Music Submission, Chev Chevin

Artist or Band Name: 
Chev Chevin

Chev Chevin is a music project initiated by me, Max Kraft and Jonas Eckhardt - both based in Leipzig, Germany.

With our love for Soul, Art-Rock and Contemporary Pop music, we don't stick to a single genre, but always try to combine various styles we are influenced by and trained at. So not only when playing live, the producer duo expands to a large orchestration, including instruments like horns, strings and synthesizers.

Interpret: Chev Chevin

Title: Over Soon

ISRC: QZHN52013965

Music Submission, Luca Algaba Band

Artist or Band Name: 
Luca Algaba Band

Hi there, 

we are the Luca Algaba Band, a newcomer Band from Aalen, Germany and we just released our first single “My love” from our upcoming debut album. Our music is 100% handmade and can be classified somewhere between Rock, Pop and Country. Who we are? We are four musicians between 22 and 25 - Piano, Drums, Bass and Vocals/Guitar - and we want to share our passion for music with all of you.

Give it a try!

If you have enjoyed listening to our music we would be very happy to get a slot in your playlist. That would be awesome! If you have any further questions or just want to get a little bit more information about us and our music, feel free to contact us via mail: 

Attached to this mail there is a mp3 of our song “My love”. 

You also find us on Facebook: Luca Algaba Band


Luca Algaba Band

Music Submission, Lori Jean Finnila

Artist or Band Name: 
Lori Jean Finnila

Lori is a singer and songwriter recording original tracks. She heals through music from an autoimmune disease and head injuries.

Music Submission, Reliant

Artist or Band Name: 


We are an indie rock band from Reading/Wokingham in the UK. We formed in 2017, and have been writing and performing original material ever since. 
With Alex on Guitar, Steven on vocals, Adam on Bass and James on Drums. Our music has been described as powerfully punchy and catchy. Until the Coronavirus came and spoiled everyone’s fun, we were finding ourselves in demand, playing across Reading, London, Basingstoke and Newbury. Having a lot of fun whilst making friends and followers along the way. 

Music Submission, Jed's A Millionaire

Artist or Band Name: 
Jed's A Millionaire
Jed’s A Millionaire got its start in the early 2000s in Phoenix, Arizona, and performed on a consistent basis at all the major venues in that region, opening for the likes of REO Speedwagon, Alice Cooper and Roger Clyne And The Peacemakers, to name a few. The band showcases a hard-driving rhythm section, catchy melodies delivered via the powerful voice of Shawn Harrington, an overall sound that appeals to both classic and alternative audiences.
We’ve had some label interest in the past and radio airplay across the country (two songs from our previous EP, Time To Shine).
Our recently released EP, The Beautiful Ones was produced by Jim Kaufman Productions in Santa Monica.


Music Submission, Marc Delmay

Artist or Band Name: 
Marc Delmay

Marc delmay is a guitarplayer singer/songwriter originally from the Netherlands. He started to learn and play the guitar at the age of 16, and fell in love with making music ever since. Playing in various bands an in various styles, mostly as a lead guitarist in his early days as a musician, in mostly rock orientated bands. Now days he is traveling the world as a “troubadour”, playing mostly solo, containing cover songs as his own original songs from the ‘60ties, ‘70ties, 80tie and ‘90ties. A huge variety of pop/rocksongs to choose from, bands such as Lenny Krevits, Guns&Roses, Bon Jovi or Chilli Peppers. Songrequests are included, and all for your entertainment only.  So you just sit back relax, and enjoy this ride!!

Music Submission, For Lua

Artist or Band Name: 
For Lua

BRUISES - RELEASE DATE 11th of June, 2020.

For Lua takes you on a journey through the deep northern forests of Sweden. Intimate whispered vocals over fingerpicked guitars create soothing lullabies and invite the listener into their stories. Their new single Bruises, recorded in the heart of Hollywood, is a haunting ode to doomed love and blends the warmth of folky harmonica tones with atmospheric movements.

The lead vocalist Malin Wiklund joined forces with musicians Gustav Sverin and Johannes Hörngren in a period of creative hunger, and began having writing sessions late into the night.

For Lua released their first single In Their Minds in the beginning of 2019, followed by Believe in Something the same year. Their third single Bruises is soon available for listeners around the world.

Austin Carr

Austin Carr
Austin Carr is an indie pop singer/songwriter based in LA. A former actor whose career abruptly came to a halt when he was diagnosed with a type of alopecia
Artist or Band Name: 
Austin Carr
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Austin Carr, CD titled, Imaginary Boy
CD Name: 
Imaginary Boy
Song Names: 
I'll Forget You I Won't Forget This

Music Submission, Eddy Chapman

Artist or Band Name: 
Eddy Chapman

Eddy Chapman is an independent, young  and upcoming alternative rock artist from sunny South Africa. His sound is a unique blend of genre's including rock, folk rock to a modern spin on pop rock.

He released his debut album in 2020.
Eddy grew up in a musical family where the melodies of CCR, Roxette and Neil Diamond used to echo through their house. He played piano but showed his  interest in guitar when he stumbled upon Bon Jovi's "It's my life" on MTV at the age of 15. His love for music grew and he started playing guitar soon after. 
He wrote his first song at the age of 16.  

​After being home schooled, he knew that he wanted a career in music. He started a band when he  was 19 and they did very well, making entertainment headlines of many news papers and some radio stations, being labeled as trendsetters of Afrikaans Rock music in South Africa with their unique sound and song arrangements.  

Eddy wrote and arranged all the songs in the band and they played countless gigs and toured in South Africa. Unfortunately, the band decided to pursue different paths in 2009.

Eddy went solo and continues to entertain large crowds at festivals and gigs around the country. He writes and records his own music and is very excited about his upcoming album. Over the years Eddy was influenced by many renowned artists such as Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Oasis and Foo Fighters.

​As a musician Eddy is a dedicated and passionate individual who will rock your socks off during his shows. In his personal life he is grounded and coming from humble beginnings, he knows how to work hard, overcome obstacles and persevere to make his dreams come true. 

Eddy Chapman remains excited in regards to his musical and personal ambitions, hoping to leave his mark in the music industry.

Music Submission, Quince and 9th

Clover Drive Album Art - Quince and 9th
Artist or Band Name: 
Quince and 9th

Quince & 9th is a band from San Diego,CA. Band members include Eli, Jesus,Adam,and Marcos. Influenced by John Mayer, The Arctic Monkeys, and Of Monsters and Men. A couple of friends from middle school reunited through the power of music years later!


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