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I can tell you love what you do!   The best company to work with …
Rev. M
On 9/17/15, 

A beautiful hour long extemporaneous
seminar by Ashtar-Athena (who I call 
Athena, and who many call by 
her other name, Saivani).
Danny Safron

Thursday, September 17, 2015 9:24 PM
Subject: Re: Living on Purpose & Serving with 
Impersonal Nonchalance,Humility & Wisdom: 
Cmdr. Lady Athena

 I loved this seminar, very high vibration and very
John-Roger-esque. I plan to tune in next week.

Matthew VanFossan
Ashtar-Athena,Beloved One,

Your words truly are breathtaking--a "dazzling display to
delight and 

Thank you, thank you. What a great blessing to hear
the beauty of what 
you share, in such clarity and purity.

I love

Beloved Lady Athena,

I just decided to declare you some kind of 
"National Treasure". 
Like they knight people in England.Wait, that 
should be a "Galactic Treasure".
-- The way all you say just flows and integrates,
and pulls itself
together "on the nose" at the end of the hour.

Much you share from ACIM is
so beautiful, and I especially liked 
"Pain is the ransom you have
gladly paid, not to be free."

I suppose no news to you, but it was fun that 
they announced to everyone 
this week, [something like] that there
are millions of locations JUST IN OUR GALAXY 
that could support life, and then some 
outlandish number of galaxies.Cool. 

Loving you!  
Dr. Noel Hedges
Dear Lady Athena,

 Tonight's show was so amazing and insightful that it passed as if only about 20 minutes long.  I felt each word as if it was being said to me alone, Thank You.
You Always know what we need to hear.
 Blessings to you,
 Always, Kath

Just finished listening to Ashtar-Athena SherAn voice of Ashtar command radio recording from yesterday! It was really good and I couldn't stop listening, exactly what I needed to hear at that time, it was an emotional experience for me, I had tears of emotion, fast high vibrations and numbing in various body parts, a sense of presence, a reunion with God and source, understanding more of the situations I'm in, made me think more on certain things and even heard about shamballa

For me shamballa has always been important since I was young and it came to me in trances and meditations. It was first introduced to me as the city and world in my soul or my souls city and world, it was how it was shown to me as a child it's only now I realise my heart and soul is one with it and all other universes and dimensions for we all come from source and are divine oneness, it is now that I realise it's very possibly my souls origin, my starseed origin, multidimensional in many ways, although this may not be on point this is what came to me in meditation during me listening to the recording

I also saw faces in my minds eye of vlad and Guy Fawkes and other historical men figures, I feel they had a if impact on today's karma and that is why I was shown the faces while hearing about karma coming from a point in time

There are other interesting things that came to me however these are the main ones. An amazing experience and wonderful important message


"Debrah, great article and I do have to say Donald and Douglas are doing AMAZING work. I am newbie at BBS, since January 2015 and have to say if I can do it everybody can. English is my 5 language and this could be a huge obstacle if I would ALLOW but they make it soooo easy for you and support you if you feel stuck. I am excited every time I get on AIR.,,,thanks for sharing :)"


Hey Doug,

Just a note to say thank you for your great support and technical expertise for making my first show run so smoothly. It was a tremendous success...
Thanks again for everything!

Thank you Debrah for listening in and for your great feedback. I'd also like to thank you for your role in helping me decide to go with BBS radio - great team, easygoing, but very professional.

~ Peter

Your show was so uplifting- Nancy W

Great job on your show- sounds like you have been doing this forever! Beth

I enjoyed the show- nice job- Marianne M

Very proud of your good work- Ryan M

"...I felt completely comfortable hosting this first show, thanks in very large part to your support, pre-show training and kindness.  Thank you for so beautifully handling the technical end of things so I could completely focus on showcasing my guest..."


"...I was taken through the entire site, Listen, you are a GENIUS!! I can do so many things on this site. I have never seen this before. I felt like a little girl in a candy store. The site is an all in all. WOW!!!..."


Feedback Welcome!

Hi Lance,

I listen to your show about as often as I can - though I confess many times it's by way of YouTube reruns as your BBS broadcast starts here on the east coast at 10:00 PM on Friday nights. Seems like I'm often tuning in half way through the broadcast just because Friday nights are kind of busy for some reason. Actually, I'm listening to the archive of Friday's show with Dr. Carmen Boulter as I write this and just had a thought.
I also listen to Satsang with Shusara on BBS Thursday nights and find her show to be fascinating as well. Any chance you might ever have her as a guest on your show? I know you have interviewed many many spiritual guides, but there's just something about her that seems very special. Just a suggestion.
Anyway, I really like your folksy and conversational interviewing style. You are truly kind and generous to all of your guests.
Peter H


Feedback Welcome!

I am loving your show so much that I'm catching up on episodes that I've missed. This one is so informative! I never knew the Sputnik link to our "failing schools" and the theme of the education system being set up to respond to perceived crises is a very useful concept. Thanks so much for these shows and for our work!

~ Suzy

What a great show! You gave out so much good information - and information to further explore! I was very impressed with your breath of knowledge and depth. I was a first time listener and will listen again. Thank you!!


D. from California

Dear guys,
I just wanted to personally thank Donald for his production skills. He IS FRIKKIN AMAZING. The transitions are so easy to do and the warnings about time constraints make this show a simple task for me.
Thanks again guys. 
Kind regards and blessings...

That was the most fascinating show I've heard from you so far (that I can still remember) and I am amazed by your still intact memories of the unbelievable life you've lived!!!! I listened to it going to sleep last night and will e-mail it to all people I know while listening to it again today and I know my family members will be interested so you may help me with them since they will find it hard to ignore my "conspiracy theories" when they hear it all from you also ~ who was such a close friend of Frank Sinatra and all those other famous peoples !!!! I've been talking about the JFK, RFK and MLK hits since 1973 and they try to ignore me but never argue about it, refute or investigate these things because it is not in their politically correct social circles. It will be interesting if your radio show finally opens up their minds now that they are so old in the tooth as I am getting and you were there and done all that !!!! I had no idea you knew Robert Kaiser and I'm sure I had his book 35 years ago but have lost most of my research from moving so many times through out the years and people not knowing the value and throwing away what they considered my "hoarding" !!!! That story about losing friendship with Sinatra is particularly intriguing since if you had stayed close to him imagine the insights you could have learned about the JFK hit (as well as others) from him in his later years !!!! When you complete your book you should have a best seller like Kitty Kelly if we still have anything left of a free media and decent pr assistants !!! I still have a few minutes of Sinatra's daughter singing on the Mall here in DC at the annual July 4th "RollingThunder" biker gathering if you want me to send that to you (from a few years ago). And is that interview you did with Jim Garrison still up on youtube? I wish you lived in DC since my friends at the Sara McClendon National press Club gatherings and the folks would love to have you attend those meetings sometimes !!! That interview you wanted to do with Sinatra should be done with YOU and I wish I had the where with all to arrange just that. Maybe that is a goal I should work on. Carry on and don't golf too much today Facebook friend and political activist icon from the 60's still kicking and raising hell !!!! Carry on !!!!!

- Phil on FB

Hi Lance,

I am new to your show and somewhat new to BBS. I have just finished listening to your interview with Simon Parkes and have to tell you it is outstanding. I learned so much. It is as if I am the closest I've ever been to the true knowledge of what is going on here.
I was really getting into it, when, as you know, it was cut off.
I would very much appreciate knowing when you can do another show with Simon. And especially if you can start out with the subject you left off with, which had to do with "magic," and "science," and the difference between the seen and unseen worlds, etc. and how that emphasis on the seen world may have come about.
Thank you so much.