New Indie Music

Belau - CD: The Odyssey - Songs: Wicked - ft. Antonia, You and I - ft. Szecsi Bobe - Alternative, Down Tempo, Electronic, Indie, Music
Cannibal - CD: Sponge - single - Songs: Sponge - Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Voodoo Story
Voodoo Story - CD: Peplum - Songs: The Quest - Music, Pop, Rock
Tom Goss
Tom Goss - CD: Wait - Songs: Breath and Sound - Acoustic, Alternative, Music, Pop
Shiraz Hempstock
Shiraz Hempstock - CD: Done The Dirty - single - Songs: Done The Dirty - Acoustic, Indie, Music, Singer/Songwriter
Philippa Hanna
Philippa Hanna - CD: Come Back Fighting - Songs: Off The Wagon - Acoustic, Country, Folk, Gospel, Indie, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Mario Joy
Mario Joy - CD: Playin - single - Songs: Playin - Dance, Electronic, Music, Singer/Songwriter
Koffee - CD: Raggamuffin - Single - Songs: Raggamuffin - Island, Music, Reggae/SKA, Roots, Singer/Songwriter, World
Katherine Terrien
Katherine Terrien - CD: Henry's Song and Lights - Singles - Songs: Henry's Song, Lights - Acoustic, Folk, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Jono - CD: Goosebumps - Single - Songs: Goosebumps - Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Jarface - CD: Now They See - Songs: Child, White Picket Fence - Alternative, Grunge, Metal, Music, Rock
HoneyMilk - CD: Coming Home - Single - Songs: Coming Home - Alternative, Indie, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
daFOO - CD: 40 Days - Single - Songs: 40 Days - Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Ben Potts and Andrew Green
Ben Potts and Andrew Green - CD: River - Single - Songs: River - Alternative, Music
The Perms
The Perms - CD: Miracle - Songs: Gone - Indie, Music, Pop, Rock
Rowland Jones
Rowland Jones - CD: New Start New Day - Songs: Anymore, How Did It Happen, New Start New Day, Slip Away, So Good - Acoustic, Americana, Folk, Music, Singer/Songwriter
Greta Stanley
Greta Stanley - CD: Full Grown - Songs: After Dark, Dreamstate, Drunk Dreams, Heavy Heat, Spin Around, Up Late - feat Timberwolf - Acoustic, Alternative, Folk, Indie, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Edward Blake
Edward Blake - CD: Deconstructed Perspectives - Songs: God Power - Alternative, Music, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Dramalove - CD: How To Mend A Broken Heart - Songs: Play With You - Alternative, Music, Rock
Boris Carloff
Boris Carloff - CD: The Solipsist - Songs: Haunted - Alternative, Electronic, Indie, Music, Rock
Bobby Harden
Bobby Harden - CD: River of Soul - Songs: Not Ready, Try Again, Where Is The Love, You Make My Heart Sing, Youll Never Walk Alone - Blues, Music, R&B, Singer/Songwriter, Soul, Vocal
The Plastic Attaction
The Plastic Attraction - CD: How Far To the Moon - EP - Songs: How Far To The Moon - Indie, Music, Pop, Rock
Seavera - CD: City - Songs: City - Alternative, Electronic, Indie, Music
Sarah Klang
Sarah Klang - CD: Left Me On Fire - Songs: Left Me On Fire - Alternative, Folk, Music, Singer/Songwriter
OneGunn - CD: Personality - Single - Songs: Personality - Music, R&B, Singer/Songwriter, Soul


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