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About the song “Seeing Big Sur”.

The track “Seeing Big Sur” was written and recorded after LeBuc visited California in 2022. A trip that was postponed 3 times due to Covid19. During the stay in California LeBuc took the famous Pacific Coast Highway from LA to SF and the beautiful sights was what inspired him to create a string of singles inspired by the amazing and beautiful nature along the coastline. The track has that relaxed “I would like to listen to this while driving” feeling to it and is at the same time a tribute to California.

About the artist LeBuc

LeBuc got into the lounge/chill out genre when he visited Amsterdam in 1999 and for the first time heard the legendary Café Del Mar compilations at a local café. The inspiration led to composing chill out music and LeBuc eventually released his debut album, Mandala Moods, in 2008.

He then took an 8-year recording break until the autumn of 2016 where he released the single Chile. LeBuc released in 2019 the album "Around the World" inspired by the vibe and sound from countries all around the world.

In 2020 he released old hidden and remastered tracks from the vault based around historical recordings from significant speeches or events.

LeBuc is currently working on new music and has already released his first EP in 2022 (Sweet Dreams). He has a string of singles lined up for you all to hear the rest of the year inspired by his recent trip to California.

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