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The Arthur Clark Collective
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Sick of bands that only ever split up, Lemmie Bon Jail decided for a new tactic: The Collective! Formed of himself and anyone to weak/lazy to escape his musical grasp, The Arthur Clark Collective have released two albums and two singles. Due to two members being teachers, the Collective have become viral sensations in at least two secondary schools in the East London Area. Oh Yes.

Formed in Romford, an Essex/London hinterland, in 2018 the Arthur Clark Collective attempt to specialise in Punk and anti-folk music. The Collectives influences are Brit-pop, Sonic Youth, Pavement and similar North American artists as well as electronic bands such as UNKLE and Archive.

 Our first Album was released in 2019, containing songs mostly penned by Lemmie Bon Jail, the front man and included a variety of friends (not all musicians) who helped to add parts and ideas. to the mix. 

A second album, 'Middle Class Hero' was released in 2021 featuring yet more collaborations with anyone willing to join up.