Music Submission, Vini Vicious

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Vini Vicious


We are Vini Vicious, a Tragic Pop\Angular Rock band from TLV.
Just finished working on our new master, and we would love it if you had a listen, tell us what you thought and god knows, maybe even play it a couple or two hundred times.

Metalink to all platforms:



Music Submission, Suburban Rituals

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Suburban Rituals

SUBURBAN RITUALS is a Canadian 00’s alt rock inspired trio with roots in punk and metal. Their brand of heavy rock is edgy but melodic, with driving rhythm, catchy guitar hooks, and anthemic choruses.

Suburban Ritual’s latest single “Nosebleed” was released as a music video on YouTube which we are promoting with digital marketing campaigns. We think it would sound right at home on BBS.

 SUBURBAN RITUALS’ debut EP will be released October 30, 2020 on all digital streaming platforms as well as Bandcamp for direct-to-artist support.

Music Submission, My Kind Of Chaos

The Monster Stirs by My Kind Of Chaos
Artist or Band Name: 
My Kind Of Chaos

The heavy, hard hitting sounds of My Kind Of Chaos are 5 guys who come from different backgrounds but forged and produced a sound all their own. Listening to their music you will be teleported back to the amazing times of heavy rock in the 90’s but also feel the drive and originality of modern post punk/rock music that has been missing from our headphones and speakers for far too long.

With three members of the band cutting their teeth in the Geelong underground punk scene in the late 80’s, every member of the now formed MKC have played in many bands over the years that have influenced their unique, post punk/rock sound that you hear today. Relocating to Brisbane in late 2018, the boys set out to create a debut album that would be completely different to anything they have ever done before. Drawing on their individual experiences and coupled with their own musical backgrounds My Kind Of Chaos have by far achieved their goal.

With lyrics that come straight from the heart, riffs that get stuck in your head all day and their ability to produce great tunes, you will be left wanting more every time the album ends. My Kind Of Chaos will certainly be a band to watch as they unleash their music on the world.

Music Submission, Three Years Apart

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Three Years Apart

Hello my name is Chandler Powell lead singer of Three Years Apart and I would like to share with you our new single! We are a new band trying to get started and would love to hear your opinion on our song! Below is a YouTube link and a link that leads to all music streaming services!

Music Submission, Lunar Reverb

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Lunar Reverb

Lunar Reverb released an EP called Younger Days. All of the tracks are radio ready and include metadata. We are looking to get some airplay, features, gigs, or reviews wherever possible. Below I have included my band information, links to our social media, press, and links to our music below. I hope you dig it. Either way thanks for the time and consideration! Band Name: Lunar Reverb About Band: Lunar Reverb is a group of music loving people trying to create a modern fusion of classic rock, punk, blues, pop and groove. They are an indie alternative rock band from Arlington, TX looking to spread music and good vibes. The band includes Lizzy Casarez the lead singer, Joshua Hanson on guitar/vocals/aux instruments, Zack Bryant on bass, and Bryson Allsup on drums. Lunar Reverb draws inspiration from Led Zeppelin, Sublime, Jack White, The Black Keys, female musicians from the classic rock era-today, and blues to create a more modern raw classic rock sound for their debut Younger Days EP. They have hit the scene running with shows throughout the DFW area including The Old Cocktail Lounge, Dr Jeckyll's Beer Lab, Reno's Chop Shop, and The Ridglea. Lunar Reverb has been featured in podcasts, Voyage Dallas Hidden Gems, and Divide And Conquer Music. Younger Days Description: We went for a more raw rock sound for our EP. Our sound pulls from artists such as Led Zeppelin, The White Stripes, and Texas blues. The vibe of the album pulls from the struggles everyone goes through when they feel alone in their 20 something Younger Days. Einstein was written after Josh was going through the motions from job to job with the goal of playing music and feeling stuck in his ways. Purple Pistol of Love was originally a song Josh's dad wrote in his band. Josh rewrote the piece lyrically to coincide with his story of love. What Can You Do and 2020 both touch on the anxiety of a young adult in today's world. 2020 was a live jam Lizzy wrote lyrics to on the spot from a riff Josh was playing around with. We hope to get another studio recording of this track. Cautionary Tale was also lyrically written by Lizzy and Josh from a riff he was playing around with. Lizzy had a friend who was going through a sort of abusive relationship and pulled from that energy. Zack wrote Take Your Time all on his own. I feel like musically it compliments the meaning of What Can You Do. When the rain comes you need to weather it. In time the sun will shine again. Location: Arlington, TX Contact Info: Joshua Hanson Lunar.reverb.2019@gmail.com

Music Submission, The Airwaves

Artist or Band Name: 
The Airwaves

The Airwaves, from Ljungby in Sweden, was formed out of the ashes of the act Swedish Whistler, a band that participated on Pink Floyd tribute discs and the 10 hrs Pink Floyd tribute concert at Brighton, organized by Pink Floyd’s biggest fan club in England (Neptune Pink Floyd). When the band changed line-up to Sussi Johansson (bass and vocals), Patrik Arvidsson (guitar), Jessica Lilleberg (vocals) and Ludwig Johnson (drums) they decided to change name to The Airwaves. In 2006, the band came in contact with Clive Jones from the occult 70s band Black Widow. Along with some friends, he had written a tribute tune to Abba titled “Hey You Ring Me Tonight” and offered the Airwaves the song because he thought the band with his two singers could sound like ABBA. Clive Jones also wrote two additional tracks for The Airwaves to use on “Release”, the bands debut album, released in the summer of 2014. “Hey You Ring Me Tonight” was produced by King Diamond guitarist Andy La Rocque who also plays guitar on the track while keyboards are performed by Paolo Apollo Negri (Wicked Minds, Black Widow). 1/7-2020 they released a cassette "Bob Dylan Blues" - including another song written by Clive Jones for the band: "I'm Happy"


Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
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PRSNA defines the triumph & tragedy of life with melodic vocals, infectious guitars & a blood rushing rhythm that dresses modern pop punk with their indie & pop rock roots
CD Information
PRSNA, song titled, Lions
CD Name: 
Lions - single
Song Names: 

Music Submission, The Carousers

Artist or Band Name: 
The Carousers

The Carousers are a punk trio from Long Branch, NJ. They recently released the Deluxe Edition of their self-titled EP on April 7th, 2020. 

Music Submission, AANTHEMS

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This is Alice from Early Onset Records and I have a band that is releasing their record Blood Fortune on March 8th 2020. I've included their bio and a bandcamp download link and code at the bottom. I would love to hear what you think. Thank you!

ABOUT THE BAND: Ryan and Geof Dolejsi (dough-lay-she) are actual brothers, born and raised near Vancouver B.C. They cut their teeth on hardcore shows in the early 90’s and started AANTHEMS in 2015. Geof does his level best to make his drums sound like a locomotive, and Ryan plays bass, completely wrong, while both are howling almost the whole time. It’s a sweaty angry mess, and it feels like someone is finally on your side.

GENRE: Punk Rock

SUB GENRE: Sweaty, fast, catchy and twisty lyric driven noise/hardcore/punk rock'n'roll

Inspired by Fugazi, Refused, Gaslight Anthem, Bear vs. Shark


Blood Fortune is a bastard of a record, railing against greed, corruption and the end of humanity with just a little hope for those with light in their hearts. The album was inspired by the general lack of concern expressed about how the importance of currency has completely eclipsed that of human life. That’s pretty heavy, and so is this record. Somehow, AANTHEMS are not done fighting. What else is there to do?

March 8th 2020 all platforms, 12” coloured vinyl through Early Onset Records


March 27th 2020 - Record Release Show at Pat's Pub in Vancouver

March 28th 2020 - Knotty Burl in Squamish

More west coast dates in the works


1. Bottom Rung - 2:39

Born out of a decade of living hand to mouth in a city that’s dying to leave you behind

5. We Don’t Want That - 2:47

Hope for a world where compassion and unity might actually exist, and the ways religion and prejudice keep us on our knees.

6. Weight - 3:46

A cold hard look at the results of a century of willful ignorance and the compartmentalization of the human psyche

7. CRISPR - 2:11

A fun one about gene sequencing and making designer babies. What could possibly go wrong?

10. Unsinkable Ships - 2:09

At once the angriest and most hopeful. Humanity at our worst, meet humanity at our best. 


F bomb on 3. Seen a Ghost - 2:09

S bomb on 9. Drop in a Coffin - 2:45

Blood Fortune by AANTHEMS


1 - Bottom Rung (2:39)

2 - Fake City (3:06)

3 - Seen a Ghost (2:09) EXPLICIT

4 - Pure Fire (2:17)

5 - We Don’t Want That (2:47)

6 - Weight (3:46)

7 - CRISPR (2:11)

8 - Man Overboard (1:59)            

9 - Drop in a Coffin (2:45) EXPLICIT

10 - Unsinkable Ships (2:09)

11 - Red Hands (5:00)

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/aanthems/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/aanthems/

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Alice Hong


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