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Brand New Pappelallee Single „Close to Me“ Featuring Sam Ho Is Out Now!

Nikolaus Werther from Cologne, Germany is the brainchild and the producer under the professional stage name of Pappelallee. A bringer of exhiliration and electricity under the disguise of clubhouse mixed and mastered sound, Pappelallee evokes pure magic just with a touch of his gifted hands. He brings rhapsody and fantasy as he displays dynamic creativity and invetiveness that is driven by his unquenchable passion for both music and technology!
LA Laura Paris

The uprising pop-electro artist LA Laura Paris releases her new single “Kissing Boys”, along with LGBTQ+ supportive music video
Bachelors Anonymous

The Big Picture rounds out the Bachelors Anonymous catalog, with the 2021 single "What's This Feeling?" followed by seven more never-before-released songs.