Carley Lusk

Carley Lusk
New Comer Carley Lusk Releases EP with song titled Fly in My Way, a colorful R&B pop ballad
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Carley Lusk
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Carley Lusk, CD titled, Carley Lusk
CD Name: 
Carley Lusk
Song Names: 
Stay In My Way


A unique voice emerging from Soho’s bohemian arts scene, experimental songwriter Brudini, a New-age lounge crooner and 21st century beat.
Artist or Band Name: 
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Brudini, song titled, Pale Gold
CD Name: 
Pale Gold - single
Song Names: 
Pale Gold

Music Submission, Katie Kittermaster

Artist or Band Name: 
Katie Kittermaster

Katie Kittermaster is a yound singer/songwriter from the UK.

She is currently on tour with Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy from Boyzlife.

She will be touring with Lucy Spraggan during October and November this year playing 37 gigs over 55 nights.

She has opened for Jools Holland, Olly Murs and Ronan Keating and played a number of the UK msuic festivals this summer.

She writes all the lyrics and music for her tracks and has won a number of songwriting competitions.

Music Submission, The Handsome Bandit

Artist or Band Name: 
The Handsome Bandit

Celebrated as “a refreshingly catchy new band that’s fearless, demands the stage, and charms their audience!” The Chicago Band, The Handsome Bandit discovered its unique cocktail blend of Pop-Rock with a sprinkle of Swing when two creative singer-songwriters merged their artistic passions. Eric Niequist’s powerful lead vocals and edgy bass riffs weave alongside the intricate piano melodies and warm vocals of Allison Hogan. The Handsome Bandit will have you energized and enthralled with their foot stomping sing-alongs, dynamic ballads, and thunderous anthems!  

Music Includes: “Sneaky EP” released in 2010, and “Spotlight” EP release date of 2019. Venues performed: Double Door Chicago, Cubby Bear Chicago, Reggies Chicago, Penny Road Pub, Clearwater Theater, Lily’s Chicago, Two Brothers RoundHouse Aurora. 

Music Submission, Taylor B-W

Artist or Band Name: 
Taylor B-W

Sydney-born Kiwi singer-songwriter, Taylor B-W, is one of the new generation of emerging indie artists.  Her sound blends soulful, Michael Jackson-style melodies and moody, Banks-esque lyrics in an electro-pop and R&B shell.

She asserts a strong presence on stage, however B-W confesses her Instagram account reveals a rather goofy and funny persona: “I am, first and foremost, a daggy person at heart.”

B-W rediscovered her passion for music after initially pursuing an acting career.  However, she also switched her attention to wildlife conservation, becoming a qualified zookeeper at Sydney’s Taronga Training Institute, when her health suffered under the pressure of acting.

She writes and sings to help release herself from inner self-conflict: “My songs clear out the cobwebs in my past and present.  I use lyrics and music as my way of soul-searching and to heal the cracks in my relationship with me.  I guess, I’m always just trying to make sense of it all.”

B-W found the confidence to put her songs out there in 2017 when she won the Australian segment of the unsigned-artist competition, Emergenza. Singing songs she had written, she then went on to win Best Vocalist, and came fourth overall, at the 2018 international finals in Germany.  

Taylor B-W is the daughter of Dragon frontman and NZ music legend, Mark Williams, and former Kiwi dancer and show business administrator, Pamela Beadle.  B-W completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in music, at the University of Sydney.

Music Submission, Streetcar Conductors

Artist or Band Name: 
Streetcar Conductors

Streetcar Conductors are a 5 piece powerpop band from Portland OR whose unique blend of synthesizers, heavy guitars, vocal harmonies and clever songwriting has been compared to The Cars, Weezer, Cheap Trick, and The Partridge Family.

Thir debut album The Very Best of Streetcar Conductors was released in 2018 and was featured in Powerpop Overdose, Powerpopaholic, and PopGeekHeaven’s list of 2018’s best albums. In 2019, Streetcar Conductors were included on Ice Cream Man Powerpop’s Summer compilation Screw Balls and Curve Balls, and also headlined the International Pop Overthrow festival in both San Francisco and Portland.

Streetcar Conductors are currently working on our sophomore album, set to release in early 2020.

Music Submission, Joe Kelly Jr.

Artist or Band Name: 
Joe Kelly Jr.

Hello! I’m excited to share Ghost In The Feeling,  the debut single from Joe Kelly Jr.’s yet named EP being released 2020.  The Official Music Video was released Friday the 13th.   The single will be released on all digital platforms on the 27th of September.  Many amazing musicians and engineers worked on this single.  I really hope you like it and play it! Thank you for your time and consideration. Enjoy!!!

Music Submission, Nick Fabian

Artist or Band Name: 
Nick Fabian

Hey there, 

My client, Nick Fabian, has a new single dropping on September 27th and I was hoping to get him an interview and some air play! I’ve attached his website which has all social and streaming sites and his new single “Rain”. Nick Fabianʼs powerhouse new single “Rain” is available for streaming September 13.Featuring dynamic vocal performances — including glissandos, slick harmonies and a gospel choir — and a slight blending of EDM sensibilities with Fabianʼs signature piano-pop sound, “Rain” is the stunning rainbow in a tropical storm.“The reward is one of lifeʼs great mysteries,” he sings. “To find the beauty in pain.”A virtuoso on the keys, Fabian dials back his technical prowess and puts on his producer hat, carefully crafting every aspect of the track. Thereʼs his typical outstanding bridge, the aforementioned gospel outro and — why not — rain FX to kick it all off.Youʼll hear plenty of sonic references here, including John Mayer, Andy Grammer and Michael Bublé. Most of all, it sounds like Nick Fabian, beautifully building on a strong résumé that includes the 2018 Spotify standout “Let Me Down.”
"Even when the storm comes crashing like waterfalls
Washes everything and leaves me with nothing at all
Iʼll still be thankful at the end of the day
Covered up in rain"
Thanks for considering! Look forward to hearing from you,

Music Submission, Zariyah Skylark

Artist or Band Name: 
Zariyah Skylark

i am just a fan and currently a friend of the artist and i know hed appreactie his music being shared, he defintley deserves it and youll soon be in tune and know what i mean. 

Music Submission, Berry

Artist or Band Name: 


Oxford's Berry Brown - new EP MILK (mixed and some drumming by OKGO's Dan Konopka, production by MINI) is out 25th September. Currently and briefly being hosted on soundcloud for previews  -  you are so warmly invited to listen on the links below and please do ask for top hifi quality maxi wav if thats your thing 






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