Music Submission, BRIGHT EYED KIDS

Bright Eyed Kids
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Bright Eyed Kids,  is a power trio based in LA. Their heavy Synth bass and Fat Drums are balanced by Folk shoe-gazing guitar melodies and vocals. The band members are Jonathan Marquez, Alex Ross Bajos Miller, and Argel Cota.  

Music Style:  Alternative Melodic Rock Pop.

Music Submission, Ben Osborn

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Ben Osborn
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Ben Osborn is a British singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist based between Berlin, Germany and Bristol, UK. Fast Awake is Ben’s debut single and it is due for release on 23rd November 2018 via Nonostar Records, the label founded by German experimental violinist and producer Alex Stolze. Fast Awake is a taster for Ben’s debut album, Letters From The Border, due for release via Nonostar in Spring 2019. Letters From The Border was produced and composed by Ben and Alex during a residency at Alex’s studio complex on the German/Polish border in Summer 2018. 
Fast Awake has been informed by the music of the many cities where Ben has lived over the years. This includes an echo of the elegiac beauty of Thom Yorke’s solo work which references Ben’s childhood in Oxford; a dubby trip-hop ambience familiar to fans of the Bristol scene, where Ben has composed for the award-winning Fellswoop Theatre Company with French director Bertrand Lesca (Cheek by Jowl, Peter Brooke) since 2010; and a driving kick drum which evokes the classic techno synonymous with Berlin, where Ben is now partly based. Fast Awake is a sophisticatedly woven mix of prepared piano, stuttering percussion and processed strings which blend seamlessly to create a unique and beguiling sound world. 
The lyrics of Fast Awake articulate Ben’s feeling of living in a world that is ever shifting, often in an overwhelmingly rapid manner, “Everything’s changing so why can’t you change? Everything’s strange here and you are a stranger”. Fast Awake juxtaposes its themes of disorientation and anxiety with musical material built of complex, shifting harmonies, polyrhythmic beats and Alex Stolze’s shimmering, haunting violin melodies. 
Ben Osborn is the latest artist to join the Nonostar roster, which has also seen the release of Alex Stolze’s acclaimed solo albums Mankind Animal and Outermost Edge as well as Solo Collective Part One, the highly praised debut release from the modern classical trio of Alex Stolze with cellist Anne Müller and pianist/producer Sebastian Reynolds. Other Nonostar releases include the Mahajanaka EP by Sebastian Reynolds and the Aracus EP by German producer Qrauer. 
Ben's soundtracks and sound designs have won the Cameron Mackintosh Award, the Methuen Drama Emerging Artists Award, the Peter Brooke Empty Space Award and a Manchester Theatre Award.  His critically acclaimed libretti have been performed at London’s National Portrait Gallery, the Bristol Proms, BBC Radio 3’s live concert series and the RCM Britten theatre among other prestigious venues. He is a co-founder of and teacher at the Berlin Open Music Lab, a free school for refugee musicians.

Music Submission, Us As Fighters

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Us As Fighters
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Hey BBS Radio!

My name is Riddle. I'm the lead singer from a band called Us As Fighters. We have a few new songs I'm linking with this message I'd love for you to check out! If you like either of them I'd love to hear them air on your station!

As for why I believe you should play this song, there's a multitude of reasons.

Firstly, my band put hours into making sure this song came out top quality.

Secondly and most importantly, our music has a message. While we do play music for the love of music, we also play music to help our listeners realize that they're not alone. Whatever the listener may be going through, there is someone out there who has been through it and can be your support if only you reach out. You are not alone and you are stronger than you realize as long as you believe in yourself.

Our music is for the loners. For the down-and-outers. For the ones who didn't believe they had it in them. Because they do. You do. You have it in you. If you believe in yourself and that is what these songs represent. So why should you play these songs? To let others know that if we, in Us As Fighters, can make it, you can too. Just have faith

Please share our message.

Excited to hear back! Please let me know when you plan to air them so I can have my followers tune in!

Thanks in advance,
Riddle Anne

Music Submission, Ugochill

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Dear Friends.

Ugochill is music project by Serbian/Dutch veteran of Indie Music, Alex Rado.

Alex functions as an standalone independent artist, producer and promoter, but his works also include collaborations with various friends and artists from around the world.

Track, Off Grid is Ugochill latest single release, digitally available worldwide.

Sebastian Zawadzki

Sebastian Zawadzki
Sebastian Zawadzki is a Danish composer, pianist, conductor, collaborator and producer inspired equally by classical, electronic and jazz music, Zawadzki's sonic world blends a formal classical training with modern technology
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Sebastian Zawadzki
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Sebastian Zawadzki, CD titled, Norn
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Music CD, Peace In My Heart - single, Marcome

CD Information
Marcome, song titled, Peace In My Heart
CD Name: 
Peace In My Heart - single
Song Names: 
Peace In My Heart

Music Submission, Peachy Mae

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Peachy Mae

Peachy Mae is a collection of sweet and creepy sounds out of Murray Ky.

Music Submission, The Maybes

Alternative, Indie
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The Maybes
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We are The Maybes from Glasgow, Scotland. Who formed in 2010 as a duo with guitar and vocals playing various gigs and open mic nights locally and have released a number of home recorded song demos on BFW recordings.

We have also featured on various compilation albums.

As well as getting airplay on UK and USA local and internet radio. 

Our EP Contra Todos was released in 2015.

Temporary World a Compilation CD by Fast Factory Records NYC features What You Can Remember was released on 5th April 2016.
Our new EP Meet the Eloi will be released the first week in June with Michelle Wray -vocals, Gordon McMahon - bass guitar, Alexander Velinov -guitars, DP Johnson -Drums, geonoisefloor -guitar,keys, vocals. 


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