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Really enjoyed your guest. Dr. Miller last Sunday - what is going on with education today is a hot topic indeed. Thanks for covering some aspect of it.

This radio show by Ashtar-Athena Sheran is just fabulous. As I listened live to this particular show, it was like every sentence was so jam packed with truth, I wanted time to be able to ingest all of it. So I will definitely listen to this one again and just in general I highly recommend this show. The information and energy that comes through Athena's shows is of such a high level and is a wonderful blessing for all us who are here as Lightworkers, Lightbearers and reascending Masters.  Christmas Major

Seminar with Cmdr. Lady Athena

Hi Cmdr Lady Athena,
I just wanted to say I loved last weeks message ( Oct.7th) it was very powerful for me :) Thank you. 
Blessings and Love, 
Pamela Cartwright

Oct. 14--This was another FABULOUS show !! a question I had past month since an amazing experience down in the mountains... about devic forms was also answered. Confirmed. Always a pleasure both information and energy wise. Always so encouraging .GOD BLESS YOU xxxx Irene Chlopicki

I just wanted to say excellent work by you and Doug. Both of you have done a superb job in every area of the network. Even your website and interface are both very accessible for me as a blind user.
Thanks for everything!

You both have been very attentive and hugely considerate of all my trials and tribulations around the show. I do so appreciate that...I am astonished at the amount of back and forth emails that have been required to help me with my show. You have been so patient with me...I thank you for that and appreciation very much your professionalism.

~ Sally 

This is awesome news Thank You again for all you do for me and for the company truly you are the Epitome me of what businesses should strive to be come. I'm so excited and so blessed and honored to be part of BBS radio on a daily basis I get more and more feedback about how awesome our show is and I could never have been more successful if it were not for you thank you again from the bottom my heart I'm very grateful.

~ M M

Really loved Lori's show on abundance and how to attract it and stay connected- Julie C

Received good advice and found the show on money very interesting- Beth R

Guest Alan Batten provided good examples on how to deal with tough times and how to get through financial issues- Mike K

Thank you all so much, and especially to you for guiding me through things that are simple but I make difficult. I am so grateful. 

"...Everything you have done for me is beyond words appreciated. You are amazing and I am the deepest gratitude. I was so nervous, and you made me sound like I knew what I was doing..."

Michele M.

I just listened to The Voice of the Ashtar Command podcast . It was really beautiful and had a great energy. Do you know who Lady Athena was referring to when she said that some spiritual being on the planet (I forgot how she referenced this person) was living in London? He was one of the planet’s protectors.




I can tell you love what you do!   The best company to work with …
Rev. M
On 9/17/15, 

A beautiful hour long extemporaneous
seminar by Ashtar-Athena (who I call 
Athena, and who many call by 
her other name, Saivani).
Danny Safron

Thursday, September 17, 2015 9:24 PM
Subject: Re: Living on Purpose & Serving with 
Impersonal Nonchalance,Humility & Wisdom: 
Cmdr. Lady Athena

 I loved this seminar, very high vibration and very
John-Roger-esque. I plan to tune in next week.

Matthew VanFossan
Ashtar-Athena,Beloved One,

Your words truly are breathtaking--a "dazzling display to
delight and 

Thank you, thank you. What a great blessing to hear
the beauty of what 
you share, in such clarity and purity.

I love

Beloved Lady Athena,

I just decided to declare you some kind of 
"National Treasure". 
Like they knight people in England.Wait, that 
should be a "Galactic Treasure".
-- The way all you say just flows and integrates,
and pulls itself
together "on the nose" at the end of the hour.

Much you share from ACIM is
so beautiful, and I especially liked 
"Pain is the ransom you have
gladly paid, not to be free."

I suppose no news to you, but it was fun that 
they announced to everyone 
this week, [something like] that there
are millions of locations JUST IN OUR GALAXY 
that could support life, and then some 
outlandish number of galaxies.Cool. 

Loving you!  
Dr. Noel Hedges
Dear Lady Athena,

 Tonight's show was so amazing and insightful that it passed as if only about 20 minutes long.  I felt each word as if it was being said to me alone, Thank You.
You Always know what we need to hear.
 Blessings to you,
 Always, Kath

Just finished listening to Ashtar-Athena SherAn voice of Ashtar command radio recording from yesterday! It was really good and I couldn't stop listening, exactly what I needed to hear at that time, it was an emotional experience for me, I had tears of emotion, fast high vibrations and numbing in various body parts, a sense of presence, a reunion with God and source, understanding more of the situations I'm in, made me think more on certain things and even heard about shamballa

For me shamballa has always been important since I was young and it came to me in trances and meditations. It was first introduced to me as the city and world in my soul or my souls city and world, it was how it was shown to me as a child it's only now I realise my heart and soul is one with it and all other universes and dimensions for we all come from source and are divine oneness, it is now that I realise it's very possibly my souls origin, my starseed origin, multidimensional in many ways, although this may not be on point this is what came to me in meditation during me listening to the recording

I also saw faces in my minds eye of vlad and Guy Fawkes and other historical men figures, I feel they had a if impact on today's karma and that is why I was shown the faces while hearing about karma coming from a point in time

There are other interesting things that came to me however these are the main ones. An amazing experience and wonderful important message


"Debrah, great article and I do have to say Donald and Douglas are doing AMAZING work. I am newbie at BBS, since January 2015 and have to say if I can do it everybody can. English is my 5 language and this could be a huge obstacle if I would ALLOW but they make it soooo easy for you and support you if you feel stuck. I am excited every time I get on AIR.,,,thanks for sharing :)"


Hey Doug,

Just a note to say thank you for your great support and technical expertise for making my first show run so smoothly. It was a tremendous success...
Thanks again for everything!

Thank you Debrah for listening in and for your great feedback. I'd also like to thank you for your role in helping me decide to go with BBS radio - great team, easygoing, but very professional.

~ Peter