Music Submission, Mark Browning

Out From Nowhere Album Cover
Artist or Band Name: 
Mark Browning

I was one of the founding members of the Pittsburgh-based band Sandoz which was signed to the New York label Relix Records and produced three albums. I have just released an unsigned solo album, Out from Nowhere. The ten original songs run the gamut from folk rock to country swing and spoken word jazz and feature some of the city’s finest musicians on sax, flute, violin, pedal steel, piano, and guitar. With a heavy emphasis on lyrics and story telling, my musical influences include songwriters such as Bruce Cockburn, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits, and Bob Dylan and my material comes out of my experiences during a nomadic lifestyle.

Music Submission, Jayman Comino

Artist or Band Name: 
Jayman Comino


New Blues & Dance Music Fusion Release

A NEW and exciting form of blues has been brought to life by the hands of the musician & composer Jayman Comino who has fused two very popular genres into a new danceable type of Blues. The new subgenre combines the patterns of Blues music with the Dance Music beat. The result is a catchy style which entices the listener to the dance floor. The first single "Jaunty Affairs" will be released on the 9th of July 2019 and will be available on iTunes and all the major online music download stores.
This first song is completely instrumental. However Jayman is looking into adding vocals to future compositions of the same style. A promotional preview of the music video is available now to watch on youtube and will be followed by the whole version released in a few days before the track's release.
The idea came to life around Xmas 2018 and followed with the production of the tune “Jaunty Affairs” which is the first of a series of tunes composed by Jayman Comino featuring Blues fusion with other genres. An album including the single is being produced at present and is projected to be released in the Autumn.
 Jayman Comino (Stage Name of R P Comino) who has been involved with Blues music from an early age, felt the need to give the popular music a new perspective and has been experimenting with several fusions.
“It's  the first song of the album and I’m releasing it now as a single. It's a danceable instrumental song, a fusion between Blues and Dance music, that was created to celebrate those enjoyable things in life that make us feel happy, confident and alive”.
The album is a mix of Blues fused with other genres and is planned to be released in Autumn 2019.
Jayman Comino is member of PRS and the Ivors Academy .
For Media Enquiries please contact :
Rafael Tel + 44 (0)7538 327 896 –
website :
Free Promotional Copy of the  Audio of Jaunty Affairs exclusively for media  professionals and Dj's
Available to Download Here

Youtube 30 seconds preview.

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Draft Preview Of The Next Album

Music Submission, Rx Fire

Artist or Band Name: 
Rx Fire

We're an Alt/indie Rock band from Gainesville FL made of mostly ecologists at or recently graduated from Uni. Our passion for the natural world often bleeds into our music (such as in Montana Song), though our focus is just on making the best sounds we can play. We recorded our debut EP in between work and classes, and we want to reach a larger audience so we can dedicate more time to doing what we love. Thank you for your consideration!

Music Submission, No Serial Killer

Artist or Band Name: 
No Serial Killer

What does the name ‘No Serial Killer’ signify? 

It refers to the fact that as a 46 year old, I am happy to have not turned into a serial killer. By 2019 standards, I’m doing pretty well. If any of our listeners is a serial killer, you’re not welcome to be one of our fans. We only want ‘no serial killers’ to like ‘No Serial Killer’. Killing people due to one’s own inadequacies we find deeply offensive. Don’t hurt others is the message. 

What does ‘Bass Piano’ mean? 

All of our tracks use piano as the bass guitar in the song. There is no bass guitar in any song. 'Yes I do' has no piano at all though. 


Sigue Sigue Sputnik. Rock and roll of all eras. Any music with a good vibe. We take influences from music, TV, movies, video games, life in general etc. 

Why is the group faceless? 

This is a one-off project so our personalities are irrelevant. I wanted to make a great album and we've achieved that goal. The album is entitled ‘The Greatest Music Album In Recorded Human History’. It’s our way of saying we think the music is quite good. :) 13 tracks, all classics in their own right. How many albums do you know of where there are absolutely no filler tracks? Every song is fantastic! 

When will the album be released? 

May 2019. 

Who are you? 

I am AKM. I wrote all of the songs, played the bass piano on all tracks and offered vocal direction to the singers. I have used a variety of professional singers and session musicians on the album. I’m British. The vocalists and session musicians are American. 

How do I contact you?  

Music Submission, Mark Sanders

Artist or Band Name: 
Mark Sanders

I have uoloaded my Bio, Review and URL to download 2 CD's

Thank you, Mark Sanders

Music Submission, Matias Malagardis

Artist or Band Name: 
Matias Malagardis

"This artist should not be seen as an exciting prospect for the future, but as an accomplished musician in the here and now." - Essentially Pop (United Kingdom)

Madrid-born Matias Malagardis is a 20-year old singer songwriter, who walks in the footsteps of Jack Johnson and Ben Howard, with his mellow, melodic, acoustic-pop songs. In love with the surf culture, his music is highly influenced by the feelings and peace the sea transmits.

He released his first EP 'Winter By The Sea' on October 11th 2018, which was written with the help of Pete Smith (Grammy award winner for the live recording of Sting’s album “The Dream of the Blue Turtles”).

Since his first EP was released, it has received really good critics from independent blogs around Europe:

"A very worked EP, and above all, made with a lot of care. A real pleasure to listen. Endlessly." - Music For Your Heart (France).

He has now become an AWAL artist and will be releasing his next single ‘What You’ve Done’ on April 5th , which was recorded with artists such as Tom Jordan (Eastman Guitars Artist).

Tom Auton

Tom Auton
Tom is a 19 years old up and coming singer-songwriter from Cardiff, UK
Artist or Band Name: 
Tom Auton
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Tom Auton, song titled, Stay
CD Name: 
Stay - single
Song Names: 

Johnnie Johnson

Johnnie Johnson
Executive producer and songwriter Eric Elmore and 100 Years of Music Records releases a new contemporary Blues song titled “Last Night,” featuring Johnnie Johnson
Artist or Band Name: 
Johnnie Johnson
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Johnnie Johnson, song titled, Last Night
CD Name: 
Last Night - single
Song Names: 
Last Night

Music Submission, Jordan Prince

Artist or Band Name: 
Jordan Prince

Jordan Prince is an American Singer-Songwriter from New Orleans, LA climbing up the folk music charts in Germany. Having played for Munich’s Hauskonzerte series (following in the footsteps of artists like Glen Hansard, and Julien Baker), being PULS Radio’s Artist of the Week in June 2016, and having Thees Uhlmann name the Jordan Prince Band EP as Demo of the Year (2016), Prince continues to spread the sound of his addictive body of work.

The Parade EP was released in Dec. 2015, the Jordan Prince Band EP was released in July 2016, and his EP No Manual was released in March 2017. His latest full-length album 12 Songs for 12 Friends was released May 25, 2018. Featuring Avi Buffalo as co-producer and lead guitarist, it is a concept album where every song is written about and dedicated to someone who changed his life.

Powerhouse musicians make an appearance throughout the album such as Luke Goetze and Florian Riedl from Dreiviertelblut, Fany Kammerlander from the band of Konstantin Wecker, Jacob Foord from the bands of Xavier Darcy and BRUCKNER, Nicholas Solnick from the bands of Irvin Mayfield, Steve Masakowski, and Aaron Neville, and Violeta del Rio from Biglemoi.

If you are into The Shins, Wilco, or Sufjan Stevens, the future choice on your playlists will be Jordan Prince.


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