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Wes Ervine
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Wes Ervine is an eclectic artist/music creator &  producer from Puyallup, WA.

Wes has produced in his career, 142 songs to his credit & has been recording & producing music for over 2 decades in the genres of Rock/Jazz/Blues/Acoustical & classical music..

His music has been chosen for song of the year award on the radio station, Radio Six International in Scotland, in 2005 & has been featured on many music sites & Radio stations throughout the USA, Germany, England, Canada & has been a featured artist on, Global dust Radio, artists direct, Digital & has been interviewed  twice on Artist First Radio as well as being featured on indie in Toronto Canada.

Here's a few comments from Dj's who play my music :

       We love your music so it is a pleasure to air it.
          Take care

         "The Upper Room with Joe Kelley"
          24/7 on the Net


Hey JM,

Heard about your music via Hans in 
Germany and wondered if you could mail over some of your music for airing please.

Thanks for your help and I look forward to hearing from you,



"KLEX Radio

thanks for thinking of me, i do appreciate it

the response to color of blue has been outstanding on the station and get played in loop every 4-5 hours and requested a lot when i am doing a live show

wish you much success