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2HRS WITH THE AMAZING WM PEPPER, attorney for Dr King and Sirhan!!

~ Mobile Phone listener

OMGosh!!!!!!  I LOVE that man!!!!!!!!!

~ Listener to your show May 16, 2016

Why didn't I know about it and I could have called in!!!!!!!!  Put me on your list!!!!!!!!

~ Listener

Dear, Sri and Kira
The love you so freely share is changing me at a deep level. Everything about you is abundant and free. Blocks and beliefs I have tried to work with for years are melting by YOUR BEING. I am so honored, you are the perfect example for me as how and what I want to be for others in my life.

It meant so much to me that you took the time to read my letter and help me and love me through it, that is all I ever wanted. Why is it so easy for you to love? You are making it easy for me to learn to receive. Just listening to you is receiving.

I hope you feel my expanded heart and tremendous gratitude. I always felt alone with this and I love how fearless you are to tackle any issue, especially ones people shy away from. Sending you both a big hug. I can't wait to meet you, I know I will when it is time. What an honor it is to know you. I love you, I love you, I love!  Thank you!

Namaste Briella, Sri and Kira,
Thank you for the taking the time to write me. I was able to hear the show live and my heart exploded with gratitude and honor. I was deeply touched and I am excited to hear it again as there was so much energy moving through me. Cleansing tears of gratitude continue to fall as Sri and Kira and this great community lead by love. I feel at home here and I am so grateful for the SUNSHINE.

Distilling the Universal Wisdom of the DIVINE
Submitted by ireneradiance on April 27, 2016
I have listened to my sister commander Lady Athena for several years and as I grow in wisdom and spiritual awareness I get her exquisite sharing on higher and higher levels. the show on 27th April 2016 - I have just listened to. Truly truly the worlds greatest masters and dispensers of divine wisdom in all areas is shared beautifully soul to soul. There is a frequency of these shows that has the sound current of God running all the time, clearing us and recalling us to our divine selves. Todays teachings on going above the mind was especially valuable - and in a funny way - my dear brother passed from this world a few months ago and he was a genius of the mind a Buddhist wo had troubles with such over thinking so i sent this show to him in spirit. I don't know how I know this, I just do. He got it. :) Athena combines teachings which truly are ONE in such a delightful way your soul will sing.! There are many out there you give the information but in this show you will experience the truth AS IT IS. Spirit /God is present. and my gratitude is deep. Love Light Irene xx

Your feedback is greatly welcomed, comments and musings...

Dear Dr. Helvie,
I listened to your show on gratitude and it was fantastic. I enjoyed the positive subject and it was so uplifting. It helped me to keep focused on all I have gone grateful for!

I spoke with you well over a year ago while working for Priscilla Kapel at the Bioenergy Balancing Center of Palo Alto.

I am back in the office again and was talking with Priscilla about your show. I think she will enjoy listening to your radio program too. She hopes you are well!

Priscilla celebrated her 90th this year and is still working... I wanted to let you know we both were thinking of you and I am enjoying your radio programs.

All the best to you and your non-profit organizations. With much gratitude for all you do,

John Barbour is probably a nice man, and certainly lives in his own world. But when did he get the skills to actually do a great interview? NEVER?

He ask questions and then talks over the guest while they are trying to answer him. John seems to think that people listen in to his show just to hear his opinions and that may not be true!

In a great interview imo, the host speaks very little. John's intro takes 7 mins., its a good wait to even hear the guest. He doesn't seem to be prepared for the interview, he seems to bring opinion on all points. Sometimes even starts on topics himself that are unrelated to the guests topic, just goes on a personal rant. Isn't that what Facebook is for, John? Express your opinion on Facebook where people may care what your opinion is. I think people want to hear the guest while listening to bbs. Someone said John's interviews are as painful as getting a tooth pulled, but I say you get your gums numbed for that.....Johns interviews are more painful to listen to!

Thanks for the clarification.
I absolutely loved tonight's show. It was like you were talking to me directly and I really needed to hear that.
I AM whole and perfect as I AM right now. There are moments I find it very easy to experience that blissful expanded self. I just need to stay on my own path of love and light and let the abundance of the Universe reveal itself to me in divine order.
Thank you so much for these amazing seminars. I love you so much
Christmas Major.

I listened to your show last night and I am so impressed and inspired by your words. This is truly your calling. smiley

- Danna H.

Commander Lady Athena you are home. Much gratitude for your huge heart and truthful teachings.

Kathy Zappelli

Feedback Welcomed!

Doug I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the time you spent working on our project. Words can't express how I feel right now. The creation of the way you brought my vision together is priceless. Like it or not is BBS Radio #1 talk show in the making. The twins and I say this keeping it 100 are two Kings seating on one throne. Man you guys are true visionaries it's time to put a stop to all these internet radio shows who are trying to do what you guys started!!  I am a visionary as well and I have set my plan in motion. What I need from you guys is to believe, that's all I ask. I am about to do something that has never been done before on internet radio.

Mister Bonafide

Dear Richard and Carolyn,

I just finished listening to the replay of the Templar broadcast from year 2014 and was so blessed with the sweet and loving spirit of the soul of that Templar.  It made me think of a precious and close soul that I know in this current incarnation; one whom i have long thought of as a Knight.  When I first met him in this life I knew he was a close soul.  i have a deck of cards with lovely images upon it and so shuffled and asked how I should regard this soul.  When I turned over the card it was the card of a Knight.  And so he has been - a defender of many people.

The broadcast (or replay) was one of those that touched my heart deeply.

All blessings and health and a very long and productive life to you both.

With love,

Elaine B

Dearest Athena,  I am so grateful that you send these links to your shows to me.   You fill something in me that nothing else quite does.   Places in me just light up with dear recognition of what you speak.   It is such a fulfillment of a yearning. In deepest appreciation and loving. Noel     


My Dearest Athena, 

Wow, wow, wow, thrilling and exciting indeed - such a fabulous broadcast. So much resonance there and familiarity - where to begin! In response to some of the points you made:-
Knowing I’m from elsewhere: Up a tree with my cat as a child thinking what a strange planet this was the way people treat it like a garbage can, and treat each other so unkindly. I would run from arguments and dissension - still do, it knocks me sideways.
Manifesting: Finding things tiresome and frustrating here, knowing that I once had the ability manifest anything.
Off the Planet: I feel so at home when I am out beyond Earth looking back at it and wrapping it in Golden Light, and flying about the galaxies. Joyous.
Ashtar Contact: The ages that you mentioned were so accurate. I was riveted watching The Day the Earth Stood Still as a child. Then my love affair with Lord Jesus in the Church of England all through my teens and early twenties. Then the big karmic period. Then the Ascension tapes arrived in my early forties.
Lord Jesus in Rome: My goodness! I am travelling to Italy in August this year primarily to see Lord Jesus. I told a friend who is clairvoyant that I intended to go to Italy (but didn’t mention Jesus) and she saw a scene where I was sitting at a table with a man who has blue eyes, a gentle face, and pale skin. He was wearing the robes of royalty. She heard Him saying  to me, “I am always with you”.
Near the end of your broadcast, I had intense clicking in my left ear - I hope that was a decoding of some sort! As you gave the blessing from Lord Jesus, I had a blue light in my forehead.
A glorious broadcast in many ways. Thank you, blessed Athena.
Love and gratitude ~ Judith Coldwell.

Tune in and share your thoughts!

Alan I totally enjoyed your show last night with Kasey, Brad & Julius.  I stayed up late(get up for the gym @ 4am) because the show was so awesome I didn't want it to end.  You helped with the questions and ideas that you expressed.  I will be tuning in again to your radio show.  Please have them on again it was AWESOME!!!

~ In love & joy, Judy

I wanted to say thank you for your wonderful soul reading. I had just discovered you and the day I called had just woke up from a nap. In my groggy state felt like listening to some of your radio shows. I had the perfect timing as you just started a show and I was able to call in.  Anyways, I felt guided to you so thank you so much.
Your beautiful messages and teachings resonate with me very deeply and I am so grateful you are offering your knowledge to the world. Your radio show topics have almost mirrored exactly what I had / have bee feeling in my life. It truly helps to offer reassurance to that little voice of knowing inside that I can't quite articulate so well but is growing stronger day by day.

Life feels like a growing pressure cooker these days but deep down I know it is time to pop the balloon sort of speak. Just not sure how . You words are guiding me so again thank you from the bottom of my heart - Amanda