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I was wondering how you are doing, and noticed that there are no more seminars since early July.  Hopefully you are taking a long vacation and doing well. I just wanted you to know that I have been following your seminars and will check into your archives for ones that I have missed. I find them spiritually uplifting and educational.  Blessings to you,  Mimi 

I listen to your show regularly and love the format, Frank, and your teaching messages.
I am adding you to my networking list. Thank you for all you do. I read “Unlimited Realities” and could not put the book down.
- Patty P., Washington State

Awesome show again Elizabeth! Thank you for your re-confirmation about the Tulsa OK selling property as my impatient soul wants it NOW and Divine Timing is perfect!

You are very gifted and want to thank you!  I hope Austin enjoys your great vibes! 


-Amy Surrena, Alaska

I love BBSRadio and your show is my favorite. I will try to call in when Frank St. James is on to ask my question.
Thank you for all you teach and do Elizabeth.
- Lee, Ithaca, NY
My name is Lee, i am an English man living in Queensland, Australia. They call it the Sunshine state and I grow lovely vegetables all year round.
Just a quick message to say you are doing an amazing job on your podcast, of which I listen every week without fail. The knowledge of gardening and environmental issues you give out every week totally inspire me to get outside and learn.
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Lee Whilock

Thank you, John, for exerting such effort, fueled by energy of truth and integrity.

What the "world" is missing is the joy many of us receive from loving humanity and practicing "good human-ing".
Thanks again, John; you are the mensch's mensch!
Pete Hymans

Mr. Barbour— I send fan mail almost never, but John, your podcast “John Barbour’s World” is superb and I felt compelled to let you know. I discovered you through the Jeff Rense Show. I was a child when Real People was on, but even then, I always looked forward to it. You’re work on the JFK assassination is the best and your efforts in this regard are beyond heroic. I look forward to your book! I wish you could go to once a week on the podcast, but whenever you are on you can be sure that I will be listening. Maxim Love & Respect,  —Kimbo Tippett, Chandler, AZ

Regarding your seminar, WE ARE TRANSPARENT LIGHT SHIMMERING BETWEEN DIMENSIONS: Thank you so much for this wonderful information, Lady Athena. You have helped me fill in some gaps in my knowledge today. I have heard before that Lord Maitreya is on the earth plane. I was surprised that Jesus has incarnated again and is in Rome. Are you able to give more information about these please? Blessings to you and sincerest thanks for assisting me - both in these wonderful exchanges and on the inner planes with your beloved Ashtar. Colleen. 

Dearest Colleen, Thank you and yes, I'd be glad to.  The Master Jesus (yes he's called that by the other Masters)--yet by visiting him several times via conscious bi-location-- where he is living outside Rome, I noted he was known by another name--and highly respected within that community. Though I'm certain no one knew his real identity--as the Masters always seek to blend into whichever community they are living in.  He said he was working closely with Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama among others, within the Ecumenical movement to bring about recognition and harmony among the some 32000 sects of Christianity--Eastern-Egyptian-Coptic-Russian-Roman-Protestant. etc. He lives in a simple two story home typical of that area, comfortable but in no way outstanding or unique in any manner. He dresses as others do in the area--and i noticed he had a laptop computer. He is wearing a Lebanese body somewhere around 635 or years old--but looks around 35. Very handsome but not resembling any of the photos we have of him--except for one captured of The Master Jesus standing by a surgeon performing an operation. That photo was taken a few years ago and I believe was posted in Share International magazine--where you can get all the information, books and messages about and by the Lord Maitreya (the Christ/World Teacher/Maitreya Buddha/etc.) He is living in the Pakistani community of East London and is also highly respected --but also recognized as the Lord Maitreya by a group of Indian Swamis who are working closely with him. I was drawn into his physical presence and received his blessing in 1993/94 during my second UK tour of my workshops throughout GB. I've had around 8 or so encounters with him where he's assumed a mayavirupa--my most recent being in Darjeeling India in 2007. 
I regularly attended the talks of fellow esotericist, Benjamin Creme, while living in London in 2000--but had been following his information since the 70s when he announced that the Lord Maitreya had emerged from his Himalayan retreat and entered the modern world--in 1977--July 19th I believe it was. He is wearing an immortalized and specially constructed physical body. He dresses simply and goes about within the Muslim community there, as a member of that community. He will be serving humanity in that physical vehicle for the next 2,500 year of the "Aquarian Age."  Of the Lord Sai Baba--when asked--he replied, "I am the planetary Christ but he--Sai Baba is the Cosmic Christ!" They obviously all work together as all the Masters and Avathars do--in perfect harmony and oneness.  
Loving blessings to you dearest Colleen,
Cmdr. Lady Athena / Ashtar-Athena SherAn



Dear Johnny Blue Star

Thank you for all your enormous work shining a light where there's darkness, if or when our other selves wake up is none of our business eventually in this life or the next everyone does. A sage in India once told me after I shared with him my concern about the greedy insanity overwhelming our planet and wondered why only a handful of people can perceive the intent behind all the bullshit, He said we are here to learn and to fulfill leftover desires the reason you see it is because hundred of thousands of years ago in many many many lifetimes you tryed the same things and eventually learned that loving, kindness, giving and sharing are all that truly matter in the end the same goes for all those who feel, sense and perceive the world around them. Boy I thought , what a way to crush an ego,thinking I might have done similar things like the demons walking today, I thought, could have done a much better job on 9/11 those stupid idiots left too many fuckup's and clue's behind. Anyway the Sage in the end said EVERYTHING IS PERFECT, I said perfect, does that mean I have to like it and stand back and do nothing can I at least say it's peeerrrficcct#*! He said of course and when you perceive things you have a voice don't you, yes I said you are and artist aren't you, yes I said then paint the truth and voice the truth shine a light in the darkness because you worked very hard to discover the truth and it is your nature to share love and light when you percieve the darkness so your other selves might not suffer so much under the plans of the Egotistical thoughtless homicidal maniacs.

Kalassu Swami



Lady Athena I listened to your talk. My take aways are put light into your dead zones,  love is the home you seek,  take the hall named wisdom and become an adept. Then go to the next level of ascension.. Sounds good to me. True story I could still hear your chanting after I exited your radio station. Your voice stayed in the ethers. I feel the love..thank you. Still smiling. C.


Lady Athena I listened to your talk. My take always are put light into your dead zones,  love is the home you seek,  take the hall named wisdom and become an adept. Then go to the next level of ascension.. Sounds good to me. True story I could still hear your chanting after I exited your radio station. Your voice stayed in the ethers. I feel the love..thank you.

Still smiling. 

Lady Athena,

This seminar "We Forever Live-Move-Exist Within A Greater Life", was was magnificent! I learned a great deal to guide myself to embrace life. This was so helpful: 

"One does not with draw from life nor negate their experiences, you find yourself within every experience."

Thank you for these weekly seminars. Listening to them always gives me spiritual nutrition and an expanding sense of dynamic peace.

Much love,


My beloved Lady Athena--Wow your seminars are just amazing taking me even deeper than before.From
time to time I send you feed back on my experiences here are a few...

 the seminar regarding ETs.  This reminded me that about 35 years ago I
used to write things down...directions degrees  speed angles etc...which
I knew we flight plans.  I remember once mention of a binary star system
(which I had never heard of then). On one occasion I was asked to
"collect" some crew who had for some reason had to stay behind for 2
days...I was asked to take them in my auric field and to my home until
they were collected as the earth energy was very uncomfortable for
them.  I did not at that time see them..but knew they were with me.

Some time later 3 appeared in my bedroom and taught me a prayer....I was
going to a workshop next day and they said I would be asked to give the
blessing for the food. I saw them so clearly this time standing just by
my bed. To cut a long story short...this did happen and I did do the
blessing ( I was very very shy in those days so it was a big thing for
me to speak up.) The workshop was about the White Brotherhood and its

Another seminar...tea with Jesus.

Again I make it very short...after tea I went upstairs onto the roof of
the building with Him. He stood before me facing out into space and
started chanting....His clothes seemed to dissolve and just His naked 
body was there...suddenly every cell started to steam light out into
the universe and He was only light and as its touched into planets it
made a was like a beautiful orchestra of sound and light. He
then turned to me and asked me to chant...he put His hand on my heart
and suddenly every cell started to send out light as I continued to
chant. When finished He  told me to remember who I am...the light.   I
am the light was the mantra Babaji gave me some 30 years ago.

You mention Mother Meera I went to her several times over 20 years time I had to be helped back to my chair as I was shaking and
crying so much.

The Royal mentioned--yes-it was totally magical...and yes, that preacher...I have never
heard anyone give such a heart felt understanding of love and its power.

It seems I get round to writing these weeks after the seminar...but
there is more to come.

I hope all is well with  you.  I have to say I giggle along with you
when you laugh...its fun as well as informative.

love and hugs to you my Beloved,

Gloria SolarAn UK


Dearest  Lady Athena, Very early this morning I partook of your last show,  I knew that the beauty of your words would erase some concerns that prevented sleep.  Your part of the exquisiteness took my breath away.  In only a few words you had me 'down the rabbit hole' with the stunning impact of your words about the candle flame.   Your message soared  about all relationships being within us, and that 'unless everyone that you encounter or even contemplate shares your peace' -- there are still dark images in us to be overcome.   --That it is all simply a mirror.    That in our experience:  'All' is serving us in 'the eternal exquisiteness of exploring Divine Awareness', and 'our formless eternal perfection', purity and innocence.    Such that incredible abundance and 'the holiness of Spirit can inhabit every level of us' -- 'since each individual completely inhabits a world that perfectly matches their internal state'.  So much love to you,

Beloved Lady Athena, I listened to your radio Seminars quite a few times and my 2 year old granddaughter, although she did not understand what was being said, since she speaks Arabic, was very excited. She is extremely sensitive to energies and takes to very few.
She knows who you are and looked at your photo as you were talking.  She has a name for you but I can´t repeat it. Thank you for all that you are doing to uplift and awaken. 
Your friends in Cairo, Egypt


I found many, many gifts in your talk, Lady Athena. It’s both soothing and energizing to listen to your words and vibration.

To realize that every defense, attack, thoughts and feelings of conflict is fear and illusion tormenting us,

to realize that Fear has no form, it is the form our thoughts assume,

to realize that all we see is animate and has consciousness, that nothing is without the capacity to feel joy and sorrow,

to realize Every, everything is longing for love changes the whole nature of what our life means and what doing is.

You help one realize that the way in to the unity of divine understanding is simply to make peace with the past self and let the soul present its gift of love to the world through you.

Our life is meant to be a blessing everywhere we go.

In this new life, your cosmic pep talks are gifts for our presence to open doors closed and seen as limitations we have imposed on life by our negative use of imagination.

This corrective process we are in seems to me to be becoming easier and easier, not just to practice but to share.  Sharing with others that surrender in the moment is the only choice that will allow them to move on, seems to be something one can say.

Another gem I had never heard before but will carry around in my soul back pack now: if something robs us of our peace, it’s too expensive.

Thank you so much Athena, for being a voice of One great cosmic love. So many good thoughts and practices shower over me when I listen! Love and loving is ALL THAT MATTERS. Love and gratitude to you!


Lady Athena, I am overjoyed that you have shared this message in your Jan.3rd radio show. It is so full of loving clarity. I look forward to sharing these feelings with others. For a good period of months I have had this growing awareness of a space of incredible radiant peace and artful life. It seemed for me to start during the total eclipse. And every day I have awoken to a little more confidence in these feelings.

Then there was a day when I was bam! in the center of that wholeness. It was Jan. 3 and I would have thought I was imagining the new sign I was getting intuitionally: all speed limits no longer apply, only love applies. Then all day long I kept synchronizing with galactic messengers who are important as love to me.

That every one will attune to this inner change of sea in their own unique way that is their version of delight brings tears to my eyes. The Age of Wholeness is here. I am completely grateful to you for being a voice that always brings in more wholeness to be reflected and shared.

I always admire the way you weave processes to gain perspective within the Imaginal Realm which is my space of appreciation for having a sacred imagination. You put your sacred journey into words that act like metaphorically empowering stepping stones. Anyone who tunes in will have a moment of dancing with your heavenly frequency. Thank you for being a Forerunner who has been catalytic in deepening my frequency of delight!

Here’s to the joy of Spirit, our wealth, our art and our pure gratitude of being!


The Kevin Annett I know

How does one describe a bright valiant soul like Kevin? I want to try. After all these years, I owe it to him.

I first saw Kevin at a riot. He was seventeen and holding a megaphone. The cops were shoving people around but Kevin was standing there unafraid and unbending, keeping his cool. 

The scene looked kind of funny to me, an uninformed bystander. Here were all these long haired freaks going crazy outside the U.S. consulate, fighting with Vancouver's finest, and there was Kevin, speaking calmly, trying to get the cops to stop what they were doing and arrest the real criminals, the visiting Chilean dictators who'd just murdered 30,000 people. A strong, brave, passionate voice of good will and reason right in the eye of the storm. That was Kevin.

I'm one of those, I guess we're the majority, who love bright souls like Kevin from the sidelines because we're too afraid to risk what he does and face what he's endured through his life just for being who he is. Just because we lack his valor doesn't make us love him any the less. But for a long time my cowardice made me afraid to approach him. When I did I was even more impressed. My admiration for him has only increased over the years.

I was a mousy girl in the high school I went to with Kevin, University Hill. I showed up there in grade eleven and I never mixed much, especially after one of the teachers there raped me and I got threatened to shut up about it. That made me burn inside with anger and a gut feeling for anyone who gets screwed over and shut down to protect some asshole. The same kind of righteous outrage that won't look away that Kevin has always carried.

We only spent a year together at U Hill before Kevin and I went our own separate ways. But it was hard for me to lose contact with Kevin. He's not the kind of guy to stay unnoticed, as you may have noticed.

Some ignoramus in our grad class said Kevin was the one most likely to become Prime Minister. The funny thing about that statement is Kevin is a born revolutionary. I mean that in a good way. He can't tolerate any wrong, no matter who's doing it. And he dreams of a world without somebody screwing or exploiting somebody else. From what I can see, he's never let go of that dream.

In 2004 I reconnected with Kev face to face after he'd been thrown out of the United Church for exposing their residential school house of horrors. I came to one of the information pickets he and a few Indians were holding outside one of the downtown Vancouver churches. There was that same smiling, fearless Kevin. He was happy to see me there. He didn't judge me like I judged myself, for being too chicken shit to do anything about all the bullshit in the world for so long. It was enough for him that I was there.

I think Kev is the only man I've ever trusted. He is gentle to his core but as hard as iron. He has an other worldly quality about him that lets him be present with anyone. He really is able to love his enemies to their face, not just as a nice idea. Like on the day we picketed that church together, the United Church minister came out and started screaming at Kevin and heckling him, taunting him, hitting him low blows about not being a good father and husband. Kev's wife had left him by then and he'd had his daughters taken from him. But in all his pain and personal loss, and with all that hatred thrown in his face, Kev didn't strike back. The hate and vile shit didn't faze him. He stared his attacker down and kept trying to reason with him and reach his heart. I've never seen anything like it.

I don't think a sick world like ours will ever understand or honor a man like Kevin. That's why I had to write this. At least someone sees him and maybe if there is a God that's enough for Him. I know Kev's always been there for people like me, the silenced and messed up victims who never get their say or day in court. Fighting for us is enough for him. Knowing that there's even one like Kevin Annett in our world is enough for me.

I didn't think I could write this because of all my demons and my shame for wasting my life. But at least part of me is inspired by Kevin's light, knowing that it will never go out. My love and respect for him has no words. He is still walking his lonely road and I wish him all the hope and love and happiness that he has brought me and so many others.


Dear Marcia,

As the music still plays, I must tell you that this episode with James Murray as your guest and John Lennon channeled by each of you was my favorite one of your shows. It flowed and made me smile.  In fact, I’m still smiling, and I thank both you and James!  The music stopped before I finished typing, but I am still smiling.  Your music selections seemed very fitting tonight.

Happily and In appreciation,


Also, I enjoyed your program a lot last night. I hurried home to catch it. Your publisher is so sweet and interesting. Her discussion of her novels surprised me, but I am pleased at how readable she makes them with various warm inclusions. I’ll read one sometime and maybe more!

~ Judy