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Fantastic Show.  Absolutely magnifient.  I loved every word.......... and how often can someone say that?  Practical, Important, Impactful and Knowledgeable.

Tune in and GROW!

Thanks to you, (and your helpers) James.  I really appreciate your dedication and your way of informing us with clarity, caring, and a practical matter of fact attitude.  May you be abundantly blessed!

Peace & Joy,

~ Dale

Nice show! Very enjoyable! Chuck and Julie are great!

~ Bob

I have enjoy The Kathy Lee Parker Show

She has amazing guests that I absolutely love; and her interviewing style is absolutely brilliant! 

~ Sunny S

Dear Kathy and Douglas,

Wow!  Great interview!  Loved it!

Destiny had such a great time on your show again Kathy.

Hello Newsom Boys,
This is Marty Ford in New Jersey.
I am grateful and thankful everyday, however, and not because it is Thanksgiving, but because I was thinking about a few times in life that allowed me to spiritually prosper. At the top of the list was your welcoming me into your BBS Radio world.
You gave me an opportunity to have fun, vent my stuff and grow. 
You are role models and examples of conquering adversity, brought to you by nature, surviving through struggles and successfully returning to your BBS Radio passion.
My life was enhanced, enriched and yes empowered by my time on your airways. I just wish I could have done more for you during those difficult times.
Since then I have converted much of the material I used on the air into my Limited by Truth and Facts Serious and Silly Civil Community of Common Commentary Blog which is also fun, therapeutic and a bit enlightening.
So, at this time of Thanksgiving it is my time and responsibility to thank you for what you did for me by you doing what you do best and, as always, a little bit more.
You contributions help make the world a most desirous place to live.
Enjoy your family and turkey.
Power Up Your Power Cause The Power is in YOU!!!
Power Up,
Marty Ford 

Hello Dear One,

First I just want to take a moment to Thank you for doing your work upon this
planet.   You live stream information I know is not only being heard around
the world but also in the other dimensions.   Your Star Family members thank

~ Janice

Hi There,

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Hello, I just wanted to say one day in 2010, I was asking  God about the city of Kamloops.I live in Kamloops at present.  What was the mystery about this city .. Then I started typing Queen abducted children  for no reason, that is when your name came up. I bought the book Unrepentant and listen to all your videos about the First Nations people.  I even went to the Kamloops Residential School after reading your book. That day was the day I discovered truth about Canada. I just wanted to let you know how I listen to your show. Thank you for speaking the truth.  I always wondered about the residential children, as my brother would invite some boys to his birthday party when we lived in Brandon Manitoba. Keep  revealing the truth.

~ Phyllis Corriveau

Thanks, DOUG!!!!!

You are the BEST!!!!

I so enjoy working with YOU!


Greetings James,

Just want to say thank you for all you're doing to share the message of what's really happening in our world today. My own awakening has been a long process that has been exponentially speeding up over the last few years, and thus has been aided by folks like you.  I enjoyed your talk at Dimensions of Disclosure as well. I couldn't be there so did the livestream. It was worth every cent! Would like to visit your ranch sometime in the not too distant future. 

Again, thank you! You are very much appreciated.

Best regards,

~ Carol Pack 

Hi, Lance!

We're really enjoying the shows you do with Tim Glenn.

Can't afford the personal session with him right now, so we appreciate the
entities he's channeling and their advice about not staying in 4D and using
it as a jumping off point into 5D (and more freedom) 

I was wondering how you are doing, and noticed that there are no more seminars since early July.  Hopefully you are taking a long vacation and doing well. I just wanted you to know that I have been following your seminars and will check into your archives for ones that I have missed. I find them spiritually uplifting and educational.  Blessings to you,  Mimi 

I listen to your show regularly and love the format, Frank, and your teaching messages.
I am adding you to my networking list. Thank you for all you do. I read “Unlimited Realities” and could not put the book down.
- Patty P., Washington State

Awesome show again Elizabeth! Thank you for your re-confirmation about the Tulsa OK selling property as my impatient soul wants it NOW and Divine Timing is perfect!

You are very gifted and want to thank you!  I hope Austin enjoys your great vibes! 


-Amy Surrena, Alaska

I love BBSRadio and your show is my favorite. I will try to call in when Frank St. James is on to ask my question.
Thank you for all you teach and do Elizabeth.
- Lee, Ithaca, NY
My name is Lee, i am an English man living in Queensland, Australia. They call it the Sunshine state and I grow lovely vegetables all year round.
Just a quick message to say you are doing an amazing job on your podcast, of which I listen every week without fail. The knowledge of gardening and environmental issues you give out every week totally inspire me to get outside and learn.
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Lee Whilock

Thank you, John, for exerting such effort, fueled by energy of truth and integrity.

What the "world" is missing is the joy many of us receive from loving humanity and practicing "good human-ing".
Thanks again, John; you are the mensch's mensch!
Pete Hymans

Mr. Barbour— I send fan mail almost never, but John, your podcast “John Barbour’s World” is superb and I felt compelled to let you know. I discovered you through the Jeff Rense Show. I was a child when Real People was on, but even then, I always looked forward to it. You’re work on the JFK assassination is the best and your efforts in this regard are beyond heroic. I look forward to your book! I wish you could go to once a week on the podcast, but whenever you are on you can be sure that I will be listening. Maxim Love & Respect,  —Kimbo Tippett, Chandler, AZ

Regarding your seminar, WE ARE TRANSPARENT LIGHT SHIMMERING BETWEEN DIMENSIONS: Thank you so much for this wonderful information, Lady Athena. You have helped me fill in some gaps in my knowledge today. I have heard before that Lord Maitreya is on the earth plane. I was surprised that Jesus has incarnated again and is in Rome. Are you able to give more information about these please? Blessings to you and sincerest thanks for assisting me - both in these wonderful exchanges and on the inner planes with your beloved Ashtar. Colleen. 

Dearest Colleen, Thank you and yes, I'd be glad to.  The Master Jesus (yes he's called that by the other Masters)--yet by visiting him several times via conscious bi-location-- where he is living outside Rome, I noted he was known by another name--and highly respected within that community. Though I'm certain no one knew his real identity--as the Masters always seek to blend into whichever community they are living in.  He said he was working closely with Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama among others, within the Ecumenical movement to bring about recognition and harmony among the some 32000 sects of Christianity--Eastern-Egyptian-Coptic-Russian-Roman-Protestant. etc. He lives in a simple two story home typical of that area, comfortable but in no way outstanding or unique in any manner. He dresses as others do in the area--and i noticed he had a laptop computer. He is wearing a Lebanese body somewhere around 635 or years old--but looks around 35. Very handsome but not resembling any of the photos we have of him--except for one captured of The Master Jesus standing by a surgeon performing an operation. That photo was taken a few years ago and I believe was posted in Share International magazine--where you can get all the information, books and messages about and by the Lord Maitreya (the Christ/World Teacher/Maitreya Buddha/etc.) He is living in the Pakistani community of East London and is also highly respected --but also recognized as the Lord Maitreya by a group of Indian Swamis who are working closely with him. I was drawn into his physical presence and received his blessing in 1993/94 during my second UK tour of my workshops throughout GB. I've had around 8 or so encounters with him where he's assumed a mayavirupa--my most recent being in Darjeeling India in 2007. 
I regularly attended the talks of fellow esotericist, Benjamin Creme, while living in London in 2000--but had been following his information since the 70s when he announced that the Lord Maitreya had emerged from his Himalayan retreat and entered the modern world--in 1977--July 19th I believe it was. He is wearing an immortalized and specially constructed physical body. He dresses simply and goes about within the Muslim community there, as a member of that community. He will be serving humanity in that physical vehicle for the next 2,500 year of the "Aquarian Age."  Of the Lord Sai Baba--when asked--he replied, "I am the planetary Christ but he--Sai Baba is the Cosmic Christ!" They obviously all work together as all the Masters and Avathars do--in perfect harmony and oneness.  
Loving blessings to you dearest Colleen,
Cmdr. Lady Athena / Ashtar-Athena SherAn