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Music Submission, Jonathan

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I am an experienced Math Olympiad Coach and Teacher. However, I have written a few  songs locally in Malaysia   in the English Language. The Genre is PopRock or Rock. So, I am looking into venture into the Music Industry as it is my passion. I sing, compose the music & lyrics and play the acoustic guitar, electric guitar and also the bass guitar as well.

Music Submission, McCuin

Artist or Band Name: 
God and the Devil, Sin and Salvation, Temptation and Virtue. The banks of the rivers in Arkansas are awash with tales of good and evil, of making the choices that lead to the paths of darkness and light.  That tradition lives on in Mccuin.  The Mccuin sound brings forth images of the region, as a swampy undercurrent permeates their music.  Like a bastard child born at night on some dark stretch of two lane Arkansas highway, the result of some deal between good and bad.

A jackhammer rhythm section by Angie Crow (drums) and Jay White (bass) and and torrents of thick guitar riffs by Chris Moran and Dale Qualls establish a formidable backdrop for the vocals of Greg Mccuin, and the harmony vocals are capable of summoning both heaven and hell.  Mccuin’s lyrics are not afraid to deal with spiritual issues.  They are unafraid to face the demons, question sin and temptation, and deal with the darker side of life.  Greg’s emotional vocals perfectly compliment the musical fury and pounding, hard edge grooves that place McCuin at the forefront of hard rock’s new school. 

"From Burning Bridges to Moments of Clarity, battling blame with personal Monsters that lead to a Statue of redemption, relationships that cause us to Bleed, you can bet your ass that even down to our Last Breath... we won't be Forgetting You!," says singer Greg McCuin.

Music Submission, Between The Sun

Artist or Band Name: 
Between The Sun

Between the Sun is a Los Angeles based rock duo comprised of Bassist/Songwriter Brad Wetmore (Starch Monkey) and Vocalist/Songwriter Chris Johnson (Starch Monkey).  The band formed 2018 after the dissolution of LA rock band Starch Monkey and began penning 12 new songs for a concept album with Wetmore writing the music and Johnson writing the vocals and lyrics.  With the impending release of their debut album in late 2019, Between the Sun looks to make their mark with bass driven riffs and a forward facing vision.  They want their music to be thoughtful and focused while not being constrained by subjective borders of a specific genre.  Wetmore and Johnson acknowledge that the music industry is often chaotic and unpredictable, but they want to make sure that their sights are set squarely on what matters, the music.

Music Submission, Jesse Brennan

Artist or Band Name: 
Jesse Brennan

Central Michigan Rocker. Singer-Songwriter. One Man Band Recording Artist. Available Wherever You Listen To Music.

Kevin Tiah

Kevin Tiah
Multi-genre solo artist from Sydney, Australia that combines genres into powerful, unique blends of music
Artist or Band Name: 
Kevin Tiah
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Kevin Tian, song titled, lnto Our Peace ft. Jamie Mac
CD Name: 
lnto Our Peace ft. Jamie Mac - single
Song Names: 
lnto Our Peace ft. Jamie Mac

Music Submission, The Rick Ray Band

Artist or Band Name: 
The Rick Ray Band

The Rick Ray Band: Kip Volans - Drums, Rick "Sarge" Schultz - Reeds, Dave "Shaggy" Snodgrass - Bass and vocals, Rick Rayt - Guitar and vocals. More info at www.rickray.net

Music Submission, The Evileye Effect

Artist or Band Name: 
The Evileye Effect

The Evileye Effect

Album: Sirens

Song: Infinitum

Release Date: 7-13-19

Music Submission, The Filthy Lowdown

Artist or Band Name: 
The Filthy Lowdown

Music Submission, Bish Bash

Artist or Band Name: 
Bish Bash
We are Bish Bash, a fun oriented indie pop-rock trio, based in Tel Aviv. The band sings in English with a heavy-but-proud Hebrew Accent.

The trio was emerged in early 2018 from the ruins of a former band, in which the all of us three were members.  

After few months of working on new materials in an underground bomb shelter, the band released a self-titled, self-produced EP.  Bish Bash are now Preforming all across Israel, setting their gaze abroad.

Bish Bash are: Almog Ben Harush (drums),  Merav Tzour (Bass) and Ronen Braten (Guitar)

all of our EP songs are available for you to download HERE

and here is a link to our 3 Live Session Videos that we've released last week.


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