Music Submission, Lovescandal

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Lovescandal winners of 'The MP3 Music Awards'  - 'Heard by Millions Achievement' in store- Twice No1 at Ourstage / MTV Networks  - Official Selection at Lift Off Sessions / Pinewood Film Studios.

Formed by Kate Sansi (Guitars) Published with 'Bucks Music Group' appeared as guest at Rolling Stones video 'Like a Rolling Stone' collaborated with Top 10 Artists and Bands, performed at 'Royal Albert Hall' at Proms with 'BBC Family Orchestra' and Alexandra Legouix (Singer/ Presenter at Eurosport, ITV) winner of 'BBC Introducing' . 
Lovescandal later on teamed up with Burak Atas on Bass Guitar and also a Mastering Engineer ( 'Disney'  USA - 'Maven Mastering Studios') when with his impeccable technique and sound not only created an ultra catchy bass line but he produced and mastered 'Funk Your Love ' Album. 
The band performed at O2 , Excel Olympics Countdown , O2 Islington Academy, PPLS Day Festival.  
They worked with numerous legendary Producers like Darren Allison ( Church Studios- Mick Jagger - The Divine Comedy -Belle & Sebastian ), Kevin Reeves (Universal  -'Grammy' Award Nominee ), Pete Maher ( U2- Kati Perry - The Killers - Liam Gallagher). 
At  Lovescandal's single ' Funk your Love '
feat Harry Peirson (Disney HD-Guitarist with Rihanna). 
Recorded at 'Alchemea' with Pedro Ribeiro, Damian Sangally and Special Guest Darren Allison.

Music Submission, Sketch Club

Artist or Band Name: 
Sketch Club


Originally hailing from Dublin, Phillip Island and Brisbane, Sketch Club formed in Melbourne in 2009 via a classified ad left on an online forum for music nerds.

The band quickly settled on a song writing method that works best for the indie-rock outfit - 3 gentlemen making noise in a red velvet room until something good happens. And good would be some cinematic pop with a dark edge & a little swagger.

With songs from their 2017 EP “Primal Calls & Graceless Falls” finding their way on to radio rotation and Spotify’s New Music Friday (NL) playlist, the 3-piece continued to write, play and chin rub their way towards a new body of work.

This inspired time has resulted in the band’s debut LP “Departure Lounge Transmissions, coming soon in 2020!

Music Submission, Lunar Reverb

Artist or Band Name: 
Lunar Reverb

Lunar Reverb released an EP called Younger Days. All of the tracks are radio ready and include metadata. We are looking to get some airplay, features, gigs, or reviews wherever possible. Below I have included my band information, links to our social media, press, and links to our music below. I hope you dig it. Either way thanks for the time and consideration! Band Name: Lunar Reverb About Band: Lunar Reverb is a group of music loving people trying to create a modern fusion of classic rock, punk, blues, pop and groove. They are an indie alternative rock band from Arlington, TX looking to spread music and good vibes. The band includes Lizzy Casarez the lead singer, Joshua Hanson on guitar/vocals/aux instruments, Zack Bryant on bass, and Bryson Allsup on drums. Lunar Reverb draws inspiration from Led Zeppelin, Sublime, Jack White, The Black Keys, female musicians from the classic rock era-today, and blues to create a more modern raw classic rock sound for their debut Younger Days EP. They have hit the scene running with shows throughout the DFW area including The Old Cocktail Lounge, Dr Jeckyll's Beer Lab, Reno's Chop Shop, and The Ridglea. Lunar Reverb has been featured in podcasts, Voyage Dallas Hidden Gems, and Divide And Conquer Music. Younger Days Description: We went for a more raw rock sound for our EP. Our sound pulls from artists such as Led Zeppelin, The White Stripes, and Texas blues. The vibe of the album pulls from the struggles everyone goes through when they feel alone in their 20 something Younger Days. Einstein was written after Josh was going through the motions from job to job with the goal of playing music and feeling stuck in his ways. Purple Pistol of Love was originally a song Josh's dad wrote in his band. Josh rewrote the piece lyrically to coincide with his story of love. What Can You Do and 2020 both touch on the anxiety of a young adult in today's world. 2020 was a live jam Lizzy wrote lyrics to on the spot from a riff Josh was playing around with. We hope to get another studio recording of this track. Cautionary Tale was also lyrically written by Lizzy and Josh from a riff he was playing around with. Lizzy had a friend who was going through a sort of abusive relationship and pulled from that energy. Zack wrote Take Your Time all on his own. I feel like musically it compliments the meaning of What Can You Do. When the rain comes you need to weather it. In time the sun will shine again. Location: Arlington, TX Contact Info: Joshua Hanson Lunar.reverb.2019@gmail.com

Music Submission, Multiversal

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My name is Blaž Švagan and I am a saxophone player from Slovenia, releasing a debut single of the project Multiversal featuring the Grammy nomination recipient, the New York based vocalist Jonathan Hoard (Jose James, Chance the Rapper, Meshell Ndegeocello, Marko Črnčec, etc.). The single is already this weeks no.1 in Slovenia on radio Val 202.

The song is entitled Back to You and talks about the constant search for oneself and returning to bad habits, toxic people, ultimately drugs. It is a response to today's distorted reality, and its acceptance, which is necessary to escape the loneliness of today's society and the world around us.

The name of the project derives from the theory of multiple universes, which is also expressed in it's music. It does not submit to the classification of musical styles, but leaves itself to the free flow of musical ideas and information. 

Music Submission, Cypress

Artist or Band Name: 

Cypress is the indie folk, singer-songwriter project of Ben Higginbotham. Born in Dallas but based in LA, Ben was inspired by his childhood spent glued to the piano and listening to the crooning voices of Texas singer-songwriter legends like Ruthie Foster and Lyle Lovett to pursue his passion for music early on. 

Shortly after graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2017, Ben created Cypress — a soulful, emotional solo project reflective of his personal and professional growth. Evoking artists like Ray LaMontagne, Ben Howard, and Hozier, Cypress’ indie folk/folk rock sound is rich and textured yet melodic and straightforward — often weaving lyric-driven stories of relationships, family and coming-of-age with a reflective and nostalgic tone. With crisp, powerful lyrics and relatable, universal themes underlying each song, Cypress’ music shines in its smooth approachability and ease of listening.

Released in November 2018, Cypress’ first EP A Fine Line was recorded and produced in Austin, TX by longtime collaborator Taylor Tatsch. Cypress’ most recent single “Take Me Back” was produced by Floyd Fuji and released in August 2020.

Music Submission, Ana Clara Hayley

Artist or Band Name: 
Ana Clara Hayley

Ana Clara Hayley is a Melbourne, Australia born singer-songwriter currently based in Brazil. Her artistic career began at age 8 dancing jazz and ballet and singing in national competitions. At 19, she moved to London and was signed to Vauxhall Music. By 2009 she had relocated to Brazil, utterly enchanted by the country. After founding the band Line for Lions and enjoying success, Ana Clara is currently pursuing a solo career. Armed with a catalogue of over 150 original songs where influences by artists including Prince, Janet Jackson, Etta James and Johnny Diesel can be heard. Ana Clara released her first single, Brixton,  in July 2020 and is currently working on her first album out late 2020.

Music Submission, Sam Woolf

Artist or Band Name: 
Sam Woolf

Sam Woolf

Sam Woolf is a singer-songwriter known for his original compositions and pitch perfect vocals. Sam has been hailed as a "natural singer whose soul and passion are undeniable in every note he sings." With the support of his strong network of fans, dubbed the "Woolfpack," Sam's live performances and recordings have garnered millions of views and streams on social media.

Sam gained national recognition as a finalist on American Idol’s 13th Season where he placed in the Top 5. In 2014, Sam independently released his first EP Pretend, produced by Grammy Award winner Danny Blume. Pretend debuted at #9 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. He has since released more singles, including "Stop Thinking About It," and "Fast 'n' Dirty," which he co-wrote with Stephen Puth. Additionally, he recorded five original songs in 2017, including "On It" with the Como Brothers and Grammy Award-nominated engineer Kenta Yonesaka at Germano Studios in New York City. "On It" debuted at the Music Lodge at the Sundance Film Festival. 

"Ease My Mind"

"In times like these, it's not so easy to see the bright side." Sam describes his upcoming release, "Ease My Mind," as "a hopeful love song about feeling lost, yet knowing whatever it is you're going through, it will all play out how it's supposed to."  

Music Submission, Specialists

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Please view all assets via google drive at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IUaOqBC8t9DkxCP_0JSt11ULd2miBGKC?usp=sha...

Lush and well crafted rock with groove, Specialists music puts you in an atmosphere somewhere between funk & psychedelics.  Initially, creating this set of songs was challenging for the duo as they were written & recorded entirely during quarantine over the internet.  After powering through the disconnected nature of crafting these tunes, Too Easy has become Specialists’ most refined release to date.

The EP kicks off with the powerful, Thanks, Boss- a pop-funk song with uplifting synthesizers, funky guitars, & enticing vocals; all separated by an impressive jazz-rock head highlighting the group’s musicianship. Second on the tracklisting, Be Easy, is a funk-rock staple in Specialists’ repertoire. Come Over is a seductive stand out track where Specialists explore their R&B influences. Listeners will find themselves enamored with the skips & hits embedded within this song. Down n Out, released as a single in April, has been described as “powerful, funky, & efficient.”  It’s impossible to not stay stunned while listening to this.” Finally, Wake Up caps the EP.  An epic song about keeping your mind & body in tune with your surroundings. It kicks off with an edgy, rap-influenced verse, followed by progressive rock instrumental sections, & a melodically dramatic chorus filled with internal emotion. This song is an appropriate send off.

As a result of this project being written during quarantine, the lyrical content uses intense imagery to depict an imaginary social life. Specialists found themselves writing about social interactions that they’ve gone so long without. Within the dual vocal parts, you will find a characterization of the bandmates themselves singing about where they long to be.

Music Submission, Caleb Linscombe

Artist or Band Name: 
Caleb Linscombe

Hi, I’m Caleb and I make songs in my bedroom, usually at 4 a.m. As a true bedroom pop artist, I make it my mission to write, record, and mix everything myself, all with one mic. Just kidding, I do that because I’m poor. Nevertheless, I think there’s a lot of power in simplicity, and I try to portray that through my music (:

Music Submission, Jordana Lilly

Artist or Band Name: 
Jordana Lilly
Jordana is an LA based singer-songwriter who brings a pop touch to her soulful sound. The theatricality of her songs reflect her musical theatre roots - her new upcoming single Locked Up is no exception. It's a funky dance bop summing up the narrative of feeling like you're a prisoner of your own mind (thnx anxiety!). Through ongoing stormy sea metaphors, it takes you on the journey from "I can't believe I'm trapped with me" to "I can't believe I get to be trapped with me!" Being "locked up" and forced to look inward is something everyone can relate to right now. Locked Up reasons that being stuck with yourself is a cause for celebration.
Thanks so much!


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