Music Submission, The Month of May

The Month of May
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The Month of May

SInger / songwriter duo hailing from Dallas, TX.  Writing music since the late 80's and the influence is noticable.  The best songs have the best hooks, and that is usually what drives my songs.  Some tell stories, or make a statement but my favorite songs, both my own and those I follow just have great beats, creative hooks, and are songs you can't get out of your head.

Music Submission, The Screens

Artist or Band Name: 
The Screens

When we decided to record a second album we set out two conditions.

  1. We were making for an audience and not just for us as a vanity project

  2. It had to have a story and a point and not just a pile of meaningless songs.

Three years ago a close friend of the band, who was 18 at the time, came out as gay to his mum and dad with the latter being unable to accept his son's choice. As a consequence the son attempted suicide several times before eventually being sectioned. It struck a chord with The Screens that family could be divided by a choice one member had no control over and the other suddenly felt a compulsion to put their opinions of sexuality ahead of their bond to their own flesh and blood. It became the beginning of a story that The Screens developed and which they also turned in a short novel called The Boy Who Waved At Trains.

The album of songs is a journey of a boy born in post war London who, as a teenager, discovers he is gay and is thrown out by his alcoholic dad. The boys is forced into a life of male prostitution, drugs, seedy sex parties, brutality......Its not a pleasant story but it highlights what life as a gay man during the sixties would have been.

As big fans of Quadrophenia, and Tommy we wanted to write the album so each song, in chronological order, tells a specific stage of the boys life and that might one day be the basis of an interesting film.

The first condition for making the album was that an audience wanted it and it wouldn't be a vanity project for us so we ran a Kickstarter campaign and invite people to pre order the album on vinyl and CD before we made it. We were relieved enough people stumped up the cash and it meant we could make it.

We plan to delay the album being put on Spotify because The Screens think it detracts from sales as well as radio. The Screens will eventually put the entire album on there but after radio stations have the option to play it.

So that's it. The album is out on 31stMarch 2020. We will service radio stations with a WAV or MP3 of The Boy Who Waved At Trains a week before.

If any DJ's want personal idents from the band please message the office at messagethescreens@gmail.com


Rick Young

Manager/ The Screens

Music Submission, Olivia Castriota

Artist or Band Name: 
Olivia Castriota

With a style ranging from soft, airy, and almost angelic, to raspy powerhouse vocals, Olivia Castriota is sure set your soul on fire! Her sound can be compared to the likes of Bishop Briggs, Zara Larson, Tori Kelly and Amy Winehouse, just to name a few.

Olivia has graced stages across the country over the years. From intimate Sofar Sounds performances, to sold-out shows, including venues like the world-famous Apollo Theater and the electrifying MetLife Stadium, she has gradually created a loyal following.

After her debut album, All At Once (2015), peaked at #2 on the iTunes US New Album Release charts, Live For Live Music labeled her sound as “irresistibly slinky.” Meanwhile Grammy Winner, Vlado Kolenic, crowned her "one of the most talented vocalists in years!"

Her music has been streamed over 200k times on Spotify and she's been featured in PopDust, Gasmask Magazine, Vents Mag, and COOLS Mag among others. Her highly anticipated sophomore album “I Need A Minute” is due out early 2020.

Music Submission, Indiego North

Artist or Band Name: 
Indiego North

Indiego North is an international group of songwriters and studio musicians writing extremely catchy and powerful pop songs. The group focus on hooks and strong melodies with lyrics that maintain a certain depth. It is radio friendly pop music with an edge. Indiego North has been involved in numerous TV projects, and early demos have been heavily played on underground radio stations around the globe

Music Submission, John Greska

Artist or Band Name: 
John Greska

One of Those Days is one of the singles from Aiming At The Stars, John Greska’s debut vocal EP that uses instrumental concepts explored in his previous albums to bring a new edge to modern indie pop and alternative music. The EP itself tells the tale of the choice every person has between falling into the pattern of everyday life or risking that routine to follow their dreams.

John Greska previously has released work as an instrumental artist, specializing in the fusion of electronic and classical music. Other works include the instrumental albums Day to Day Thoughts and Life as an Ocean, which can both be found on all major music streaming sites.

Music Submission, Tine Nymann

Artist or Band Name: 
Tine Nymann

I write from the Danish indie label Artpop Productions, staying in my small home office, not to catch any disease. Don't we need some great music to help us to the other side?

"Into the daylight - out of the dark"

When I listen to this tune, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, though Denmark is almost closed down, and as long as there is Radio, we can still carry out this campaign.

Tine Nymann is a brand new talent, specializing in a certain laid back dreampop - the sound of a modern, sensitive and completely honest young woman, an almost naive bright voice lightening up in the darkest time. Producer Anders Carstensen on the other hand, is a very experienced sound engineer having loads of underground albums with different artists on the CV, including his own projects. He gained airplay on BBC (Radio 6), Tokyo FM, Little Stevens Underground Garage (US) and many other stations around the world. His music was used in a TV series in Ukraine and in a Russian movie as well.  

The song on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wtxh8mA0frc

The song was released on Spotify 20.03.2020.

If you have trouble downloading files, please write back.

Best wishes

Peter Frost

Artpop Productions, Denmark

Music Submission, Janice

Artist or Band Name: 

I established myself as a song writer by releasing cover songs first.My first original song, Ever Since The Day entered the top 40 at number 38 on www.hitsyoulove.com, the BMS radio Chicago network on July 208th, 2018 .,My current single, Sing got to number one on www.hitsyoulove.com BMS Radio Chicago network, and is still at number 5. Icy Brutal Eyes, is the follow up single, being released soon.

Music Submission, David Naethan

Artist or Band Name: 
David Naethan

David Naethan is releasing his 2nd song on March 28, 2020. Paying homage to one of his favorites David recorded this cover, "I'm Not Moving," by Phil Collins. Though he implemented a sound of today in this recording he kept it close to the original feel of the song to keep the integrity and emotion behind it. David is in the process of releasing more original recordings in the near future. However, he doesn't want to move forward without bringing this song "I'm Not Moving" back to the ears of the multitude.

Song won't be on commercial sites until the release date.

Music Submission, Gabrielle DeRosa

Artist or Band Name: 
Gabrielle DeRosa

Gabrielle DeRosa (Full name: Gabrielle De Rosa) is an Italian singer-songwriter. She was born in Gallipoli (Italy) 14th June 1998.

At the age of 21 years old, she has released 3 singles, one album and two official music videos. In 2020 Gabrielle DeRosa continues to release her songs as an unsigned artist and her latest single is “Bluewolf”.  Music and art are not her only interests in life. She has always been interested in Science, and she is currently studying Environmental Sciences and Technologies in Italy.

Music Submission, MON€¥

Artist or Band Name: 

Michael Zolani Benedict Mbuli, known professionally as MONEY (Stylized as MON€¥), is a South African rapper, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur, born and Raised in Johannesburg, Soweto Pimville. 


Gaining his influence from the realities of growing up as a young black man in a crime-ridden country and the streets of the largest township in the world. He hails from a talented family that is well versed in the entertainment industry and musically inclined.

Sighting music as an escape from his criminal surroundings, MON€¥ has found musical balance in expressing his realities.

His lastest single is a high tempo masterpiece which finds the ideal harmony between the kick and bass of the beat together with vocals, flows and delivery the track in it’s entirety is a feel good jam which catches any music lover repeating this jam unintentionally.


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