Music Submission, Donnie Dynamite

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Donnie Dynamite

Donnie was born on an icy ridge south of the South Pole. His love for music developed at an early age. There was not much more to life than creaking ice and howling seals. But that all changed when he found an abandoned mp3 player. Donnie learned to speak and he breathed melodies. Dancing Queen, Don't Stop me Now, Camarillo Brillo, Billy Jean, London Calling...

Calling? London? London!

Donnie kissed his home goodbye, saddled up his seahorse and set course for London.

There's a rhythm, a melody everywhere. Donnie taps his feet along the sound of passing trains, he crinkles his sandwich wrapper in time while he sings along to the lady rapping about the gap. He finds fellow musicians and plays them his tracks asking them to join him. Donnie eventually starts to look beyond London, and encounters fantastic like minded artists. It takes Donnie years to finally finish his first track, but he does so with amazing musicians that put in spectacular performances. He is proud, he is proud to present... Challenge!

The concept for Challenge was recorded in a tiny bedroom in the UK. It didn’t become the song it is now until years later. By the time it started taking its final shape, it had travelled to bedroom studios in the Netherlands, Germany and Czech Republic. Fantastic musicians left their marks on it, resulting in the mix of 60s pop and electronica it is today.

Music Submission, Mientras los árboles crecen

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Mientras los árboles crecen

Hernán Misael is an Argentine independent artist, composer and guitarist, a native of Caleta Olivia, a coastal city in Patagonia. In 2014 he created his solo instrumental project called “Mientras los árboles crecen” (While the trees grow). Since then, he has been working on his project under self-management and the DIY

He tries to represent personal events, visions of a dream or natural landscapes, and his music sounds like listening the crackle of the leaves in the courtyard while a storm of intense waves is coming. That search can be summed up as sound poetry.


Lush and well crafted rock with groove, Specialists music puts you in an atmosphere somewhere between funk and psychedelics
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Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Specialists, CD titled, Too Easy
CD Name: 
Too Easy
Song Names: 
Come Over

Music Submission, Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate

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Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate
Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate are Malcolm Galloway (vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer) and Mark Gatland (bass, backing vocals, keyboards and co-producer), on their own, or with Kathryn Thomas (flute). Kathryn is the flautist of the award winning BBC New Generation Artists The Galliard Ensemble (wind quintet). Their music is eclectic, combining progressive/alt-rock, classical, experimental, electronic, and metal influences. They were recently highlighted as Prog Magazine Limelight feature artists. They are based in London, UK.
They stepped in at the last minute to replace an injured band on the main stage at Hard Rock Hell’s Prog Festival November 2017, one of the world’s leading indoor progressive rock events. Performing to over 1000 people, opening for Magnum, Focus and Carl Palmer, they were described by Hard Rock Hell magazine as ‘unlikely stars who stole the show’, and by eFestivals as the ‘highlight of the festival’. 
Their music has been recommended by Steve Hackett ("I particularly enjoyed this album and I thoroughly recommend it”) and won many awards including:-
• Prog Magazine Readers’ Poll Top 10 Unsigned Bands
• Beasties Rock Show's album of the year award (shared with Alice Cooper and Roger Waters)
• Bandwagon Network Radio Song Of The Year
• Banks Radio Australia's best album and best producer category shortlist
• Radio Wigwam Single Of The Year shortlist
• Metal Mayhem Radio band of the month 
• American Veterans Radio artist of the week
• NewEARS Album Of The Month award
Malcolm Galloway is also a contemporary classical/minimalist composer, whose 2019 release ‘Transitions’ was included in Sid Smith’s selection of the year’s best releases for Prog Magazine. 
“Vocals that drip with passion and longing, ethereal flute and the achingly bluesy low-down guitar. Unashamedly progressive in its outlook…  gets under your skin with its elegant music and heartfelt vocals… an engrossing musical experience. ‘Broken But Still Standing’ is a brilliantly perceptive and original work of art that enthralls with every listen. Taken as a whole it is an utterly immersive musical experience that will captivate and enlighten the listener, Hats Off Gentlemen Its Adequate has to be one of the most creative and innovative artists out there today.” Prog Radar

Music Submission, Specialists

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Please view all assets via google drive at

Lush and well crafted rock with groove, Specialists music puts you in an atmosphere somewhere between funk & psychedelics.  Initially, creating this set of songs was challenging for the duo as they were written & recorded entirely during quarantine over the internet.  After powering through the disconnected nature of crafting these tunes, Too Easy has become Specialists’ most refined release to date.

The EP kicks off with the powerful, Thanks, Boss- a pop-funk song with uplifting synthesizers, funky guitars, & enticing vocals; all separated by an impressive jazz-rock head highlighting the group’s musicianship. Second on the tracklisting, Be Easy, is a funk-rock staple in Specialists’ repertoire. Come Over is a seductive stand out track where Specialists explore their R&B influences. Listeners will find themselves enamored with the skips & hits embedded within this song. Down n Out, released as a single in April, has been described as “powerful, funky, & efficient.”  It’s impossible to not stay stunned while listening to this.” Finally, Wake Up caps the EP.  An epic song about keeping your mind & body in tune with your surroundings. It kicks off with an edgy, rap-influenced verse, followed by progressive rock instrumental sections, & a melodically dramatic chorus filled with internal emotion. This song is an appropriate send off.

As a result of this project being written during quarantine, the lyrical content uses intense imagery to depict an imaginary social life. Specialists found themselves writing about social interactions that they’ve gone so long without. Within the dual vocal parts, you will find a characterization of the bandmates themselves singing about where they long to be.

Music Submission, The Airwaves

Artist or Band Name: 
The Airwaves

The Airwaves, from Ljungby in Sweden, was formed out of the ashes of the act Swedish Whistler, a band that participated on Pink Floyd tribute discs and the 10 hrs Pink Floyd tribute concert at Brighton, organized by Pink Floyd’s biggest fan club in England (Neptune Pink Floyd). When the band changed line-up to Sussi Johansson (bass and vocals), Patrik Arvidsson (guitar), Jessica Lilleberg (vocals) and Ludwig Johnson (drums) they decided to change name to The Airwaves. In 2006, the band came in contact with Clive Jones from the occult 70s band Black Widow. Along with some friends, he had written a tribute tune to Abba titled “Hey You Ring Me Tonight” and offered the Airwaves the song because he thought the band with his two singers could sound like ABBA. Clive Jones also wrote two additional tracks for The Airwaves to use on “Release”, the bands debut album, released in the summer of 2014. “Hey You Ring Me Tonight” was produced by King Diamond guitarist Andy La Rocque who also plays guitar on the track while keyboards are performed by Paolo Apollo Negri (Wicked Minds, Black Widow). 1/7-2020 they released a cassette "Bob Dylan Blues" - including another song written by Clive Jones for the band: "I'm Happy"

Music Submission, Lori Jean Finnila

Artist or Band Name: 
Lori Jean Finnila

Lori is a singer and songwriter recording original tracks. She heals through music from an autoimmune disease and head injuries.

Petter Carlsen

Petter Carlsen
Hailing Alta Norway, Petter Carlsen creates his own unique mix of alt-rock and indie-pop without limits
Artist or Band Name: 
Petter Carlsen
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Petter Carlsen, song titled, I Love The Way You See The World
CD Name: 
I Love The Way You See The World - single
Song Names: 
I Love The Way You See The World

Music Submission, Starveya

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This is Aaron from the band Starveya. Our new single "Moontide" is set to release at the end of this month and I hope that someone at BBS might be interested in featuring it. I have included the official press release below. Thank you for your time.

Aaron Martinez-Starveya

STARVEYA is set to release “Moontide” on May 29th, 2020, their first new single since 2018’s “Olde Crow”. Available here:

STARVEYA is a psychedelic, alternative rock band from the fringes of Los Angeles, California. Originating around the turn of the millennium, their music can be described as a fusion between the classic studio recordings of the late 1960’s, and that of the heavier grunge movement of the early 1990’s. The band exemplifies both of these elements in their 2013 EP Stellar Womb, coming together to showcase its own fresh, modern sound.

“Moontide” is inspired by Bob Dylan’s take on folk music, particularly the historic, "My Back Pages". STARVEYA guitarist and primary songwriter Aaron Martinez, adds that the subject matter of the song was originally inspired by the tragic death of Pink Floyd’s Syd Barret. Gradually, the focus shifted to include all people throughout the millennia that were considered crazy or foolish in their own time, but later looked back on as geniuses, innovators and prophets. “A madman today is just a hero tomorrow” and “the saviors, they never get saved” are a few lyrics from “Moontide” that illustrate the lives of such visionaries as Giordano Bruno, Galileo, Socrates and Jesus Christ, who had the misfortune of being ahead of their times, and whose importance in history is only fully realized posthumously.

STARVEYA is currently in the studio working on their upcoming, full-length album Abandon All Muses, which is slated for a 2021 release.


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