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Little Incursions

Little Incursions is a musical duo formed in Australia by singer-guitarist Peggy van Zalm and bass player, producer Mark Jago. Their cinematic, trip hop debut release “HOME” was spawned by the phrase from our parents when we asked if we could go adventuring - “Be home before dark.”

Little Incursions single and accompanying video invites you to travel into a dynamic aural and visual world that seems mysterious and dark yet maintains a surprising optimism and innocence. It can draw you in if you let it, so just let it. Once you are fully immersed in this rich and atmospheric musical dimension, you’ll be “HOME”.  Both Peggy and Mark began their creative enquiries at Art Schools on opposite sides of the continent. Not long after finishing the track, Mark was inspired to shoot a video in his spiritual homeland assisted by his nephew, a talented award winning cinematographer, Jonathon Le Grice.

As a film director Mark has won multiple awards including 3 Golden Guitars for Music Video of the Year.


“Great vocalist and very well produced.   For me it’s reminiscent of some of the fab, feel-good albums that I loved during the 80’s/90’s like Buddah Bar and Café del Mer with a bit of Massive Attack thrown in.”  Michael Browning, former manager ACDC, INXS

“Acute lyrics and a Chrissie Hynde meets Joni Mitchell voice.” Toby Creswell, Rolling Stone.

“A rich, sensuous voice and a sense of almost jazzy playfulness around a melody line.” Shane Danielson, Sydney Morning Herald.

Peggy may be best known as the former lead singer and main songwriter of Martha’s Vineyard, the band she co-founded in Perth.  They played on tours with the likes of The Saints, The Triffids, Paul Kelly, INXS, Eurythmics, Simply Red and more.