Music Submission, Cameron John and the Rosebuds

Running Out
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Cameron John and the Rosebuds

This band is a musical project by Cameron LeBlanc, a Boston born independent music creator/producer, who has been in a few different music groups, but decided to make a group only consisting of himself. The now San Diego based artist creates a blend of new and old with his debut single "Running Out" and has more content on the way.

Music Submission, quami.xyz

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About Song: 2020 has been a turbulent year for the world in more ways than one. As civil unrest, police brutality, and disease plagued the globe, quami.xyz quietly toiled away on his upcoming No One Asked EP, watching and internalizing the turmoil from afar. quami.xyz unpacks society's unjust state with his third EP single, “i know the sound,” out on March 4th. "i know the sound" was co-produced by quami.xyz & dru.xyz and mixed by Grammy-nominated engineer Jay Kurzweil.

Artist Bio: quami.xyz is a multifaceted singer-songwriter-producer-visual artist from Ontario. quami’s works often dare to colour outside of the lines of musical conventions drawing acclaim throughout. Self-taught and defined by his own truths, quami.xyz takes inspiration from relationships, scenes and genres far & near to meld disparate worlds into his own intimate sonic collage. 

Late last year, quami was invited to participate in the Keep Cool Records + Adidas Creators Camp alongside artists like Smino, Charlotte Day Wilson, Babyface and more... Since then, quami and close collaborator, dru.xyz, have been working with the likes of Bregma (Umi, Logic), Naz (Superduperkyle), Lecx Stacy (Jean Dawson, Riz La Vie, Deb Never) and many others.
In 2018, quami’s debut project Et Cetera showcased his natural affinity for crafting grandiose melodies interwoven with a tight stream of conscious narrative. The project was met with acclaim from prominent music publications such as Earmilk, Lyrical Lemonade, Pilerats, Complex, Elevator, as well as landing placements and recognition on coveted playlists such as Spotify’s Low Key, Apple Music’s Day One and Inspired By, Colors’ Weekly, Future Classic’s Recommends, and more. 

It’s 2021, and quami.xyz is ready to set the bar for alternative R&B even higher with his upcoming EP, NO ONE ASKED.

Music Submission, jaxon martinez

Artist or Band Name: 
jaxon martinez

20 year old artist making independent music from ogden, utah. "garage demo sessions" is my first project & was made at home with various friends over the course of a couple months & was released at the end of december, 2020. 


Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
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More than music, Bantunani offers his own afrofunk style based on heavy bass, Funky guitars and wise lyrics that describe our deep feelings and the world state

Music CD, Which Side Are You On - single, Bantunani

CD Information
Bantunani, song titled, Which Side Are You On
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Which Side Are You On - single
Song Names: 
Which Side Are You On
CD Information
Bantunani, CD entitled, Acoustic Fear
CD Name: 
Acoustic Fear
Song Names: 

Music Submission, Kuzman

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Hi there, 

       I am happy to announce my first solo album titled "Collective Zero". I've had the chance and time to make this record and create some 'noise' during the lockdown phases. But mainly, due to the Covid-19 situation the world is in, I could not finalize The Protagonist's third album "Act!" with my bandmate in Berlin... which we will once things begin to 'normalize'! 

       We have released two albums with The Protagonist, active collaborations with Gareth Jones, Simon Heyworth, many reviews in media such as Bloomberg News, Yahoo News, Business Insider, etc.   

       I would be thrilled if my songs would be on your Radio playlist.

You can stream the album in its entirety at the streaming link below.


Download link: 






Music Submission, Pepe and the Bandits

Artist or Band Name: 
Pepe and the Bandits

Pepe is a singer/songwriter from the UK. https://cooltop20.com/2020/12/25/in-the-spotlight-pepe-and-the-bandits/

After helping a friend move he found a very beat up and old guitar in a skip with no strings on, he claimed this magical guitar, restored it, restrung it, got some lessons and the rest is history.Pepe also plays Piano, he looked for many years in lots of different skips but to no avail, so he had to buy one.Influenced by catchy songs that are easy on the ear, with good strong lyrics. 

Much Love 


Music Submission, Korekiyo

Artist or Band Name: 

I'm a Japanese producer called Korekiyo. Hope you like my music!

Music Submission, Jakob Drummond

Jakob Drummond - Beating A Dead Horse (Single)
Artist or Band Name: 
Jakob Drummond

“Beating a Dead Horse” (BADH) is the newest genre-defying single from Alternative-Country musician, Jakob Drummond. 

Locked and loaded with Western imagery, Jakob tells the tragic story of outlaw “Addison West” as he roams the Great Plains with his band of thieves. 

BADH is a fast, pounding, experimental rock track featuring a unique line-up of instruments including high speed, slapped upright bass, pounding, gritty drums reminiscent of psychedelic garage rock and distorted, ethereal guitars that embody the depth of 90’s Post punk. 

The punchy verses of BADH are delivered quickly in a unique rhythmic formula that nods to classic hip-hop and is followed by a dream-like, atmospheric chorus that yields an intensely catchy melody that builds with each repeat. 

First Verse: 0:38

First Chorus: 0:58

Stream “BADH” on Spotify:


Stream “BADH” on Apple Music: 


Stream “BADH” on Youtube:


-Jakob Drummond on social Media-















Official website:


About the artist: 

 “Jakob “Poukepse” Drummond is an Alternative Singer-Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Producer known for his experimental and non-genre-restrictive approach to songwriting. After years of writer’s-block from “staying inside the lines”, he felt the call to make something new – something not restricted by the restraint of a single genre. By creating fusion’s of Country, Soul, Punk, and more, Jakob Drummond has created a sound that is truly his own.

Music Submission, Melon Season

Artist or Band Name: 
Melon Season

Melon Season is mostly just my own personal recording project, based around Urbana and Chicago, IL. The project started around 2015, and it has been loosely ongoing ever since. The DIY and lofi ideals/recording methods of the Velvet Underground, Daniel Johnston, CAN, and Duster are very inspirational. The music of early Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, Pavement – and even music from the Zelda series – are very influential on the style. I am constantly writing, so I record all the songs on my own in order to make room in my head for the next ones; before I forget anything specific, really. Every once in a while I get a pretty good take of something, so I organize those into albums that I suppose make up a similar feel. The songs become like puzzle pieces. This is just a passion and hobby that I have to pursue no matter what. I usually collaborate with my brother, drummer, James.

A few tracks I would like to highlight are: Oceans, Glow (Kangaroo Court), Baggage, Descendee (Down), and Pangean. Of course, feel free to listen to any of the others if you happen to enjoy any of these.

Music Submission, Sudhanva Sankirtanam

Artist or Band Name: 
Sudhanva Sankirtanam

I am Rama Rao Bijibilla is the Publisher for Sudhanva Sankirtanam (Devotional and Spiritual) Album written by my spouse Lakshmi Valli Devi Bijibilla. She is a Lyric Writeer and writen for Sudhanva Sankirtanam. We have got it composed by the Music Director Kanakesh Rathod at 'S; rec.in Hyderabad : Telangana State : India in 2014. At present, recently 25 songs Album/EP got it composed by Music Director Sri V. Sadasiva Sarma. He is the Music Composer and recorded at Nadalaya Digital Recording Studio : Rashtrapathi Road : Secunderabad : Telangana State : India : Presented by Bijibilla Foundation.


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