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Intro to Co Host John and Andreia Method – Inspire influence and impact your word by being who you were meant to be. John - Briefly why and what is the Andreia Method and who does it help – online do it yourself, self-paced, can go back again and again, This is our last show but not for John – watch this space and see what John does next In our preshow strategy meeting we spoke a lot about the US and US politics, so today we are going to do something that’s a little bit fun – we are taking the USA through the Andreia Method! Andreia Solutions So, what’s Americas default position – what’s the internal chatter that’s happening across the country, what’s getting at and bugging Americans, whose listening to what and why, the power of words – Trump and that twitter account, trauma and filters, patterns of behavior, unconscious bias, defend the right to peaceful protest, perspectives, FEAR and what it does, education and its impacts, thoughts create reality, Create a new you – Create a New America – its time to recreate the country that you live in, be America first vs individual first, what stories is America hearing now and are they true, whose truth is it, words have influence, what’s the purpose of having a better America, what do Americans value, Who is responsible, blame, excuses and denial Conscious Action – who does America have to be so it works for everyone – Aust – American comparison ( minimum wage, universal health care, cheaper drugs, why does it cost so much in the USA) you don’t know what you don’t know, be do have, taking action, Focus and Gratitude Call to Action Lifetime Access to The Andreia® Method online learning platform 16 Comprehensive video lessons with workbooks PLUS 60 worksheets Extras: Which includes 60 additional Coaching lessons to deepen the learning Includes 12 Mind Maps Entire Course in MP3 format At your own pace, in your own time Talking Transformation Do It Yourself: D.I.Y Self-Paced WHAT DOES IT COST? PAID IN FULL To access D.I.Y is USD $397 (lifetime membership) 16 online video lessons and workbooks EXTRAS 60 additional coaching lessons + MP3’s of the entire course + 12 Mind Maps INSTALLMENT PLAN To access D.I.Y is USD $150 x 3 monthly payments (lifetime membership) 16 online video lessons and workbooks
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Guest, Emily Niliwan Nili, Author and International Motivational Speaker, Executive Director of Nilechemy Industry Australia
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