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This song is about my wild nights and the feeling about how safe and lucky I felt to be alive after totally losing control. It's dedicated to who didn't have the same fate. It's an experimental ballad with intriguing vodoo flavours. The energy is repressed and follows an anxious beat of thousands of percussions. Follow the stream of the beat dancing. Try the experimental vibes as a cure. Feel the unusual rocky mood of a hidden dance floor in Prague. Dance like a night Queen or hunt the vampires.

Hausers is Chris, Agos, and Mao: a band who met on the internet and found a connection spirit in one another. The Italian-based trio credits their name on what was their life as musicians when they first met in 2016. Lone musicians in their tiny houses. On the contrary, when they were very young, they had tours on the road with their old bands. It was the alternative music golden age and they were too young to live the end of all of that. After that end, they tried and tried to rebuild the spirit of that era. It never came back.

After that, they tried to stay far from the music business but once you realized that you can't stay far from something inside you, they all started to compose music as lone wolves. And when you're a wolf you can smell your fellow men far away, and it's the empathy that brings you to be supportive with each other, which is exactly what happened with the Hausers guys. So here they are. New music and again on the road. Who will join the pack?

Hausers is known for its underground and lo-fi approach. Do the music if you really feel what you are singing. This is mainly the message of the band. The Hausers like rock, grunge, pop- electro, dark, and Americana. Their sound is a mix of these genres with some deviation when the inspiration calls.