Music Submission, Colby Dean

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Colby Dean

Colby Dean Bio

Born in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Colby Dean comes from the honest roots of Western Montana. He picked up guitar at age 13, and instantly began composing original material. Dean first recorded his songs with a single microphone, filmed home-made music videos, and distributed the copies to schoolmates. In his early days, Dean learned how to pick guitar, banjo, mandolin, and also became proficient in ukulele, bass, and drums.

At age 18, Colby Dean moved to Nashville, Tennessee. There he became inspired by the legendary songwriters in the city. Dean spent his time in Music City performing, co-writing, and eventually recording and releasing his own original music.

Now with no home address, music has taken Dean through tours of Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, while also performing in the Caribbean and Coral Seas. His debut release, ‘Colby Dean EP’, has received radio airplay throughout the Philippines, United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Dean was just 12 days old when he took his first road trip, and is everyday grateful for the journey that is music.

Music Submission, Isaac

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Music Submission, tangerine beams

Gryff - Halcyon (tangerine beams Remix)
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tangerine beams

Hello BBS radio!

We are tangerine beams, a duo from Toronto making synthpop/popwave sounds. This is our first song to be released, available on November 5th. It features summery vibe sounds with a dash of funk and nu-disco. This is a remix of Gryff's 'Halcyon'. We have his full permission for this remix, we can provide the contract shall you accept this song.

Thank you for your time!

Music Submission, Muse Bulgarien Voices

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Muse Bulgarien Voices

Muse Bulgarian Voices is a project that combines cool Dance Beats with the beautiness of the famous Female Bulgarian Voices.

Founded as Muse in 1995 by German Producers Voelker Brothers, the first Single Innocent Voices was released 1996 on CNR Records, followed by the Album Innocent Voices, released early 1997 also on CNR Records.

Muse was the first project that mixed the Original “Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares” with Electronic Music. 

Music Submission, Zilverbacks

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After 8 months of creative exploration, frustration, despair, excitement and frequent existential crises, Zilverbacks has now released the complete aftermath to the world. The album reveals a haunting and often challenging ride with vibrant layers of guitars, offset against a throaty and coarse vocal delivery; drawing comparisons to an early King Krule. The latest single ‘Breakthrough‘ sounds like a Clean Cut Kid record but with more punch, accompanied by lead vocalist Chris Harris distinct vocal tone. The boldness and sense of spirit only serves to add to Zilverback’s personality, a personable and genuine musician who sings with raw emotion.

Set in four separate releases, the stereo mix leans more onto grunge than indie-rock, while the sonic landscape created by multi-instrumentalist Harris almost crosses into the realm of confrontation. The lyricism follows the solum themes of loss, death and insanity set against the backdrop of a beautifully organic and robust instrumental. Unable to read music and with no formal musical education under his belt, the task of producing the entirety of the album in his bedroom would have seemed almost impossible, however within just half a year he has created a diversely powerful collection of evocative lyrics and eclectic sounds that have made many pay attention to his musicianship and songwriting abilities. Without the aid of any professional studio equipment, his portfolio must be considered an impressive body of work at the least.

Music Submission, Otter Space

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Otter Space

I (Austin Theodore) have been in bands/playing shows in Atlanta & Athens, Georgia.

Otter Space started as a way to use my own music & lyrics; have control of how the EP/demos & the polished album.

Question Mark Sea was written between 2010-2015. We recorded in Spring & Summer of 2015, & my wife Alison has been doing all media since 2015.

Willis was essential in making QMS from 2014-2016.

Music Submission, Klara McDonnell

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Klara McDonnell

She’s an Irish singer/songwriter, an actress, and she’s got her fingers in as many creative pies as she can find – some of which enrich her bank account, and some that simply enrich her creative soul. Over the last decade, she has been one of Ireland’s busiest life drawing models, posing for artists throughout the country. 

Her new single “Dusty Glitter” is a shuffling country romp with production from frequent collaborators Beardfire Music Production Studio. 

The song appears to take itself less seriously than 2019’s previous singles the more sombre “Sinking Unknowing” and “Wasted”, both of which gained her a new support network at independent radio in Ireland and further afield – as well as stellar reviews. 

While the lyrics are tongue-in-cheek and the delivery is playful, there’s a certain vulnerability and sadness beneath the bubbly banjo backdrop. 

Klara explains, “lyrics like I’m not inclined to shine, like the gems you’re used to, refer to people setting certain standards and putting conditions on who they would start a relationship with. The protagonist of the song is a wild woman who thinks she is leading a man whom she thinks is too good for her astray. “

“I’ll take your plans, and tear them all apart”, she sings in the song’s chorus – and you get the feeling that this sentence could be Klara’s mission statement, applicable to anyone who thinks they’re in the driver seat when it comes to her career. 

Music Submission, RYA

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KARMA – The debut single by RYA

“If karma doesn’t hit you first then I bloody will.”

Bursting with pure British pop, the debut single Karma by RYA is an ode to the millennial generation. Karma is dripping with attitude and filled with pop culture references, whilst the cutting lyrics certainly pack a punch. The track is produced by Jack Gourlay, a gold and platinum record certified songwriter and producer with over 10 million streams on Spotify. RYA says:

“I went through a messy break-up and spent a lot of time feeling sad, then I suddenly thought – you’re in control of your emotions and you deserve to feel better about yourself. I ended up writing this super sassy chorus and the rest of the song developed around it. Then after I finished writing it I felt great, I felt confident, and I felt like me again.”

RYA is a female singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Berkshire. Having learnt piano from a young age, she then self-taught guitar and ukulele. RYA moved to London to study medicine, and during this time has learnt the drums and built up a catalogue of gigs, including CroCroLand festival and Pop Brixton.

Single: Karma

Artist: RYA

Release date: 1st November 2019

Please find promo photos in the link below:


Music Submission, cole son

Artist or Band Name: 
cole son

Would like you to play some of my songs.THANKS ❤❤❤

Newton Faulkner

Newton Faulkner
British singer-songwriter Newton Faulkner exploded onto the music scene, and has since sold 1.5 million records
Artist or Band Name: 
Newton Faulkner
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Newton Faulkner, song titled, Don't Leave Me Waiting
CD Name: 
Don't Leave Me Waiting - single
Song Names: 
Don't Leave Me Waiting


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