Music Submission, Adar Alfandari

Artist or Band Name: 
Adar Alfandari

Hi :) I am a 24 y/o Folk/ Indie-Rock artist from Israel and just released my 3rd single from my debut album "Gold Dust".

After playing in a local rock band for some years I decided to start my solo project in order to give a place to other sides of mine and to expand my work internationally.

Music Submission, Soft and Dumb

Artist or Band Name: 
Soft and Dumb

Soft and Dumb is an indie anxiety rock duo comprised of Elena Buenrostro and Travis Newgren: two quasi-Chicagoans who met at college in Urbana, Illinois. The band combines love for dissonance and noise to create distinct panic-fueled songs on their new EP. Written and recorded entirely during quarantine, “Out of Bed” reflects not only the collective stress of life in the wake of a pandemic, but individual worries like familial trauma, performance anxiety, and entomophobia. In writing, they attach these fears to concrete instances of assholes (like wasps and playground bullies).

With a bassist for a father, Elena grew up in a household where gigging and cluttered music equipment were the norm. On the other hand, Travis didn’t know who Sonic Youth was until 2019. But the two come together to pull music out of each other in a quarantined creative space, each playing every instrument at some point in the project. Some of the songs are just arguments, but on occasion, the two channel the distress away from each other and recall some bad moral actor from childhood. Beaming, Soft and Dumb holds up a middle school lens to their early 20s, noting the stark lack of difference. 

Music Submission, Chuck Charles

Chuck Charles - Hiya
Artist or Band Name: 
Chuck Charles

Charlie Recksieck, recording under the moniker of Chuck Charles, is a piano player whose original songs are most compared to Ben Folds, Warren Zevon and They Might Be Giants - or lovingly thought of as "the stupid man's Randy Newman".

He is a co-founder and longtime member of The Bigfellas who are best known for their more humorous tunes such as "I Wish That I Were Gay", "4:20" and the world's only golf rap, "On The Green," all of which are on their schizophrenic debut CD, Chubbed Up.

Charlie is also half of the San Diego recording artists, Leaders In The Clubhouse, pioneering the genre of "fun rock" with songs like "She Gets Loud", "These Goddamn Devices" and "LawnChairs".

The whole Chuck Charles project is really more of a collective of talented San Diego musicians/friends playing music outside of Charlie's regular stints with The Bigfellas & Leaders In The Clubhouse.

Chuck Charles and Bigfellas music provided the score for the acclaimed independent documentary Don't Change The Subject and they have music placed in basic cable TV shows and provides the theme for the fantastic "Super 70s Sports Podcast" and the "Something Ventured" podcasts.

In addition to more LITC & Bigfellas music, the next projects in the hole are a collection of original music incorporating celebrity tantrums and outtakes called "If It's The Last Thing I Do" and an album covering (royalty-free) classical pieces, both coming in 2021.

Music Submission, Donnie Dynamite

Artist or Band Name: 
Donnie Dynamite

Donnie was born on an icy ridge south of the South Pole. His love for music developed at an early age. There was not much more to life than creaking ice and howling seals. But that all changed when he found an abandoned mp3 player. Donnie learned to speak and he breathed melodies. Dancing Queen, Don't Stop me Now, Camarillo Brillo, Billy Jean, London Calling...

Calling? London? London!

Donnie kissed his home goodbye, saddled up his seahorse and set course for London.

There's a rhythm, a melody everywhere. Donnie taps his feet along the sound of passing trains, he crinkles his sandwich wrapper in time while he sings along to the lady rapping about the gap. He finds fellow musicians and plays them his tracks asking them to join him. Donnie eventually starts to look beyond London, and encounters fantastic like minded artists. It takes Donnie years to finally finish his first track, but he does so with amazing musicians that put in spectacular performances. He is proud, he is proud to present... Challenge!

The concept for Challenge was recorded in a tiny bedroom in the UK. It didn’t become the song it is now until years later. By the time it started taking its final shape, it had travelled to bedroom studios in the Netherlands, Germany and Czech Republic. Fantastic musicians left their marks on it, resulting in the mix of 60s pop and electronica it is today.

Music Submission, Tom Alford

Artist or Band Name: 
Tom Alford

Former member of the Point and Wednesday week

Music Submission, Jane Honor

Deer in the Road - Jane Honor
Artist or Band Name: 
Jane Honor

Jane Honor is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter born and raised in New York City. When she was 18, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career and study music industry and songwriting at USC Thornton School of Music. She has been singing and writing music since she was 8 years old, and has performed at various venues including: The Berklee Performance Center at Berklee College of Music, Ashford and Simpson’s Sugarbar, Prohibition, and the world famous Apollo Theater. Honor writes all of her songs herself, and her music is produced by Jed Elliott of The Struts. Her music consists of genres such as Pop, R&B, and Folk music; gaining influence from artists like Fleetwood Mac and Regina Spektor.

Music Submission, Jofalck

Jofalck - Duck
Artist or Band Name: 

Hello. I'm a musician from Finland and this single is my first solo release in 15 years. A new funky and psychedelic track called duck and on the b-side a surf rock type track called drive from 4 years back recorded in a hippie commune. Both songs are one of the first things I came up when I purchased new guitars witch is always an inspiring moment. The surf rock track was born when I got my first Telecaster and the new song Duck when I just reasently purchased (eating porridge for rest of the year) a 1986 Fender Stratocaster that the same age as I am.

Over the years I've played drums (main instrument), bass, melodica, accordion, keyboards and sang in bands but nowadays I mainly play guitar. My most resent band is releasing an album hopefully within this year. It's a strange mixture of 7 musicians with different backrounds shifting trough multiple genres as funk, rock, jazz, afrobeat and progressive rock.

You can listen to the single from Spotify, Youtube, Deezer or Tidal and download it from iTunes, Google Play Music or Amazon Music for example.
On the song duck there is a drum sample by beatz trumant. You can find his funky beats from youtube and they are free to use.

Music Submission, The Kelseys

Artist or Band Name: 
The Kelseys
I hope this email finds you well. My name is Matt Hulsman and I manage The Kelseys, an indie pop-rock band from Ann Arbor, MI and 3 recent graduates of the University of Michigan. 
Last Thursday we released our latest single, Save The World, and I wanted to take a quick second to pass along the song for consideration of adding it into the station's on-air rotation or any generic support. The song was originally written in regards to environmentalism, but with everything going on in today's world we thought it would be appropriate to release it as the song emotionally connects to 20 year olds and how they all can Save The World. 
The dropbox link below includes the MP3 version of the song, our EPK, a few photos, and the lyric sheet. 
Thanks for your time and consideration! 

Music Submission, Grand Guignol Diabolique

Artist or Band Name: 
Grand Guignol Diabolique

Grand Guignol Diabolique was born in 2008 from the ashes of a band called Beat Babol , but also collecting the legacy of another band of which Franco was the mind, namely the Bohemien Flambé . From them they inherit the French-speaking name and the desire to shout to the world their desire to live by creating, and not to live vegetating as it now seems practice. The first album is the eponymous " Grand Guignol Diabolique " (2008), available through CDBABY on numerous digital platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. The second "II" comes out in 2011, but like all the following productions, it's being released on Bandcamp, because when you are unknown to most people, a free platform, albeit small, is better than a giant where you are just a drop in an ocean. The third CD is an EP released in 2013 and called "Di tutte quelle morti" . In 2015 "Export Diabolique" was released , the first CD to be sung entirely in English. It gets an excellent response, but remains a cult object, not being able to count on promotion and anything else necessary. Now, 5 years after, that Franco has spent dedicating himself to many other projects whilst facing life with a hard nosed face, the brand new "LINGUA" (2020) is released, son of the pandemic, of grief and boiling blood. On August 20th the first part (Volume 1) in a CD always available on bandcamp. 6 brand new tracks that will find good company with the other 6 already in advanced processing and that will presumably come out around November 2020 in Volume 2. The main reason for the title is because it is an album that speaks several languages. In fact, Franco's Anglophone, Francophone and obviously Italic soul coexist and therefore the songs are sung some in English, some in Italian and one in French, a dutiful homage to one of his projects that had more feedback (Bohemien Flambé), at a time in which there was still a lot of interest in music and people tried to be original, not photocopies of what "works".

Grand Guignol Diabolique is a ONE MAN BAND . Franco plays it all, writes it all and sings it all (with occasional guest stars) and despite some miserably failed attempts to form a real band, there is currently no live activity. But in the future it is not said that he won't try again, even if the times are very grim.

Music Submission, Alex Julia

Artist or Band Name: 
Alex Julia

Alex Julia Shines on New EP ‘Better Part of Me’ with September 19th Release

Alex Julia, a New Jersey based singer-songwriter, is set for her debut EP release ‘Better Part of Me’ on 09/19/20.  From the stripped down acoustics of “Feeling More,” the guitar-playing conjures a ukulele sound and vibe, complemented with soft vocals.  At other points in the EP, the artist dives into more expansive rock melodies with producer JEAN.  Songs like “It’s Coming” and “What’s Going On” offer up a harder, grungier style, while the singles “Counting Stars” and “Better Part of Me” are influenced by 80s driven pop beats and 90s alternative rock, respectively.  More modern pop influences are layered with funky guitar riffs in “A Beautiful Escape.”

In a class of her own, Alex Julia is unmistakingly original, yet undeniably inspired by artists like Alanis Morissette, Paramore, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Emerging primarily from the Asbury Park music scene, Alex has primed herself for a career in music and has been featured on Spotify playlists since summer 2019.  In addition, she has received recognition from Produced by a Girl podcast for rising female artists, and most recently, STAR bREAKER Radio, where she talks about her new EP with producer JEAN.  Alex Julia has shared the stage with such talents as Jarod Clemons and Kolour Story and has regularly played the Jersey Shore Music Festival 5 years straight.

After months-long anticipation of when live music events will resume, Alex Julia plans to book shows again in New Jersey and neighboring towns, in support of her first studio release, as soon as venues reopen.  Look for ‘Better Part of Me’ to hit music streaming platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon) on 09/19/20!  And stay updated on the Alex Julia band page for a schedule of live events:

IG/Twitter:  @irockoutxx

For interviews, booking, and sponsorships, please contact Jen at


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