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Mia Muze
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Mia Muze is a global Artist/ Producer based between Australia and the US. 

Mia Muze is Tokyo born, having Japanese and Venezuelan Heritage.

On Jan 14, her birthday - she released her 13th publication in the form of an album called Parallel Life. Published by Maquis Musick, her Indie Label for Unique Global Publishing. Last year Mia Muze’s songs were on rotation via Japan’s SBS and Tohoku FM and Radio Ishinomaki providing songs in dedication to the anniversary of the devastation of the 2011 Tsunami that destroyed her Mother’s hometown. At the same time rotation on BBS Radio, with high standing achievements in Indie Charts Nationally and Globally. 

Mia Muze as 'The Versatile Vocalist' has a plethora of tasty tales, in various genres. She is an affiliate member of Mad Hatter Music Org, a profit who endeavours to assist mental health through music. Mia Muze has performed to support Homeless Connect Brisbane, and has a diverse international audience who love her musical art.


Please copy and paste this link to a folder of wav files in intended order of the album


Please find the link above to reveal the full folder of wavs - exclusive pre release


Track Listing

1. Parallel Life

2. Shed Some Light

3. Round and Round (and)

4. Leaving My New Home

5. Life's Intermission featuring Buu E.Radley

6. Fight Me

7. Breakdown

8. See Me

9. The Lovebirds Love Song

10. My Inner Digital

On the album: It is almost entirely in C minor, uses pop to Segway directly in and out of various types of Rock. A real post rock drama for adults beyond the pandemic push of population. Something that can make a piece of everyone from every nation, sway. Something that feels sweet and sour, in a true amalgamation. Not the intentional framing of an audioscape. This album has grit and raw western charm, whilst still making sure that the audience hears the misplaced musician’s pop lyrical throughout this almost aromatic story in song. 

Mia Muze© The Versatile Vocalist