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Victory Vizhanska
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=== About Victory Vizhanska

Victory Vizhanska lives in Ukraine. Music and stage are her real love and life. She has been singing from early childhood. Victory's voice range is 4 octaves. Constantly studies vocals and acting. Likes to play ukulele. Also, Victory is an actress (roles in 5 theater performances and 6 ads and movies) and model (25+ photo sessions).

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=== A Bit More About the Song

The Rain
 - Artist: Victory Vizhanska
 - Music: Alex Boyprav
 - Lyrics: Serge Bo, Olha Vizhanska
 - Drums: Carl Holz
 - Genre: Hard Rock
 - Release: November 14, 2019
 - Art cover: Based on the painting by Valeriia,, the Netherlands
 - MP3: Please find it in the attachment to the email
 - YouTube video and detailed description:

 The authors of this song have an age difference so large that the younger ones could be grandchildren for the older ones. What unites these people? And what is their song about?
 Victory Vizhanska: "Love will melt everything, with love even rain is like the sun!"
 Serge Bo: "There are enough people out there whose words sound like nasty cold rain: only lie, hypocrisy and self-PR. But fortunately, there are other people too. Sometimes they do not have big money but they have a big soul. No matter where they live - next door or in a distant country - often just their sincere support is that ray of sunshine that helps dispel the clouds of problems."

=== The Rain
It's raining again and again.
Through the wall of drops
I can't see the sky.
When will the sun be up?
And all these clouds will melt.
I need to feel your love.

The noise is around again and again.
Through the wall of words
I can't see the truth.
When will the sun be up?
And all these clouds will melt.
I need so much
To feel your love.
# # #