Music Submission, Adar Alfandari

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Adar Alfandari

Hi :) I am a 24 y/o Folk/ Indie-Rock artist from Israel and just released my 3rd single from my debut album "Gold Dust".

After playing in a local rock band for some years I decided to start my solo project in order to give a place to other sides of mine and to expand my work internationally.

Music Submission, Lindzey Autumn

Bad Influence Single Art
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Lindzey Autumn

Melody and verse have always been instinctive forms of self-expression for Lindzey Autumn. The 23-year-old Livermore CA native grew up humming her own tunes as she hunted for insects in her mother’s garden, or dancing and laughing with her two younger siblings while their father strummed his guitar. Lindzey started her lifelong habit of keeping a daily journal when she was only six. Actual song lyrics made their appearance when she needed to express the tumultuous feelings prompted by her family’s migration to Boise, ID, when she was eleven. She completed her first song at age twelve, and her father began teaching her basic guitar chords shortly thereafter. Other than her father’s instruction and various YouTube tutorials, Lindzey’s vocal and guitar technique are entirely self-taught. She released her first home-produced title “Headlights” in 2018 with the help of her friend Terry Zorich. Now, with the help of Nightowl Studios, she is thrilled to introduce her first official release, “Bad Influence.” Music has been Lindzey’s comfort and companion her entire life. Now her music can be your friend as well. 


Music Submission, Jane Honor

Deer in the Road - Jane Honor
Artist or Band Name: 
Jane Honor

Jane Honor is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter born and raised in New York City. When she was 18, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career and study music industry and songwriting at USC Thornton School of Music. She has been singing and writing music since she was 8 years old, and has performed at various venues including: The Berklee Performance Center at Berklee College of Music, Ashford and Simpson’s Sugarbar, Prohibition, and the world famous Apollo Theater. Honor writes all of her songs herself, and her music is produced by Jed Elliott of The Struts. Her music consists of genres such as Pop, R&B, and Folk music; gaining influence from artists like Fleetwood Mac and Regina Spektor.

Music Submission, The Sensational Country Blues Wonders!

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The Sensational Country Blues Wonders!

Gary Van Miert is a singer, songwriter, musician and all- around entertainer who specializes in American Roots Music. He has his own unique interpretation of traditional American music - classic Country tunes from the fifties and sixties, and time-honored Blues numbers that go back to the greats hailing from Mississippi and Chicago. His electrifying singing and performance style is a throwback to the down home spiritual songs and performers from the golden age of Gospel. He performs and records under the moniker of “The Sensational Country Blues Wonders!”560

Music Submission, Ronnie Verl And The Wallbangers

Ronnie Verl And The Wallbangers
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Ronnie Verl And The Wallbangers
Ronnie Verl & the Wallbangers are celebrating the release of their debut album, Mostly Drinking Songs. Singer Ronnie Verl has been a writer for more than 40 years, crafting songs with the late Shad O’Shea for Fraternity Records and also contributing comedy bits to former radio icon Gary Burbank, among other projects. Mostly Drinking Songs is a collection of songs written over the past several years and, while there are some humorous moments, the nine-track release is loaded some seriously well-crafted vintage Country. The Wallbangers feature Bryant’s son, Dusty (a local musician with his group The Dusty Bryant Band), wife Paula and a cast of local music all-stars.

Music Submission, James Ethington III

Artist or Band Name: 
James Ethington III

After several years of busking, also known as street performing, that led to trips to Santa Monica Beach California, Phoenix Arizona, and Austin Texas to name a few, Alamogordo, New Mexico has an exciting new emerging star. Home to Eric Burton of the Grammy Nominated  “Black Pumas”, this obscure place might just be a hotbed for undiscovered raw talent. James Ethington III hits the scene with a debut killer EP entitled “Rheacycle”, an eclectic five song mix reminiscing of the glory days of alternative acoustic music. He has been described as Van Morrison mixed with Prince and a dash of Dave Matthews but the singer-songwriter remains himself throughout the project. It’s obvious that he is influenced by these Rock and Roll Hall of Fame caliber artists. Stand out tracks include “Becca” and “Sexy, Juicy, Bouncy.”

Production and Engineering work was handled by Eric Gubala a Virginia native, who’s mentor is Orlando Gomez who handled production duties on Khalid’s debut album. Eric is a part time employee at Beacon Hill Recording Studios, a prestigious large scale studio located in El Paso, Texas. Beacon Hill has seen the likes of recording artists such as aforementioned Khalid, B.o.B, and Kali Uchis. He is also actively involved in projects from a few local artists and Rap Innovators, a Hip-hop collective. Eric is also an active duty military member serving in the United States Air Force currently stationed at Holloman AFB, New Mexico.

James Ethington III has decided to take the Austin route to success. He is represented by Luster Talent 512 a premiere Talent Company based in Austin Texas. Follow him and Eric Gubala on all socials and always remember to “Reduce, Reuse, and Rheacycle!”

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Music Submission, John Rowdy

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John Rowdy

Press Release (8/25/2020)

John Rowdy - Beautiful Resilience


John Rowdy Delivers Atmospheric & Motivating Rock Album With ‘Beautiful Resilience’

About The Release

John Rowdy delivers his newest captivating rock album, “Beautiful Resilience.” The twelve-track release contains every element to get the listeners uplifted and reminiscing. Through this release, John Rowdy delivers pure raw talent that will have listeners hooked and wanting more. The catchy riffs, atmospheric drumlines, and energy-filed vocals in “Beautiful Resilience” will deliver a dose of energy. John Rowdy’s talent is elegantly spelled out throughout the entire album. From the empowering “Heartshine” to the strong message in “The Old Roads,” John Rowdy delivers power combined with lyrical depth. Moreover, the artist recalls a nostalgic rock sound while adding a modern folk touch. Make sure you check out this stunning album from the rising artist as he is set to carve a unique, unparalleled sound that is completely his own. It’s a must-add to any playlist as it will infuse energy into you!

About John Rowdy

John Rowdy is an emerging heartland rock artist, singer, and songwriter originating from Kingman, Kansas. The talented artist is quickly making waves in the scene with his unparalleled sound and style. Inspired by his life experiences, John Rowdy seeks to create music that will connect people worldwide. The talented musician aims to push the envelope with his sound and bridge various elements from different genres to make a well-rounded, dynamic style. With every release, the Americana/rock artist will have listeners engulfed into the world he creates with his storytelling lyricism and realness. John Rowdy is an artist to keep an eye on and ear out for as he is set to cement himself in the music industry for years to come.

Music Submission, Lunar Reverb

Artist or Band Name: 
Lunar Reverb

Lunar Reverb released an EP called Younger Days. All of the tracks are radio ready and include metadata. We are looking to get some airplay, features, gigs, or reviews wherever possible. Below I have included my band information, links to our social media, press, and links to our music below. I hope you dig it. Either way thanks for the time and consideration! Band Name: Lunar Reverb About Band: Lunar Reverb is a group of music loving people trying to create a modern fusion of classic rock, punk, blues, pop and groove. They are an indie alternative rock band from Arlington, TX looking to spread music and good vibes. The band includes Lizzy Casarez the lead singer, Joshua Hanson on guitar/vocals/aux instruments, Zack Bryant on bass, and Bryson Allsup on drums. Lunar Reverb draws inspiration from Led Zeppelin, Sublime, Jack White, The Black Keys, female musicians from the classic rock era-today, and blues to create a more modern raw classic rock sound for their debut Younger Days EP. They have hit the scene running with shows throughout the DFW area including The Old Cocktail Lounge, Dr Jeckyll's Beer Lab, Reno's Chop Shop, and The Ridglea. Lunar Reverb has been featured in podcasts, Voyage Dallas Hidden Gems, and Divide And Conquer Music. Younger Days Description: We went for a more raw rock sound for our EP. Our sound pulls from artists such as Led Zeppelin, The White Stripes, and Texas blues. The vibe of the album pulls from the struggles everyone goes through when they feel alone in their 20 something Younger Days. Einstein was written after Josh was going through the motions from job to job with the goal of playing music and feeling stuck in his ways. Purple Pistol of Love was originally a song Josh's dad wrote in his band. Josh rewrote the piece lyrically to coincide with his story of love. What Can You Do and 2020 both touch on the anxiety of a young adult in today's world. 2020 was a live jam Lizzy wrote lyrics to on the spot from a riff Josh was playing around with. We hope to get another studio recording of this track. Cautionary Tale was also lyrically written by Lizzy and Josh from a riff he was playing around with. Lizzy had a friend who was going through a sort of abusive relationship and pulled from that energy. Zack wrote Take Your Time all on his own. I feel like musically it compliments the meaning of What Can You Do. When the rain comes you need to weather it. In time the sun will shine again. Location: Arlington, TX Contact Info: Joshua Hanson

Music Submission, Noel Smyth

Artist or Band Name: 
Noel Smyth


I hope you’re all doing well during these crazy times.  My name is Noel Smyth and I'm a performing, songwriting musician originally from a town outside New Haven, CT.  I have played in and around the Boston area for the past decade or so where I also teach English Language Arts to seventh and eighth graders. I just finished my fourth full-length album, 'Sugar Suspension'; a collection of 13 of my original songs.  This work includes a vast array of unique musicians living in and around the New England area.  Here is a link to a Boston Globe story about my music and my career!

Something I worked so hard on came out in April despite not having a show to promote it (unless my already rescheduled August 1st show at The Midway or August 13th show at The Burren capriciously and miraculously happen).  My music isn’t red or blue; it’s American.  I have songs on there about my love for New England, my daughter, songs of my suffering, songs of being merry, and songs where I just try to emulate Allen Ginsburg’s stream of consciousness.  Here is a link to a review in the MetroWest Daily News of my new album, "Sugar Suspension"!!

I know you guys are super busy, but if you get a chance, I’d greatly appreciate you taking the time to listen to my music.  I genuinely believe it will be a great fit for your station.  Read a Redline Roots Review that features one of my singles in their series, ‘Singled Out’ Here!!

If there’s any information I’m leaving out please let me know.  My music can be found virtually in any online music store.  If you’d prefer a physical CD, just let me know.  Otherwise, here are my WAV files as well as links to various locations where you can listen to my music and read about (potential) upcoming events.

My album on Spotify:

My album on Youtube:

Music Page:

Track List: “Sugar Suspension”

  1. Beautiful Curse
  2. Feed the Spark
  3. East Coast
  4. Destination
  5. Funny Feeling
  6. Rock n’ Roll, Noel
  7. Brief Flashes of Love
  8. I Am
  9. Still Tryin’
  10. Stroller Ride
  11. Lucy
  12. Con Man
  13. Such a Loser (lyrics violate FCC regulations on this track only)


Noel Smyth

Music Submission, Cypress

Artist or Band Name: 

Cypress is the indie folk, singer-songwriter project of Ben Higginbotham. Born in Dallas but based in LA, Ben was inspired by his childhood spent glued to the piano and listening to the crooning voices of Texas singer-songwriter legends like Ruthie Foster and Lyle Lovett to pursue his passion for music early on. 

Shortly after graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2017, Ben created Cypress — a soulful, emotional solo project reflective of his personal and professional growth. Evoking artists like Ray LaMontagne, Ben Howard, and Hozier, Cypress’ indie folk/folk rock sound is rich and textured yet melodic and straightforward — often weaving lyric-driven stories of relationships, family and coming-of-age with a reflective and nostalgic tone. With crisp, powerful lyrics and relatable, universal themes underlying each song, Cypress’ music shines in its smooth approachability and ease of listening.

Released in November 2018, Cypress’ first EP A Fine Line was recorded and produced in Austin, TX by longtime collaborator Taylor Tatsch. Cypress’ most recent single “Take Me Back” was produced by Floyd Fuji and released in August 2020.


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