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Love Crumbs
Bio: Love Crumbs hails from Western and Central Massachusetts. Folk music forged from where blue collar folks mingle with the erudite.
Love Crumbs delivers a captivating powerful and controlled female vocal sound over jangly acoustic guitar-themed stylings. The songwriting is a mix of prosaic and abstract ballads - on themes of love, loss, pain, addiction and contemporary social issues.
The folks in the band have all overcome varying levels of adversity to give you the crumbs of their love.
Mark Peters & The Dark Band

Formed in 2017, Vienna based ‘Mark Peters & The Dark Band’ release the second single ‘US AGAINST THEM’ from their upcoming album.

It’s too easy to simply pin the ‘Singer-Songwriter’ label on Londoner Mark Peters. He is one of those rare performers with both impressive guitar skills and songs to match.

With influences ranging from Nick Drake to Radiohead his music bears not only the unmistakeable imprint of Folk and Jazz but also blends elements of Country, Blues and even Funk. Peters is clearly a musician who can attract a wide array of listeners.