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Abby K, AP Tobler and Victory Vizhanska

This song is performed by three separate musicians collaborating - Abby K, AP Tobler and Victory Vizhanska. These girls live far away from each other but they are united by music.
Victory Vizhanska

=== About Victory Vizhanska

Victory Vizhanska lives in Ukraine. Music and stage are her real love and life. She has been singing from early childhood. Victory's voice range is 4 octaves. Constantly studies vocals and acting. Likes to play ukulele. Also, Victory is an actress (roles in 5 theater performances and 6 ads and movies) and model (25+ photo sessions).

Four piece alternative rock/indie band called "ZinEgo" from Newbridge, Co. Kildare, IRELAND

Debut Album due for release - The End of the Beginning
Vini Vicious


We are Vini Vicious, a Tragic Pop\Angular Rock band from TLV.
Just finished working on our new master, and we would love it if you had a listen, tell us what you thought and god knows, maybe even play it a couple or two hundred times.

Metalink to all platforms:
We are a 4 piece band out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our sound is primarily grunge/alternative rock, with a few other twists in the mix. The writing/lyricism is usually focused on the many hardships we face as humans, while overcoming it with extreme adversity and enthusiasm.
Ricardo Margadona & Rebecca Riss

In just a short amount of time, Ricardo Margadona & Rebecca Riss have already made a big splash into the Indie Rock Music scene. Both have had similar and strong musical influences since childhood with many different genres playing important roles. The music Ricardo & Rebecca create would be hard to classify in one genre due to this. Rock, Progressive Rock and Adult Contemporary are genres that can easily come to mind when listening to their music.