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"Rejoice" and companion album "Re-joice" grew from my curiosity about developing a Spanish version of one of my songs.  ultimately the project generated two 10 song albums with 6 languages featured.  Don't miss Lylt, my one instrumental on the album "Rejoice".

My songs include Christian, Justice, and Environmental themes.  A goal of mine is to bring messages with meaning to listeners everywhere.  My songs have pleasant melodies, varied vocals, interesting instrumentals, and are good company in the car or at home.

Khailana is a genre bending, ethereal pop fairy from Ōtaki, New Zealand who takes musical inspiration from nature and fantasy. 

She turns her personal experiences into dark, magical, yet emotional songs with many layers and mirrors of meaning.
Carl Wockner

Aka the “Australian Loop Monster” blends signature vocals, acoustic guitar flare and a casually genious live looping production through a cocktail of genres and moods.  With a large catalog of releases, thousands of tour dates, a rapid growing YouTube channel, charity and speaking roles - Carl has only just begun.  

"Boots and Hats and Boots and Hats" is just 1 of the singles from the latest EP release "Yellowly Live Once" And is on rotation on Australian Country Radio currently.