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Executive Shine with Jill Wright & Jeanie Holzbacher
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Talking Points Radio Toni Every Day Business with Julien Sicard Intro to show and reminder of where to listen – streaming live on FB, YouTube and LI – my amazing VA in the Philippines is online now to answer any questions during the live stream and he will be able to give you information on how to connect with Julien or I. Radio Toni website – also has links Julien Sicard is an entrepreneur based in Shanghai and the CEO of the n°1 LinkedIn Marketing Agency for online client acquisition, Genius Encel. He helps Fortune 500 companies get new clients through LinkedIn. As the President of LinkedIn Local Asia, Julien has created a network of communities made up of LinkedIn lovers, embracing the original idea of LinkedIn Local: getting to know ‘’the person behind the profile’’. His Shanghai community has more than 3000 members, making it one of the most professional and active networks in China. When Julien started his business over 5 years ago, he saw a need for LinkedIn in Asia. He had a desire to not just take over the market but to help people acquire new clients online. The digital landscape has significantly changed in the past few years and lots of people still don't know how to properly prospect online. So Julien’s on the show today to guide us in our navigation of lead generation via social media and other digital means. Client Acquisition through LinkedIn in 2021 Lets talk generally about lead generation on social media before we get into LI specifically. What’s changed in the last 5 years in terms on online lead generation or prospecting if you prefer? Is there an etiquette for online lead generation on social media and how does is it different from other forms of lead generation? So LI is one of my favorite platforms, but it wasn’t always, do you think lots of businesses are realizing the power of LI lead generation? Are we seeing a rise in businesses using LI and if you’re a business do you consider, like I do that, it’s the best place for connection and lead generation? Why is prospecting online better now than ever? It’s a little difficult to understand why all businesses aren’t online but there are some, what do you hear are the reasons they aren’t online? What’s some of the excuses you hear when educating business owners about the power of social media and in particular LI? Why is it important to adapt to this digital landscape? As you say be online or die a digital death I, like you, love to have processes in place. What are some of your recommendations for lead generation processes on LI? What other processes do you recommend for businesses in general around online lead generation? Julien you run some great webinars – how can people connect to these each fortnight – I know they are great because Ive been to them….
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Video, Here We Stand,

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Kevin Annett, the Canadian whistle blower who first exposed genocide by Church and State in his country's "Indian residential schools", describes how he was forced from his doctoral studies program in the Educational Studies Department and subsequently barred from lecturing at the UBC campus. The first documented evidence of mass murder in the residential schools was discovered by Kevin in the UBC Koerner Library archives between 1996 and 1998. then made public by him. See www.murderbydecree.com . Posted 7 July, 2019



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