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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 24 February 2020
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IGI MAN (Iggy Man)
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Igor Stanoeski  -  IGI MAN is a multimedia author, musician, composer-arranger, text writer, Academic sculptor, and producer. He actively deals with musical performances and music recordings for 15 years. The overall work of his style and genre encompasses the directions of rock, blues, jazz and pop music in the interpretation of author-instrumental compositions and vocal-instrumental compositions, as well as authentic processing of standards by world-renowned authors. Behind him, he has a significant number of club and concert appearances within, as well as outside the R. Macedonia. In the media, the Macedonian scene appears for the first time as the endorsé guitarist of the music brand for instruments Yamaha at the age of 16, 2003. In 2006 he opens the Blues and Soul meeting in Skopje, after which he regularly performs on the club in the following years until today continues. In 2010, he opens the Blues and Soul Festival in Skopje with an independent performance and as guest with Gregg Wright (the famous guitarist of the thriller tour of Michael Jackson); Later this year, he will receive a recommendation from the owner of Alligator Records - Bruce Ilgauer from Chicago to interpret the song Red House by Jimi Hendrix (from the DVD). Version "Modern Vintage"), which compares him with the outstanding leading American guitarist of his generation. In 2011 he appears as a guest of Shakura Saida Blues Bend along with Donna Grantis (guitar) part of the last band cast (Third Eye Girl) of the world-famous Prince. In 2013, he ends in a competition of over 2600 artists in the international competition Playcrossroads (organized by the corporate network of Ernie Ball and Eric Clapton) in the vote of the audience and the jury commission in the selection of the first 10 artists or wins the 7 th. place. He has recorded about 50 (10 authors, as well as authentic standard covers) songs, most of which have been released on his Youtube channel, as well as two DVD live versions, one of which was recorded in 2009 and printed one year later The title "Modern Vintage", the second as part of the editions of the Directorate of Culture degree Skopje as part of the Blues and Soul Festival in Skopje. He appears as a guest and collaborator of domestic interpreters and authors.