New Indie Music

Shai Agmon
Shai Agmon - CD: The Cobweb - Songs: Meeting of the Spirits, Mysterious - Acoustic, Instrumental, Music, New Age, World
Seprona - CD: Trap Door - Songs: Trap Door - Alternative, Indie, Music
Nina Amelio
Nina Amelio - CD: Savage Love - Single - Songs: Savage Love - Alternative, Music, Pop, Rock
Julian Taylor
Julian Taylor Band - CD: Desert Star - Songs: Just A Little Bit, Who Could Ask For Anything More - Music, R&B, Rock, Soul
Jay Lamont
Jay Lamont - CD: You and Me - Single - Songs: You and Me - Music, R&B, Vocal
Husky - CD: Ruckers Hill - Songs: Saint Joan - Alternative, Folk, Music, Rock
Gypsy Soul
Gypsy Soul - CD: True - Songs: Gotta Be Real, We Are What We Believe, Your Kind - Acoustic, Americana, Folk, Indie, Music, Pop, Roots, Singer/Songwriter, Soul
Problems Band
Problems - CD: Moonbeam (rework) - Songs: Moonbeam - Ambient, Chill Out, Electronic, Experimental, House, Music
The Elwins
The Elwins - CD: Play For Keeps - Songs: Show Me How To Move, So Down Low - Alternative, Music, Pop, Rock
The Levons
The Levons - CD: Too Strange - Single - Songs: Too Strange - Alternative, Music, Rock
Joni Fuller
Joni Fuller - CD: Everybody Says So - Songs: Everybody Says So - Acoustic, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Jimmy and The Revolvers
Jimmy and The Revolvers - CD: Sunday Morning EP - Songs: The Morning Paper - Alternative, Folk, Music, Pop, Rock
Hayley Cannon - image credit to Kim/Never Enough Notes
Hayley Cannon - CD: Who Are You - Single - Songs: Who Are You - Acoustic, Folk, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Guy Valarino
Guy Valarino - CD: Oceans EP - Songs: Nargis, Oceans, Woolfe's Beach - Acoustic, Folk, Indie, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Grady Frazier
Grady Frazier - CD: Tales From The Run Away EP - Songs: Never Let Me Go, Oh Adelaide, Run Away - Alternative, Folk, Music, Singer/Songwriter
Everywhere the band picture
Everywhere - CD: Shades At Night - Songs: Shades At Night - Alternative, Music, Rock
The Christians band
The Christians - CD: We - Songs: Rise - Music, Pop, Rock, Soul
Swim Season band
Swim Season - CD: Soldiers - Songs: Soldiers - Alternative, Indie, Music, Pop
Space the Band
Space the Band - CD: Strange World - Songs: Strange World - Alternative, Music, Pop
Nina Schofield
Nina Schofield - CD: Come Down - Songs: Come Down - Contemporary, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Matt Lande
Matt Lande - CD: Glow - Songs: Together - Alternative, Music, Pop, Rock
Man Made Time
Man Made Time - CD: Sail Away - Songs: Sail Away - Alternative, Music, Pop
Lime Cordiale
Lime Cordiale - CD: Not That Easy - Songs: Not That Easy - Alternative, Music, Pop, Rock
James Crooks
James Crooks - CD: Naturally - Songs: Naturally - Electronic, Indie, Music, Pop
JP Edwards
JP Edwards - CD: Hearticulate - Songs: Drop Everything, Ties, Stargazing - Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter


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