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Madeline Tasquin

Madeline tasquin makes music and art to vibrate to. What does that sound like? What does the moment sound like? While, genre boxes aren't Madeline's territory, this Canadian-Californian multi-instrumentalist, community builder, voice and creativity coach, and songwriter-composer has had elements of her sound likened to people including Animal Collective, Joni Mitchell, and Kate Bush. At times folky, others orchestral, Tasquin's music is made to inspire and stoke the creativity innate in each of us. At live shows in her Oakland California and Wells BC homes, Madeline incorporates flash mob choirs, string quartets, guest cameos, visuals or thematic cabarets to make each show more of an experience than a performance. Spontenaeity and audience interaction bring a sense of magic to her live performances, and her recorded music should be taken in as an impressionistic journey through sound and music and concept... although some of her music is just good simple ditties to feel good or move your miraculous body to.