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Music Submission, SORRY IT'S OVER

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Music Submission, Coor Brow-Obles

Artist or Band Name: 
Coor Brow-Obles

Coor Brow-Obles is a South-Eastern UK based alternative musician and secret fantasy you can't tell your partner about. Multi-instrumentalist and producer,  noted for his pure voice, intelligent lyrics, strong stage presence and devilish good looks. He lays claim to the throne of The Melancholy Prince.

With Inspiration from artists like David Bowie, Placebo, The Cure, Still Corners and Björk, his music is constantly evolving and exploring the boundaries of alternative pop music. First Performing regularly at University with his punk band Turtle Circles. He enjoyed a small amount of success including an EP titled “Going In Circles”, supporting Germany’s most progressive gothic rock band “Sweet Ermengarde”. Coor has since gone solo performing acoustically and enjoying the chance to experiment with his style of music and performance. Having completed his Master’s degree in Music, Coor has since written a soundtrack for an award winning independent movie and found global success with fans in India, France and Spain.

Music Submission, Cameron John and the Rosebuds

Running Out
Artist or Band Name: 
Cameron John and the Rosebuds

This band is a musical project by Cameron LeBlanc, a Boston born independent music creator/producer, who has been in a few different music groups, but decided to make a group only consisting of himself. The now San Diego based artist creates a blend of new and old with his debut single "Running Out" and has more content on the way.

Music Submission, jaxon martinez

Artist or Band Name: 
jaxon martinez

20 year old artist making independent music from ogden, utah. "garage demo sessions" is my first project & was made at home with various friends over the course of a couple months & was released at the end of december, 2020. 

Music Submission, Arklo

Artist or Band Name: 

ARKLO, started his career as early as 2004 when he came across some sequencer software and heard his first synthesizer. Influences from reggae, R & B, and also African and Latin rhythms are interwoven in his tracks in the most refined manner. He likes to work on warm, but also on more minimal, or “freaky” Future-House and Techno stuff, as well as on other styles

I Am Boleyn

Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
I Am Boleyn
Artist or Band Name: 
I Am Boleyn
CD Information
I Am Boleyn, song titled, Paris To Boleyn
CD Name: 
Paris To Boleyn - single
Song Names: 
Paris To Boleyn

Music Submission, Jakob Drummond

Jakob Drummond - Beating A Dead Horse (Single)
Artist or Band Name: 
Jakob Drummond

“Beating a Dead Horse” (BADH) is the newest genre-defying single from Alternative-Country musician, Jakob Drummond. 

Locked and loaded with Western imagery, Jakob tells the tragic story of outlaw “Addison West” as he roams the Great Plains with his band of thieves. 

BADH is a fast, pounding, experimental rock track featuring a unique line-up of instruments including high speed, slapped upright bass, pounding, gritty drums reminiscent of psychedelic garage rock and distorted, ethereal guitars that embody the depth of 90’s Post punk. 

The punchy verses of BADH are delivered quickly in a unique rhythmic formula that nods to classic hip-hop and is followed by a dream-like, atmospheric chorus that yields an intensely catchy melody that builds with each repeat. 

First Verse: 0:38

First Chorus: 0:58

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About the artist: 

 “Jakob “Poukepse” Drummond is an Alternative Singer-Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Producer known for his experimental and non-genre-restrictive approach to songwriting. After years of writer’s-block from “staying inside the lines”, he felt the call to make something new – something not restricted by the restraint of a single genre. By creating fusion’s of Country, Soul, Punk, and more, Jakob Drummond has created a sound that is truly his own.

Music Submission, Martin Paul Cuthew

Stand Tall - cover artwork
Artist or Band Name: 
Martin Paul Cuthew

Hi there,

My name is Martin Paul Cuthew, an independent solo artist based in South-East England, UK.

I recently released my debut single, Stand Tall, and would very much appreciate you listening to and considering it for airplay on BBS Radio.

Stand Tall is a life affirming pop-rock anthem for these challenging and uncertain times. Recorded, mixed and mastered during lockdown, I was motivated to release this song now as it resonates with the current global situation and provides a positive and hopeful message. Many people have been negatively impacted by the Covid19 pandemic and feedback from my listeners is that this is exactly the kind of upbeat song they want to be hearing right now.

'"With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world." The line from the poem Desiderata encapsulates the philosophy of singer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist Martin Paul Cuthew. Cathartic and introspective meditations on love, hope and longing are set against a backdrop of bold colours and warm, rich tones ... a foundation of acoustic-rock vocal and guitar is enriched with lush synths and electronic rhythms to generate gutsy pop-rock songs.

Martin played keyboards from an early age before moving onto guitar in his teens. Early influences were Pink Floyd, Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead alongside electronic acts Orbital and The Prodigy. However, it was British rock band Oasis that first really inspired him to write songs and take music more seriously. Since then, he has been writing and recording music, further influenced by Coldplay, Muse, M83 and Biffy Clyro.

Martin has performed all over South-East England - including The Cage Bar in Reigate, Kingston's Ram Jam Club and Scratchers (Three Lions) in Farncombe - but it is appearances at the international Greenbelt Festival and at legendary London venues, the Half Moon Putney and Dublin Castle in Camden, that really stand out.'

For further info and content, please check out my EPK, Website, Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

I hope the track is to your liking and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks and Regards


Music Submission, Kari Loya

Artist or Band Name: 
Kari Loya

A quirky, fun holiday song "There's Still Christmas" that captures our 2020 global zeitgeist...and, I hope, gets us smiling again as we approach the New Year. Best wishes for an AWESOME 2021!

Music Submission, Graywave

Graywave - Like Heaven
Artist or Band Name: 


Graywave is releasing her new single Like Heaven on 18th December, and I wondered whether you might consider giving it some airplay on your radio station? If there is a specific DJ or show that it would be best to get in touch with, i’d be super grateful for their contact details. I’ve included a short press release, bio and links to the track below.

Streaming link:


Press Release:

The new single by Graywave, ‘Like Heaven’, is the first single off of her upcoming debut EP ‘Planetary Shift’. ‘Like Heaven’ is a dark evolution of previous Graywave material and is lyrically more intelligent and coherent. The use of heavier guitar tones and vocal harmonies as well as studio recorded drums pushes this track into a louder, grittier territory that has not been heard in previous Graywave releases.

“‘Like Heaven’ is ultimately about the struggle of light and dark within oneself. The lyrics aim to capture a sense of self destruction and a strange urge to self sabotage. The song is about that darker side of myself that pushes doubt and lack of self worth to the forefront.”

About Graywave:

Graywave is the solo musical venture of multi-disciplined artist Jess Webberley. The first single of the project, ‘Afternoon Escapism’ was released April 2019 and has since then achieved over 1000 streams on Spotify.

Taking influence from the likes of Men I Trust, Slowdive, Crumb, and Widowspeak, Graywave aims to create music to make you feel as though you are elsewhere. The combination of dreamy chords, shoegaze inspired guitar leads and powerful vocals creates a distinctive, recognisable sound.

One year in and Graywave has played a number of shows in the West Midlands alongside the likes of Slow Crush, Petal and VENUS, as well as making it down to Bristol. The addition of a full band for live performances really helps convey the impactful sound that can be heard on record. The most recent release [June 2020] ‘With Me’ has had a wealth of radio
play, including making it onto the Brum Radio A List and being played twice on Coventry & Warwickshire BBC Introducing. The track has also been subject to some great reviews from publications all over the globe.

Graywave has had a promising first year, and now Jess looks to step up the game with the release of a 5 track EP, the first single being ‘Like Heaven’. This single demonstrates a new level of songwriting and production for Graywave and is a sign of what is to come next.

Rich (manager)


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