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Rick Denzien

Described as 'rock’n the extreme folk', the song is a rallying cry for over-worked and lorded-over ordinary citizens, over-burdened by the daily worries and stresses
of early 21st century life looming over a collective survival. 'Zero Emission Musician' Rick Denzien’s zeal drives an acoustic guitar and vocal style, like an early protest era anthem, iconic for this moment in history. CMJ charting artist top 200 airplay with Exit 21 CD.
Monique Sherrell Brown

Monique is known for her passion and dedication to music. She has evolved over the last six years from cabaret singer to her new home as a soulful recording artist transcending traditional genre barriers (music knows no color).
The Talk

We are The Talk! A five person rock band based out of Middleboro, Massachusetts. We have been together for a year and a half now and our self-produced debut album just dropped on July 18th, 2018. Hope you guys like it!

Texas country artist heating up the airwaves. He is bringing a new spirit to the music industry. Extremely talented with a focus on the heart and soul of music.
TomSki jest artystycznym pseudonimem Tomasza Stefańskiego, polskiego muzyka - instrumentalisty i kompozytora.
Rozpoczął swoją przygodę z muzyką, ucząc się grać na akordeonie w szkolnej muzyce. Potem jego pasja staje się gitarą i jako nastolatek zakłada swój pierwszy zespół. Zespół gra własną muzykę rockową, której jest kompozytorem i autorem piosenek.