciated. I'm at a lost. Thanks for the ear and any help.

Thank you so much for your guidance. I am the the girl who called in tonight, the one going to Paris. I am so in tuned to your love vibration. Love is the key - the work I want to create.  I want it to vibrate with love and show it in my art work. My father lives in Chalfont, PA, so hope to see you one day. I saw Amma in July in New York and she is loving Saint. I wish you love and light with this radio show endeavor.

Thanks so much for another amazing broadcast of "Let's Find Out." You always have great and informative guests. I especially liked Stephen Lewis of the AIM Program. WIll he be on again soon?  I always feel so well-grounded afterward the meditation at the end of the show, and find myself looking forward to it. Each one is such a surprise!  I downloaded your "Chakras and Your Body" CD, and after four sessions, a problem with chronic shoulder/neck pain is now mostly a thing of the past.  I have also noted a positive change in daily life. Things just seem to fall into place or work out for the best in a way that never seemed to happen previously. Blessings to your work, Elizabeth.
~Elaine C.  (New Hampshire)

Thank you so much for the information you give on "Let's Find Out" on are at your best when you do your "stuff!" I only know you changed my life for the better and this self-healing information would only benefit anyone who listens for the rest of theirs. I love BBSRadio for having a specific show that finds the facts and shares with the world. It's awesome! Me and my close friends are regular listeners - and the Pods and your guided meditations are a plus.
~ Madelyn  (NJ

Thank you for your encouragement. It means a great deal to me. I am so glad I can listen to your Let's Find Out broadcast on BBSRadio. I just love those closing meditations. Every morning I start my day listening to YOUR voice Elizabeth. It renews my faith and courage. I am attempting to reprogram myself from my constant fear and worry. I'm just a girl who needs to feel grounded and you have provided that way for me. BBSRadio and "Let's Find Out" is a show not to miss! Today I am listening to your  CD, focusing on the 8th & 9th Chakras. I am writing my INTENTION, PRAYERS & DESIRED OUTCOMES on pieces of paper & taping it to the walls of this apartment.  I want to remain in Germany to manifest the life I desire. I believe I am at a cross-roads. So, I need time to ground myself & heal ~ while creating a new life for myself.  And I want to be happy & not lonely ~ as I truly am. I want to meet good people & develop friendships. And yes, I want to have excellent employment, so that I am able support myself with ease. Bless you with your work, Elizabeth.  
~ Denise - Hamburg, Germany

It's fantastic that History and You is coming back to BBS Radio !!! I've really missed the depth, variety, and insightful commentary Mr. Rodriguez-Walling gives to the various topics he covers. He is stellar in his interviewing style and choice of guests and I have often felt his show was not long enough - I always wanted more. . . I hope he will bring some of his many guests back again - especially Dr. David Richo, Clinical Psychologist & Author of How To Be An Adult In Love, and Nancy Dreyfuss, Author of the book, Talk To Me Like I'm Someone You Love - I actually bought their books - the interviews were that good! Kudos to you, Mr. Rodriguez-Walling - I look forward to listening again!

~ Nicole in San Francisco

hi all.....great show with Tatiana the Russian healer...thank you very much James for getting her on the show!!!..her experience with the Pleiadians was amazing....if she comes back in a next show please ask her more about that, cause she has so much to say and we'd love to hear more...Thanks again for one more great show....

Vagelis-----Athens-Greece..... ~ Vagelis from Athens, Greece