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Graham Whorley
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Master musician Graham Whorley is originally from Lynchburg, Virginia, but after nearly 30 years of living in Charleston and playing his way through the ever-changing club circuit here, the man is now something of a Lowcountry legend. In fact, Whorley told the City Paper that prior to the pandemic, he averaged more than 300 area shows a year.

Not surprisingly, his relentless reimagining of music has been a way of life and a source of livelihood for Whorley for as long as he can remember. “I’ve never been one to pigeonhole my music,” he said. “If I had to answer for my genre, I would say the music is eclectic. It’s all over the place.”

Expanding upon early influences such as Muddy Waters, Public Enemy and Frank Zappa, Whorley assembled his own distinctive amalgamation of sound and a can-do attitude, which was hard to overlook, even when he was still quite young.

As he got older Whorley gained a strong fan base because of his intimate and engaging concerts. These plaintive stripped-down performances have typically complemented Whorley’s use of innovative looping technologies that somehow manage to feel organic.