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Dan Warren

Suggested Tracks:

3 - Oh, You Temporary Thing

8 - Sail or Anchor

9 - Survival Machines (Reprise)

Mimi Mitina

2018 I quit Opera Singing and moved to Berlin. I spent 3 years performing my original songs in parks, bars, galleries across diverse crowds. This experience and a lo-fi production together with my professional singing skills are very present in my upcoming release "Never Enough“. It is an upbeat bedroom pop song about unrequited love. My Music Video will be released in June, and I am planning a big Social Media Campaign. So far I have had success as a musician on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok (9 million impressions 2021).
Dai Williams & 505 Friends

I'm very pleased to be able to send you this MP3 of 'Witches' by Dai Williams & 505 Friends in advance of its release this Friday. We hope you find it worthy of some exposure - please see attached MP3 and short bio below.
Chasing Nomads

Hey! We're Chasing Nomads a bilingual indie rock band from Puerto Rico. It's pretty much composed by Cesar, Estefano, and Joshua. We've been around since 2015, our debut EP was released on 2018 and since then we've been releasing singles, that being said here's our latest one Paradise, which we're really excited to share with you guys! Besides that we're really looking forward to expand around the globe, it's kind of difficult because in our hometown, they don't appreciate our style of music so much. Thank you for the opportunity!
Martin Paul Cuthew

BIO: '"With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world." The line from the poem Desiderata encapsulates the philosophy of singer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist Martin Paul Cuthew. Cathartic and introspective meditations on love, hope and longing are set against a backdrop of bold colours and warm, rich tones ...
The 95 Allstars
Times have changed for these young (ish) lads from Surrey. As time has gone by, so have the many bands they have played in over the years. Original bands with an Indie, funk, Hip Hop and Alternative Rock vibe. To keep our respective musical passions alive Tim, Dan and Rich formed The 95 Allstars, originally as a covers band to have fun, play live and remind people how much brilliant music there is in the world...especially when it’s played loud!
We avoided the typical covers cliches and just focussed on the tracks we wanted to play.
Cameron John and the Rosebuds

This band is a musical project by Cameron LeBlanc, a Boston born independent music creator/producer, who has been in a few different music groups, but decided to make a group only consisting of himself. The now San Diego based artist creates a blend of new and old with his debut single "Running Out" and has more content on the way.
jaxon martinez

20 year old artist making independent music from ogden, utah. "garage demo sessions" is my first project & was made at home with various friends over the course of a couple months & was released at the end of december, 2020.