Music Submission, Luca Algaba Band

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Luca Algaba Band

Hi there, 

we are the Luca Algaba Band, a newcomer Band from Aalen, Germany and we just released our first single “My love” from our upcoming debut album. Our music is 100% handmade and can be classified somewhere between Rock, Pop and Country. Who we are? We are four musicians between 22 and 25 - Piano, Drums, Bass and Vocals/Guitar - and we want to share our passion for music with all of you.

Give it a try!

If you have enjoyed listening to our music we would be very happy to get a slot in your playlist. That would be awesome! If you have any further questions or just want to get a little bit more information about us and our music, feel free to contact us via mail: 

Attached to this mail there is a mp3 of our song “My love”. 

You also find us on Facebook: Luca Algaba Band


Luca Algaba Band