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ryan kershaw
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Hi Guys

We are Red Tangent Records. A record label set up by in prisons music charity ‘Changing Tunes’. We represent Ryan Kershaw. A singer/Songwriter form South Lanarkshire, Scotland

Ryan delivers beautifully emotive reflections on life. Deftly navigating the alt-folk/acoustic tradition Ryan weaves touching and thought provoking vocals into poignant, often sublime tracks.

We’d love to have Ryan’s new single [My Dear] up for considered for play etc. The single launched on the (20th January 23) on all major streaming platforms (link below) I have attached some mp3 from his debut album

All my songs are FCC Clean.

Ryan is also available for interviews to discuss his experience and journey since being released from prison (full EPK links below)

If you need any more information or have questions, feel free to reach out to me at 


Thank you for your consideration