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I am so grateful to BBS Radio for providing a foundation for original thought and a forum for listeners to balance, awaken, and grow. I deeply appreciate Seth and everyone who keeps BBS on the air! Continued Blessings BBS, ~ Althea

The Netherlands calling. I just tuned in BBSRADIO thanks to an interview with Jessica Mystic and I am gonna tune in on a frequent base. Cool that you are broadcasting from Paradise. Hopefully I can call in one of the upcoming days. Keep up the good work overthere Kind regards ~ Marco

Hi Don, I just started listening. I like the programs you guys have. I used to be a radio dj for Sirius, 91.7 FM, and 92.9 FM. I love radio! I just wanted to say congrats on having a very diverse and interesting radio station! Best, ~ Christina

Leslie, I just want to say how very wonderful you all are. I have never had such prompt and efficient response. I'm not at home right now, but I am going to subscribe this week. I began listening so I could hear Dr. Susan Kolb's wonderful interviews, and have enjoyed every program I have listened to! Thank you so much, ~ Liz M.

Hope you like Mozart with beautiful pictures. Love to you all for your contribution to waking up our family. ~ Noella

Congratulations on the success of BBS, I've been listening since there were only about 8 or 10 shows on the whole network. Now there are too many shows of interest to even keep up with a fraction. ~ Jason

Good radio programs in BBS. Developes in Bhutanies people & we enjoy our selves. ~ Gopal from Saudi Arab

Thanks for presenting amazing voices to the world. BBS radio definitely adds color and flavor of a sort that is appreciated by many--needs to be appreciated by more! All the same good wishes to you this year ~ Conni

I first want to start off with I LOVE BBSRADIO. I listen to every show every day. I do switch from station (1) to (2) depending on the show. I don't even watch T.V any more. I just love putting on your stations all day and night while surfing the web. I get so much knowledge and advice. I have had so many spiritual questions and have had trouble finding answers. What I love most is how accesible the shows are. I have gotten through to every show that I have called. For me, in my life, right now, your stations are a God send. From the bottom of my heart I just want to thank you very very much for providing such a wonderful service to Humanity. In the law of one - this is REAL service to others. What a way to pay it forward for Humanity. Thanks again. Much Love and Light and Gratitude. Bye Bye. PS. I LOVE BBSRADIO... ~ Frank M.

I am 73 years old but do feel, very young at hearth.and, that's the reason why I am still able to surf on the Internet where I have the opportunity to learn a lot about the things that is really going on in our world today, from people who are guests or, who do have their own radio shows, on a radio such as BBS Radio, instead of listening to all the humbug that we are being served through the regular News Media. ~ Ruth P.

I'm one of readers. I'd like to thank you for the excellent information I've found on, it's one of my favorite readings on the web. I have 30 years and live in Florida where I have the passion to share with family and friends tips to help them save energy to lower pollution and CO2 emissions. Keep posting your excellent information on ~ Barbara Y.

I do really like BBS: I also liked being able to view the scheduled shows for the day/week showing all three stations rather than having to go between each station to view a schedule. thank you. ~ Jean H.

Thank you for making this possible, coast2coast and unknown country radio is nothing compared to your radio station. A big thanks and good vibe from Denmark. I love you. Best regards a long time subscriber. Thank you. ~ brother Robin


Thank you for Being here!!! BBS radio is leading the way for what a New World, where positive energies are shared and brought forth. I am Grateful to all that make BBS Radio possible. Thank You ~ Eugene M.

By the way, your site and its countless offerings are the most impressive I've seen with internet radio. Many kudos to you! ~ Marianne W.

I would like to know if you list the music and artists that you play on your radio stations open slots. You play some great music. ~ Constance

Thanks for bringing a real alternative and a lot of inspiration to the world! Best wishes to all of you! ~ Barbara

I just want to thank you again for another year of enlightening, inspiring and truth-filled shows from BBS Radio. With BBS, Coast to Coast AM and a few other websites, we are receiving the wisdom we need to greet the new consciousness and awareness being birthed right before our very eyes. I never miss Zany M and James G on Saturday. What an exciting and transforming time we live in, albeit sometimes challenging. The off-world beings and indigenous peoples have much to teach us about these times. Many of us are listening and learning because of the shows on BBS and C2C. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for BBS! Many blessings for peace and prosperty in the new year for you and your family. ~ Heather C.

I love this station. It's about the only place I now go for my music. In particular, thanks for introducing me to Homyk, Longer Stronger with Notorious BIG. That song really sounds great and has a super message. So uplifting. In addition to buying his True Story CD I also bought one from Tenpenny Joke for the songs She & Emergency. I started listening to you awhile back and can't remember how I found you but sure glad I did. Thanks for the great music you provide ~ Dan B.