Music Submission, Alice Triskel

Artist or Band Name: 
Alice Triskel
Alice Triskel, singer who mixes and fuses styles of pop music, electronic music, electro pop, EBM, synthwave, synth pop, rock ... getting to play with styles as diverse as soul and even opera.
Experimenting with new rhythms, synthesizers, strings, acids and more. All this complemented with the powerful voice of Alice, full of strength, power and vitality, to give each of its themes a unique, different and new touch in the current music scene.
Alice Triskel, a composer and singer from Barcelona, launches her first solo musical work in English, which throughout 2020 plans to release a long list of songs. Inspired by styles already invented in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s and adding a little freshness and modernity to achieve its own character, exclusive and distinctive in its musical style, working day by day to achieve the best synth pop.
Alice Triskel is one of new indie artists of new synth pop and dream pop.

Music Submission, Serene Salinas

Artist or Band Name: 
Serene Salinas

Serene Salinas & Coco Salinas are Singer/Songwriters from Philadelphia, PA. World music musicians with Cuban roots & Argentinean roots who perform with their duo “Serene&Salinas” Serene & Coco believe that music is a language which transcends through every corner of the earth with Love. Serene & Coco were recently chosen as top performers in the World Music category in Philadelphia’s Live Center Stage 2018 & 2019. Serene&Salinas have been awarded the "City of Philadelphia Citation Award" November'2019 Recognized for their contributions to the community. Serene is a very well-seasoned Singer, Musician & Songwriter and has been a traveling performer since the age of 17. Coco has been a traveling performer since the age of 15, always directing bands of his own, writing musical compositions. 

Music Submission, Chrissy & The Get Go's

Artist or Band Name: 
Chrissy & The Get Go's

Chrissy & The Get Go's is a songwriting team out of Nashville!  Lead singer, Chrissy Blazier is a former Las Vegas songwriter, along with Chris Rodriguez (guitarist for Keith Urban), Bobby Blazier (drummer for Matt Redman, Peter Cetera) & Mike Kyle (keyboards for Brooks & Dunn & Reba). Their debut cd has just been released along with a big band Christmas song "Santa's Sleighin' It" (arranged by Boh Cooper, David Foster's assistant arranger) that has quickly become a national radio hit!

Music Submission, Cornell Kinderknecht

Coventry Carol by Cornell Kinderknecht
Artist or Band Name: 
Cornell Kinderknecht

Timeless sound for a contemporary world… Music that can move the heart, take you on an exhilarating ride and then set you down gently and sweetly right where you need to be… Cornell Kinderknecht’s award-winning instrumental music has that power to let you lose yourself in bliss with its melodies, tone colors and beauty. Allow yourself to take that ride. You’ll be glad you did.

Cornell Kinderknecht is a multi-instrumentalist whose instruments include world flutes (Native American flute, bansuri, ocarina, recorder), saxophone, piano and keyboards. His music has been described as soothing, soaring, haunting,
and playful. He draws from his experience in world, Classical, folk and pop music, bringing a new and fresh flavor to instrumental genres.

Music Submission, Curtis Mosley

Artist or Band Name: 
Curtis Mosley

Curtis Mosley has over 60 songs on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify and many other venues.

His newest song, "The Original Thanksgiving Song" is a lively song that rings a bell for everyone who has ever celebrated Thanksgivng with loved ones. 

Music Submission, Don Murdock

Artist or Band Name: 
Don Murdock

Music Submission, Starboy Of Domes

Starboy Of Domes Featuring Lily Williams
Artist or Band Name: 
Starboy Of Domes

Ahoj jak se máš ?
Jsem hudební producent Starboy Of Domes. Je mi 26 let a pocházím z České republiky. Nejprve jsem se začal zajímat o hudbu, když mi bylo 6 let. Nahrával jsem audiokazetu do rádia našich rodičů. Tolik jsem obdivoval umělce a jejich hudbu, že jsem se jednoho dne rozhodl dělat hudbu. Ve 14 se můj sen splnil. Našel jsem program s názvem Dance Ejay 7. Poprvé ve 14 letech jsem složil svou první píseň s názvem Take Me Heart. Byla to klasika pro mou první píseň. Bohužel to nebyla moderní hudba a v té době to nebylo úspěšné. Hudbu dělám rok až do svých 15 let. Pak jsem chodil na střední školu a neměl jsem moc času. K hudbě jsem se vrátil před 4 lety. Našel jsem program s názvem Magix Music Maker. Tento program jsem používal 2 roky a skládal jsem spoustu hudby. V listopadu 2017 jsem v listopadu našel program FL Studio, kde je třeba vytvořit moderní hudbu a zůstal jsem tam dodnes. Také jsem udělal písemný rozhovor v rádiu FM Kiss Intl. 107,7 FM. Rád bych vám představil svou první novou skladbu, která je na Spotify. Jmenuje se Něco o tobě a zpívá ji zpěvačka Lily Williams. Je to moderní a melodická píseň s velmi populárním žánrem R'n'b a EDM.

Music Submission, Jimmy Francis

Artist or Band Name: 
Jimmy Francis

Jimmy Francis is a singer, musician, actor, comedian and writer from Southern California. He loves the beach, the environment, surfing, scuba diving, cartoons, comic books and poetry. He made a graphic novel “Hyperdork: Years And Years Of Trauma” (available in kindle on Amazon) and won a stand-up comedy competition at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, California. He also wrote and directed a short film for MTV’s AIDS Awareness Project and received a best actor award from from the Inland Theatre League (in Southern California) for playing Billy Bibbit in the play “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.” “Christmas In Hawaii” is his debut music single. It’s a comedic Christmas song, basically a parody of “White Christmas” with a cool saxophone solo. He considers himself Alternative Rock but this fun little comedic holiday song ended up being his debut music single since it blends his comedy and music ambitions. It still feels a little Alternative but light, tropical and jazzy. There is a combination of angst with the humor. Instagram and Twitter both: @hyperpiperjlf

Music Submission, Danielle Hollobaugh

Artist or Band Name: 
Danielle Hollobaugh

Originally from Bradenton, Florida, Danielle has been actively performing since the age of six, when her parents signed her up for a theatre camp. Since then she has performed at several festivals, churches and other events, competed on both a local and national level, and written and recorded her own music. Her accomplishments include Best Songwriter and overall winner at the Florida Ignition showcase, winner of the national Talent Quest karaoke competition in the Women's Country category, winner of the Southeastern Idol competition in Florida, and many more. Danielle now lives in Los Angeles where she works as a session singer and continues to pursue a career as a recording artist. She has released an EP, several singles, and her first full length album in 2018. Though she has been blind since birth, she's never let anything get in the way of her dreams. In her free time, Danielle loves swimming, acting, and visiting amusement parks. Her ultimate dream is to become successful in the music industry as a recording artist.


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