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The Audio issues tonight may well be connected to the time changes (here clocks supposedly change on the 30th of March) - I mean spiritually, energetically - there is mostly more than one reason to make interferences possible (some Germans / Foreign Nationals missed the first hour on "Inspired with Q". @ just over an hour, so when we started hearing the show, it disconnected at the point where QstaR said about that they make things difficult by putting things in our way & woops instantly gone).

The whole blimming summer/winter time is so aunnatural, in itself overcomplicates (- &/but helps us to realize the difference how it feels to miss out on the live call for example - however time doesn't exist & when listening later it is still possible to connect) & for years they say they stop that experiment - same as the "Tortoise 13 moon cycles" & beginning of the year April in many cultures, as it used to be.


Hoping you guys manage to upload a complete version - it was one of their best shows so far, him & Mermaid...(I was channel hopping + using positive Affirmations / commands, to hear most of the last 2 hours). Personally I am glad to hear any of it Live + the opportunity of recordings & wouldn't be annoyed at things that happened anyway - waste of time, it's over & done - let's concentrate on NOW & ALL THE WONDERFUL POSITIVE CHANGES.

Things come up to be seen & let go of.




(Hope this is the right place to post this)




I wanted to express my pure enjoyment of & gratitude for, The Beyond Earth Show.  I look forward to every other Saturday at 1pm(PST) with great anticipation! The enlightened host, Ray Trujillo, has wisdom beyond her years, as she shares her loving stream of consciousness. She has a way of making me feel more connected to the spiritual realms & my own Higher power.  The hour goes by too fast, & I am always left hopeful & uplifted!  Ms. Trujillo communicates her knowledge & intensions of pure goodness in ways that inspire my soul. Since I started listening to The Beyond Earth Show, I've been able to be more introspective, & mindful of my thoughts & actions & more compassionate towards others.  For that, & so much more - I'm grateful beyond words, to The Beyond Earth Show!


- A long-time listener & loyal subscriber,



Q,  I turned in my project right after your first Project Review With Q, on July 3rd. I emailed to as Don said on the show. I called you on the third Project Review With Q on July 22nd. You told me to send you a message after 5/6 days if I have not heard back from you. I did email you again. But I still have not heard from you.  I decided to contact you through this feedback because I am not sure the previous ones found their way to you. I have subscriptions for both Project Review with Q and Being Inspired with Q. Hope to hear from you soon.

Sending love and light to the person who helped me find Q's project platform.  I found it, and my project is now sent to the right place!

Thank you,

Cathy Thompson

Will you please direct me to the platform folks are using to submit projects to Q?  I sent mine to the Email on Q's website, but I am not sure if that was the right place to send it.  I have looked all over your website, and Q's, and I cannot find any other place to send it.  Please advise.  Thanks!!!

Cathy Thompson

Hi, could you please give me the email address where I can submit my project to Q. My email address is

username: atornera

It's very difficult to find the link for submitting projects. During the show, Q indicated that they have received many projects, yet I can't seem to find how to submit a project. I must be blind or something. Please help. Thx. 

username: Dave Sharp

Hi Q

Maia from Logstor, Denmark

I have bone the folder one, as good as i can, where do i upload it and send it to you ?

Hugs and kisses

Maia Rudi Bjerring

User: MaiaRudi72

I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for the Beyond Earth Show! The host Ray Trujillo is amazing in her ability to eloquently convey her knowledge and insight on deep topics. 

This show has given me a safe space to explore my own belief systems, and helped me to rediscover the magic of the universe at a time when i needed it the most. Her authenticity and compassion comes thru in her uplifting voice, which I could listen to all day! 

A million thanks to the Beyond Earth Show for helping me to create a renewed sense of peace and purpose. I highly recommend this show to all!

User: Agatha Fey

I just listened to my favorite show- which I stumbled upon a few months back, and ever since, have experienced unexpected gains I could not put a price on!

I've been meaning to leave my feedback, and to say a BIG Thank-you! for the show! I've never heard one like THIS one before.  

I'm talking about 'The Good Fortune Show' with Ray Trujillo. I just heard tonight's broadcast, and as always- it delivers!  ...and leaves me wanting to hear more!

I totally agree with Sugandhi, who opened the show saying how blessed she felt to have Ray Trujillo share her knowledge, light and wisdom regarding the topic of Good Fortune. Sugandhi said what Ive been thinking for weeks! 

I don't want to sound like a fan-girl, but so many Universal principles and laws, Ray has explained in a way that resonates with me. It has helped me connect with myself and the energies around me. I could give many examples- just tonight Ray spoke of the importance of Discernment, and openness, and applying these principles within our life to bring about abundance and Good fortune, which I HAVE experienced more of, since I started listening to this show. I see Ray as a Visionary and First-rate Speaker of Truth. A Virtuoso who shares her exceptional gift with the world.  I think she is definitely an Empath- and charismatically radiates Truth and Goodwill.  I'm going to hear the Beyond Earth show next time it airs, because 'The Good Fortune Show' is never long enough, and I'm interested in hearing what Ray has tapped into that is 'Beyond Earth'. I hope The Good Fortune Show' takes callers on a future show, because I do have questions I would like to know your thoughts on.

Thank you both for making the world a better place, and God bless!



I listened to the Good Fortune Show with Ray Trujillo, and I actually felt that by doing so, I altered the course of my day. My mindset and intentions were positively enhanced with every interaction that I encountered all afternoon. That was enough to make me want to hear and learn more from this show. I'm looking forward to the knowledge and guidance offered, and will be manifesting more GOOD FORTUNE

Hi, my name is Miracle and I am Korean, living in Korea.

First of all, thank you so much for having your talks with Q on your site

so that many people are able to get to hear what he has to say!

The talks you had with Q are so inspiring and informing and help me

realize who I really am.

I am a member of this small Korean ladies group getting ready for

humanitarian projects, and we are eager to understand the messages

Q has delivered through your great radio talks.

Thank you so much again for your wonderful radio programs and thank

you for your time to read this.

With love,



Hi Jean and Billy,

Thank you for the amazing podcasts with Q.

This is the best show from all the other places i have heard share his light with us.



I just had a chance to watch our podcast — how terrific! Thank you. It was fun seeing you on the other end of the line as we talked, and I was touched again by your discussing how you identified with my youthful struggles (as I see in your book) and our common interest in what the SUPERMAN TV show I watched in my youth called “Truth, Justice & The American Way” in the murder of JFK. I used to see my father, an honest reporter, as a kind of Clark Kent. I didn’t pick up on your comment that Capra films helped bring you to America. As you know, I was always a great admirer of Capra films, though I was disillusioned by what I learned of the man, and yet I still love his films, especially MR. SMITH, which he tried to disown during the Vietnam War, after informing on its screenwriter, Sidney Buchman, who was a Communist when he wrote it.

We sure covered some lively terrain with Welles and Wilder and other topics on the podcast — including the timely topic of Sirhan. What a tragedy Newsom turned down his parole for political expediency; I was one of those who spoke out on a show with one of his attorneys, Laurie Dusek, and Sirhan's brother Munir. I am glad, though, that the DOJ seems to be moving on some of the midlevel Jan. 6 ringleaders, knock wood. I haven’t had a chance to read that indictment yet. Maybe they could succeed in working upward. But like you, I won’t be satisfied until Trump and his fellow high-level conspirators are indicted. Such investigations often are disappointing, as we know. But we shall see.

Thank you for your probing and fresh questions and your keen interest in my work, the areas we share, and some of my idiosyncratic concerns — I look forward to coming back, as you kindly invited me to do at the end of what Ed Sullivan would call “a rilly big shew.” You’re such an ace interviewer and I hung on your wise words about our past and present political dilemmas.

Cheers to you,


The music today was awesome! I really enjoyed Ted’s show. Thank you for all your production work, Don!

Happy Christmas,

Jan M in Texas


What a great time this  was!! Shelley and I just sat and watched the whole thing. We laughed with you and

loved your stories and the way you brought in personal experiences of your own. You made it a fabulous


What a treat!

And I really want to see the show you did with Ed Asner. Shelley and I were with him just a couple of days

before he passed. What a wonderful friend he was.

And what a wonderful friend you are,.

Thank you, thank you thank you!


PS Is it OK if I send this to the fellow  in Slovakia who has set up a website on me?


Just wanted to do a shout out to you and everyone involved, a big thank you for all you do for humanity and those that listen and read what you have published

~ Dean D

Thoroughly enjoyed today's show. '2 Bent Rods' is a great initiative. Loved finding out about this unique business venture and the pest fishing competitions. Wonderful to hear how Sam Beckmann, her husband and employees make a difference in the community, teach others how to fish safely and how to care for the environment.

~ Linda R

Just tuned into your radio show. Enjoyed your interview with Dr Jo. A very interesting author. From your interview and discussions Dr Jo speaks, and obviously writes, in an entertaining manner that both captures and engages her audience to achieve positive and healthy relationships between parents and all caregivers with the children in their care. Great advice to nurture resilience and well grounded individuals. 

~ Lindy R