Music Submission, jaxon martinez

Artist or Band Name: 
jaxon martinez

20 year old artist making independent music from ogden, utah. "garage demo sessions" is my first project & was made at home with various friends over the course of a couple months & was released at the end of december, 2020. 

Music Submission, Coor Brow-Obles

Artist or Band Name: 
Coor Brow-Obles

Coor Brow-Obles is a South-Eastern UK based alternative musician and secret fantasy you can't tell your partner about. Multi-instrumentalist and producer,  noted for his pure voice, intelligent lyrics, strong stage presence and devilish good looks. He lays claim to the throne of The Melancholy Prince.

With Inspiration from artists like David Bowie, Placebo, The Cure, Still Corners and Björk, his music is constantly evolving and exploring the boundaries of alternative pop music. First Performing regularly at University with his punk band Turtle Circles. He enjoyed a small amount of success including an EP titled “Going In Circles”, supporting Germany’s most progressive gothic rock band “Sweet Ermengarde”. Coor has since gone solo performing acoustically and enjoying the chance to experiment with his style of music and performance. Having completed his Master’s degree in Music, Coor has since written a soundtrack for an award winning independent movie and found global success with fans in India, France and Spain.

Coor is currently working on releasing a track every 2 months, whilst releasing a song on youtube every 2 weeks. His first Second single "He Doesn't Deserve You" has been released and is available in all good (and some bad)music sources. His next single "A History of Violence" will be released February 19th

Music Submission, Jakob Drummond

Jakob Drummond - Beating A Dead Horse (Single)
Artist or Band Name: 
Jakob Drummond

“Beating a Dead Horse” (BADH) is the newest genre-defying single from Alternative-Country musician, Jakob Drummond. 

Locked and loaded with Western imagery, Jakob tells the tragic story of outlaw “Addison West” as he roams the Great Plains with his band of thieves. 

BADH is a fast, pounding, experimental rock track featuring a unique line-up of instruments including high speed, slapped upright bass, pounding, gritty drums reminiscent of psychedelic garage rock and distorted, ethereal guitars that embody the depth of 90’s Post punk. 

The punchy verses of BADH are delivered quickly in a unique rhythmic formula that nods to classic hip-hop and is followed by a dream-like, atmospheric chorus that yields an intensely catchy melody that builds with each repeat. 

First Verse: 0:38

First Chorus: 0:58

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About the artist: 

 “Jakob “Poukepse” Drummond is an Alternative Singer-Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Producer known for his experimental and non-genre-restrictive approach to songwriting. After years of writer’s-block from “staying inside the lines”, he felt the call to make something new – something not restricted by the restraint of a single genre. By creating fusion’s of Country, Soul, Punk, and more, Jakob Drummond has created a sound that is truly his own.

Music Submission, Melon Season

Artist or Band Name: 
Melon Season

Melon Season is mostly just my own personal recording project, based around Urbana and Chicago, IL. The project started around 2015, and it has been loosely ongoing ever since. The DIY and lofi ideals/recording methods of the Velvet Underground, Daniel Johnston, CAN, and Duster are very inspirational. The music of early Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, Pavement – and even music from the Zelda series – are very influential on the style. I am constantly writing, so I record all the songs on my own in order to make room in my head for the next ones; before I forget anything specific, really. Every once in a while I get a pretty good take of something, so I organize those into albums that I suppose make up a similar feel. The songs become like puzzle pieces. This is just a passion and hobby that I have to pursue no matter what. I usually collaborate with my brother, drummer, James.

A few tracks I would like to highlight are: Oceans, Glow (Kangaroo Court), Baggage, Descendee (Down), and Pangean. Of course, feel free to listen to any of the others if you happen to enjoy any of these.

Music Submission, Dumbfox

Artist or Band Name: 

We are Dumbfox, and we are contacting you because we would love to be on your show! In short, Dumbfox is very new. It started off as a fun side project over quarantine and has turned into a full fledged band. Our style is somewhat difficult to pinpoint at the moment as we strive to not make the same song twice, however, if I had to specify us to one genre, I would say we are definitely more rooted in pop-punk with major influences coming from big names like Weezer, Beck, blink-182, and Green Day. I've attached a link to our band page which provides previews of all of our current songs.


Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon! -Asa (Dumbfox) 

Music Submission, Thing of Twins

Artist or Band Name: 
Thing of Twins

Thing of Twins is a rock n roll band formed in 2017 in Los Angeles, CA. The band is composed of twin brothers Carlos Garcia (vocal, guitar) and Lucio Garcia (vocal/ drums). Coming out of previous projects, The twins have developed a sound uniquely their own with influences from Green Day, Royal Blood, Blink 182 to say the least. Since the formation of the band, Thing of Twins have performed at several notable venues and shows across California, delivering high energetic and loud as f**k performances. With the release of their latest album, 2020, Thing of Twins are making a mark on the LA rock scene and setting their sights on world domination, one stage at a time

Music Submission, Vini Vicious

Artist or Band Name: 
Vini Vicious


We are Vini Vicious, a Tragic Pop\Angular Rock band from TLV.
Just finished working on our new master, and we would love it if you had a listen, tell us what you thought and god knows, maybe even play it a couple or two hundred times.

Metalink to all platforms:



Music Submission, Unrivaled

Artist or Band Name: 

Since early 2019, Unrivaled has been blurring the lines between punk and metal. Cultivating a sound that perfectly encapsules  their namesake. The trio out  of Cincinnati, Ohio are looking to make a dent in the music scene with debut album set to be release January 29th, 2021.

Jah-Femi Telewa

Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
Jah-Femi Telewa
Artist or Band Name: 
Jah-Femi Telewa
J.F.T. (Jah-Femi Telewa) is a Multi-Award winning author and Multi-ReEx Top chatting composer
CD Information
Jah-Femi Telewa, song titled, Over Deer
CD Name: 
Over Deer - single
Song Names: 
Over Deer

Fabian Jack

Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
Fabian Jack
Artist or Band Name: 
Fabian Jack
Fabian Jack are a feisty 5-piece Rock band from London, UK. Their enthusiasm spills from the stage, with powerful hook-laden, chorus-led rock-pop, sprinkled with Disco, Dub & Post-punk Dance dust
CD Information
Fabian Jack, song titled, Animal
CD Name: 
Animal - single
Song Names: 


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