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Cool Aid
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Cool Aid introduces Newtro to your ears.

It doesn’t matter if the afternoon sun floods your balcony in orange light or the disco ball has just risen to shine into the night or whether you’re chilling or dancing, whether it’s time for coffee or gin and tonic - Cool Aid is always the perfect fit. They pack the late summer vibes into a warm bed of pulsing beats and carry them to the dance floors. A sound that feels like your very own ‘’Back To The Future“ moment, where the band will take you and drive the DeLorean to the 3000s.

Cool Aid, that’s Jeremy, Max, Dawid, Malte and Aubrey from the Frankfurt area, who combines funk, disco and new wave with modern beats and harmonies in their music. That’s not just Retro, that’s newtro; new indie pop - modern and vintage at the same time. This mix and their intuitive songwriting make Cool Aid the perfect companion for every situation.

2023 is when they will really take off: with new music on load and a shift of perspective, perfectly composed and lovingly produced. 45,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 80,000 views on Youtube emphasize, that Cool Aid delivers the real feels for all time zones. It goes without saying that they appear on more and more playlists and that music magazines and blogs are increasingly interested in what their interpretation of newtro actually sounds like: like a warm midsummer night on Mars under the glittering light of the milky way. Where anything’s possible, but nothing’s a must.

Cool Aid. For summer sun lovers, for night owls, for vintage lovers and space travelers.