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I'm a Japanese producer called Korekiyo. Hope you like my music!
Bachelors Anonymous

On Virginia Woolf’s 139th birthday Bachelors Anonymous is pleased to offer its eponymous album Bachelors Anonymous. Featuring six songs and two bonus tracks, it originally was released in 1985 and has been remastered for your listening pleasure.

Titles include “Grand Illusion,” “Ritual Life,” “Sarasponda,” “A Stranger’s Bed,” “Nick,” and “Zigfreed.”
Mia Muze

Mia Muze is a self Produced Recording Artist from the Gold Coast,
Australia. Raised in Sydney and born in Japan, she has held the title of
#1 Independent in the Reverb Nation Artist Charts for her region, since
2014. This year she celebrates 15 years of Music and Media via her new small
Record Label Maquis Music which was launched last year to coincide with her
1 year anniversary of her first signed single, Onomatopoeia. The track released
at #1 in Brazil on the Brasbeat Tech House Charts.