Music Submission, Toxic Foxtrot

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Toxic Foxtrot

Toxic Foxtrot was established on June 2nd,2018 when a group of musicians came together to play their first practice and their first show, all in the same set. The group decided to form after the end of the last song, for the set was a solid B+.  Three years, and dozens of shows later, they released their Debut EP, "Everybody Knows", for your listening consumption. The project has four current members as of June of 2021: Bri Foxx, (Frontman), Wil Bass, (Bass), Hart Deer, (Keys), TJ Harris, (Drums). Together, they have big dreams of touring the country someday playing a sound akin to psychedelic, 70's Soul/Rock

Music Submission, Astasis

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A•STASIS is an addictively grooving, hook rich, prog rock band from Austin, TX. Rooted at the soul of A•STASIS is an appetite for novelty and unlimited artistic expression in the context of an impending culture crisis. Melodic, dynamic, and lyrically dense, A•STASIS doesn’t linger in one playground for long as their songs weave infectious prog riffs with funky pop sequences all while remaining elusively catchy.

Founded by bassist/vocalist, Blaine Matte (Eyetooth, Quartershackle, Entropist), A•STASIS is a melting pot of influences that honorably includes Opeth, Herbie Hancock, Queens of the Stone Age, Stevie Wonder, King Crimson, and (the)Melvins. Produced by veteran guitarist and pianist, Skunk Manhattan (A Good Rogering, Runescarred, Invincible Czars, Quartershackle), A•STASIS will release their debut album summer 2021 featuring Skunk, drummer Eoghan McCloskey (Vex, Aduanten, Obsequiae) and guest saxophonist, Steven Vague. Recorded and mixed at Mesa Recording Studios by Rob Hinton (Michael Jackson, Korn), the video premiere for the first single, “Engage”, will debut on 5/21/21.    

Music Submission, Eric Stradinger

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Eric Stradinger

Hey guys, love what your doing! Here is the link to my website including my EPK, which will offer you everything you should need. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Music Submission, Cameron John and the Rosebuds

Running Out
Artist or Band Name: 
Cameron John and the Rosebuds

This band is a musical project by Cameron LeBlanc, a Boston born independent music creator/producer, who has been in a few different music groups, but decided to make a group only consisting of himself. The now San Diego based artist creates a blend of new and old with his debut single "Running Out" and has more content on the way.

Alex James Brierley

Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
Alex James Brierley
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Alex James Brierley
23 years old, UK Alternative Pop-Rock artist Alex James Brierley
CD Information
Alex James Brierley, song titled, Go With The Flow
CD Name: 
Go With The Flow - single
Song Names: 
Go With The Flow

Music Submission, Wilful Dream

Artist or Band Name: 
Wilful Dream

We are two Italian multi-instrumentalists; in the last couple of years we released five songs from our bedrooms and they all got at least 40.000 views on YouTube.

In October 2018 we released a song called “Wake Me”. The song was written, performed, recorded and mixed entirely by us.

Two months later, we were invited on RAI Radio 1 (RAI is the Italian State RadioTelevision) for an interview.

After several appearances on other radio stations, we got called by RAI television to perform our song live on RAI3 channel with the help of two friends. The video of the tv performance is on our YouTube channel.

Music Submission, Sudhanva Sankirtanam

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Sudhanva Sankirtanam

I am Rama Rao Bijibilla is the Publisher for Sudhanva Sankirtanam (Devotional and Spiritual) Album written by my spouse Lakshmi Valli Devi Bijibilla. She is a Lyric Writeer and writen for Sudhanva Sankirtanam. We have got it composed by the Music Director Kanakesh Rathod at 'S; Hyderabad : Telangana State : India in 2014. At present, recently 25 songs Album/EP got it composed by Music Director Sri V. Sadasiva Sarma. He is the Music Composer and recorded at Nadalaya Digital Recording Studio : Rashtrapathi Road : Secunderabad : Telangana State : India : Presented by Bijibilla Foundation.

Music Submission, Parousia

Parousia - "The King Of Christmas" cover art
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The King Of Christmas” Is a new audio single by the progressive-rock band Parousia, originally from upstate NY.   Available on Spotify, Google Play/YouTube, iHeartRadio, Napster, Pandora, Tidal, Deezer and MediaNet, KKBOX and TikTok.   In addition to the audio single, a music video produced by the band will simultaneously post to YouTube.  The video features real-life and scripted images from Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles that provide a revealing look at the wealth gap in America.  

Click here to view the concept music video “The King Of Christmas” on YouTube:


Music CD, World Without Walls, Ancient Future

CD Information
Ancient Future, CD titled, World Without Walls
CD Name: 
World Without Walls
Song Names: 
Lakshmi Rocks Me


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