Music Submission, Between The Rain

Artist or Band Name: 
Between The Rain

Between the Rain is an American post-grunge/hard rock band formed in New York City. With band name and logo conceived, singer/guitarist Tim Donlon left the Detroit area in search of like-minded musicians, eventually landing in Brooklyn, New York where he merged with bassist Victoria Rothman. The band released their first single, "Mudroom," in the summer of 2016. After relocating to the Hudson Valley region in 2014 Between the Rain set out once again find their third leg. Drummer Roger "Roddy" Marchant joined the band in early 2019, giving the band a new energy and familiar dynamic.

Music Submission, Faith Bardill

Artist or Band Name: 
Faith Bardill


My name is Faith Bardill. I'm an independent singer/songwriter from Sanford, NC.  

A little bit about me: I'm the 2018 Carolina Country Music Awards Female Artist of the Year, the 2016 Carolina Music Awards Female Country Artist of the year, and the 2015 Carolina Music Awards Teen Artist of the Year. I perform solo shows and full band shows throughout the country, as well as Belize. I am currently on Music Mafia Radio with my original “When The Dust Settles” which placed in the top 30 several weeks this year - recently placing in the #1 #2 and #3 spots. Current music can be found on Spotify, Amazon, Reverbnation, and other streaming sites.

I've attached my latest original, “Not So Broken”, recorded at OmniSound Studios in Nashville and released 04/01/2020. I am looking to get radio play and any exposure that I can get on this song.

About this song: I wrote this song for anyone who has ever felt broken. This song was written over a 3-year period because it was so important to me to tell this story right since it’s the story of my life. My mother left me when I was 4 years old. So, in dealing with the aftermath of that I became far too familiar with that broken feeling. However, I was blessed to have grandparents who not only adopted me but have supported my dreams since they first heard me sing. Through music, the Grace of God and love of my family I now know the beauty in overcoming that brokenness. This is my story and my hope is that anyone who feels broken for any reason can find a sense of strength through the words of this song. Maybe you’ll find that you’re “Not So Broken” after all. 

Please give “Not So Broken” a listen. Any airplay you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I'm open to doing radio interviews in person or via phone call or Skype. This song will be playing on 93.9 Carolina Country, Myrtle Beach, SC this month, as well as 94.7 WQDR in Raleigh, NC. I'm just looking to get as much exposure as I can with “Not So Broken” and several additional Nashville recorded songs that will be released over the next several months. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Music Submission, Sub Cultures

Sub Cultures
Artist or Band Name: 
Sub Cultures
Sub Cultures are an indie/ alt-rock band with members from South Wales, The Forest of Dean and Gloucester. Originally formed under the name of 'Plush', the band changed their name and sound after losing two members of the group.
Sub Cultures now consist of Lewis Parks (Lead Guitar), Charlie Foster (Bass), Eric Karvic (Drums) and Kane Raynor (Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar).

The band has been compared to the likes of Title Fight, Pinegrove and DMA's and over 2019 honed their craft by touring across the UK, supporting The Pines and Violet.

Their first single, "Far Behind" is released through Prank Monkey Records (Younghusband, JellyCopter) on 20/03/2020

Music Submission, John Greska

Artist or Band Name: 
John Greska

One of Those Days is one of the singles from Aiming At The Stars, John Greska’s debut vocal EP that uses instrumental concepts explored in his previous albums to bring a new edge to modern indie pop and alternative music. The EP itself tells the tale of the choice every person has between falling into the pattern of everyday life or risking that routine to follow their dreams.

John Greska previously has released work as an instrumental artist, specializing in the fusion of electronic and classical music. Other works include the instrumental albums Day to Day Thoughts and Life as an Ocean, which can both be found on all major music streaming sites.

Music Submission, Tine Nymann

Artist or Band Name: 
Tine Nymann

I write from the Danish indie label Artpop Productions, staying in my small home office, not to catch any disease. Don't we need some great music to help us to the other side?

"Into the daylight - out of the dark"

When I listen to this tune, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, though Denmark is almost closed down, and as long as there is Radio, we can still carry out this campaign.

Tine Nymann is a brand new talent, specializing in a certain laid back dreampop - the sound of a modern, sensitive and completely honest young woman, an almost naive bright voice lightening up in the darkest time. Producer Anders Carstensen on the other hand, is a very experienced sound engineer having loads of underground albums with different artists on the CV, including his own projects. He gained airplay on BBC (Radio 6), Tokyo FM, Little Stevens Underground Garage (US) and many other stations around the world. His music was used in a TV series in Ukraine and in a Russian movie as well.  

The song on Youtube

The song was released on Spotify 20.03.2020.

If you have trouble downloading files, please write back.

Best wishes

Peter Frost

Artpop Productions, Denmark

Music Submission, K-MAC

Artist or Band Name: 

Colorblind USA inc is a indie label with offices in Houston & California, we produce rap, rock, pop, country, gospel and R&B, check us out on IG at Colorblindusainc

Music Submission, Yard of Blondes

Artist or Band Name: 
Yard of Blondes

Secret Pole Dance music is proud to present to you Apollo Twenty. Vincent Walter Jacob (from rock band Yard
Of Blondes) is behind this new synth-rock oriented project.

The 1st single « Aurora » will be released on March 20th, 2020; it will come with two B-sides: « Nothing But A Dream" and a remix of Yard Of Blondes song « Je veux danser tout l’été ». We’d love for Apollo Twenty to be featured on your station for airplay and give the exposure that this new music project deserves!

Do you think it would be possible to have Apollo Twenty in rotation on your station, and/or interview Vincent? Apollo Twenty is a surprising project especially when you’re familiar with Yard Of Blondes: Vincent explores another style of indie-rock in the form of synth-rock / dream-pop.
Download link of the full press release, bio, artwork, lyrics, mp3, etc..

Streaming is available on March 20 - pre-save on :
Music video :

Thank you for your time and support; we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best,

Fanny // Yard Of Blondes // Secret Pole Dance music // Apollo Twenty

Music Submission, Gabrielle DeRosa

Artist or Band Name: 
Gabrielle DeRosa

Gabrielle DeRosa (Full name: Gabrielle De Rosa) is an Italian singer-songwriter. She was born in Gallipoli (Italy) 14th June 1998.

At the age of 21 years old, she has released 3 singles, one album and two official music videos. In 2020 Gabrielle DeRosa continues to release her songs as an unsigned artist and her latest single is “Bluewolf”.  Music and art are not her only interests in life. She has always been interested in Science, and she is currently studying Environmental Sciences and Technologies in Italy.

Music Submission, The Garnetts

Artist or Band Name: 
The Garnetts

The Garnetts formed in Liverpool early 2018

The band formed with Ben and Jacob Jones, sons of esteemed Liverpool singer songwriter Phillip Franz Jones of 80’s bands such as ‘Afraid of Mice’ and ‘Up and Running’. The line up was then completed with the addition of Chris Cannon on Bass and Jacob Naylor on Drums.

Straddling the line between Pop, Funk and Rock, The Garnetts pride themselves on their subtle and intelligent songwriting to create catchy songs for the masses.

Even at this early stage the band has played in venues including the o2 academy Liverpool and Studio 2 Parr St. The band are currently promoting their debut single and performing across the UK.

Their debut release ‘New Love’ was recorded in Whitewood Studios by Producer Daniel Woodward (linked to names such as ‘China Crisis’ and ‘Circa Waves’) who the boys continue to work closely with to present.

Continuing as unsigned artists, the foursome aspire to keep investing in their music via steady single release to keep audiences listening and cultivate renown to perform on larger stages.


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