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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 18 April 2021

BBS Radio TV's Broadcasting & Streaming Policy

  • If you are an FM/AM STATION, SHORT-WAVE or LONG-WAVE STATION, MICRO BROADCASTER, SATELLITE BROADCASTING SERVICE, AFFILIATE BROADCASTER, RE STREAMER, REGIONAL BROADCASTING SERVICE, I-PODDING SERVICE, AUDIO or VIDEO STREAMER, PODCASTING NETWORK, INTERNET RADIO STREAMER, INTERNET BROADCASTING STATION, TV STATION or VIDEO BROADCASTING NETWORK: Please contact BBS Network, Inc. We do ALLOW re-streaming of BBS Radio TV's live programming. However, we request to be notified that you are carrying our programming, via a short email. That's it. That way we can give you accolades for your exceptional taste!

    Note - Carrying our live feeds does does not include: Re-broadcasting of aired programming, re-broadcasting of our program archives (unless permission has been granted), the sales of program archives or the use of promotional materials created based upon the archives. However, you may indeed carry our station's main RSS ('xml') feed, and/or any program's individually syndicated RSS feed, on your website(s). This will allow you to promote the station and/or its programs without having to actually download the audio to distribute it to your audience. Please contact management if you wish to go beyond carrying our live programming! Further, we do currently allow the re broadcasting of individual programs and/or their archives (without having to use the RSS feeds), however you must contact us to obtain permission first.

    Note - If you are NOT A BBS Network Broadcaster ("A BBS Radio TV HOST"), all Talk Show Program Archives recorded by the BBS Network are the property of BBS Radio TV and may not be used, for any reason, except where express written permission has been granted by BBS Radio TV and/or the host of the radio program. If you wish to link to an archive, that is permissible.

BBS Network Inc is a fully reporting corporation. Therefore you may use music tracks during your live broadcast, even if said music is registered with a performing rights organization like ASCAP, SESAC, or BMI. Please note that all musical scores must then be edited out of the program for the final syndicated podcast unless express permission has been granted by the owner of said material and that said material is not registered with a performing rights organization. You can use demos or promos designed for commercial royalty-free promotional purposes. No using copyright material unless permission was granted by the owner. If you are broadcasting information to an audience, streaming music or even playing audio clips that do not belong to you, you must have first obtained legal consent by the owner of said rights. This goes for anything that may infringe upon another's ownership or copyright.

Taped Shows that have been sent to us, may or may not be filtered or edited before archiving. (please read below for info regarding your delivered audio files)

Note - Background noise and/or mistakes that happen during broadcasting may remain within the audio file and not be filtered out.

  1. IF YOU ARE A BBS RADIO TV PROGRAM HOST YOU HAVE EQUAL/SHARED RIGHTS ON YOUR PROGRAM BROADCASTS ("ARCHIVES") upon having your slot fees, for those programs aired, paid in full. You are entitled to do with them as you wish! These are co-creative productions, and as such are "co-owned" by the BBS Network.

Note - Broadcast audio files that are RECORDED ("TAPED") by the program host(s), using their own recording system, can be used by them in any means they desire. However, if they are then delivered to BBS Radio TV for airing on the BBS Network, then those pre-recorded audio files are considered "co-owned" by BBS Network, and shall become a part of our permanent archives, and can always be used by the BBS Network in its marketing, sales and promotional campaigns.

Note - If you wish to be the sole owner/benefactor of your program's audio files we can make that happen, however the slot fee per broadcast will be a $10 higher. If ownership is a concern to you, please contact us and we can discuss an agreement that gives you sole ownership and rights to the broadcasts engineered and broadcast live on the BBS Network.

  1. You give permission by BBS Network, Inc. to broadcast and permanently archive all program files that you deliver to BBS Radio TV for airing! BBS Radio TV has full rights to edit those delivered program files for its airing, archiving and marketing purposes.

Please be aware - The quality of the broadcasts will be greatly determined by the quality of your own equipment (your phone, your telephone line, connectivity strength and the clarity of the telephone service you use, your ability not to over-modulate in a microphone, if you're on a cell phone or land-line, computer line, telephony software, codec, etc.) We can work miracles with our equipment, but can only do so much with a poor incoming signal.


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