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Nervous Vulpis

Nervous Vulpis is an alternative rock band based out of Fountain Valley, California.

Their sound is incredibly personal and dynamic, seamlessly blurring the lines between genres as diverse as pop-punk, indie, and alternative music with a humble, hands-on approach to their creativity.

Comprised of: Alex Nobles (Vocals/Guitar), Matt Kilgore (Lead Guitar), Kristen Michael (Drums), and Eder Villagran (Bass),

The quartet’s members have all played in an array of gigging bands that were brought up in the circuit of local venues in Southern California, playing widely varying styles.

However, each individual’s influences has its own sonic space in the mix, leading to a very open minded, and fresh sound.

“Nervous Vulpis is still in its infancy as a group, yet they have a demo EP with well structured songs akin to those produced by groups with years under their belts.” - Noisy Cavern