New Indie Music

Chris Eves and The New Normal
Chris Eves and The New Normal - CD: Find Your Way - Songs: On Rainy Days - Blues, Funk, Music, Rock
The Shakes
The Shakes - CD: Scrumptious - single - Songs: Scrumptious - Alternative, Indie, Music, Pop, Soft Rock
Tommy Down
Tommy Down - CD: Superficial - single - Songs: Superficial - Music, Pop, R&B, Soul
The Moon and You
The Moon and You - CD: A White Light That Sings - single - Songs: A White Light That Sings - Alternative, Americana, Folk, Indie, Instrumental, Music, Roots, Singer/Songwriter, Soul
The Hunts
The Hunts - CD: Darlin' Oh Darlin' - Songs: Along The Way, Heaven Knows, Travel - Alternative, Folk, Indie, Music
Petrus Nordh
Petrus Nordh - CD: Blank Piece Of Paper - Songs: Blank Piece Of Paper - Funk, Music, Pop, R&B, Roots, Singer/Songwriter, Soul
Michael Kilbey
Michael Kilbey - CD: I Was Waiting - single - Songs: I Was Waiting - Alternative, Indie, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Lyia Meta
Lyia Meta - CD: Without Walls - single - Songs: Without Walls - Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Lauren Tannenbaum
Lauren Tannenbaum - CD: Palisades - single - Songs: Palisades - Alternative, Folk, Music, Singer/Songwriter
Koala - CD: Pick Up The Pieces - Single - Songs: Pick Up The Pieces - Alternative, Indie, Music, Rock
Days Indoors
Days Indoors - CD: Two Feet Under - Songs: Heaven Can Wait - Alternative, Indie, Music, Rock
Harry Pane
Harry Pane - CD: Beautiful Life - Songs: Beautiful Life - Alternative, Blues, Folk, Indie, Music, Singer/Songwriter
Dougie Crockett
Dougie Crockett - CD: Halfway to Mexico - Single - Songs: Halfway to Mexico - Americana, Country, Folk, Music
Vinny Peculiar
Vinny Peculiar - CD: Return of the Native - Songs: Golden City - Alternative, Music, Singer/Songwriter
The Plot In You, photo credit Jason Mageau
The Plot In You - CD: Dispose - Songs: I Always Wanted To Leave - Alternative, Metal, Music, Rock
The Magnettes
The Magnettes - CD: Young and Wild acoustic - single - Songs: Young and Wild acoustic - Acoustic, Indie, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Temme Scott
Temme Scott - CD: Firsts, heard live at Soho Studio in LA on Life Changes Show - Songs: Elevator, Firsts - Alternative, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Steve Hewitt
Steve Hewitt - CD: Pushing Me Away - single - Songs: Pushing Me Away - Acoustic, Alternative, Folk, Music, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Olivia Brownlee
Olivia Brownlee - CD: Pretty and Reroute singles Soho Studio in LA on Life Changes - Songs: Pretty, Reroute - Acoustic, Alternative, Folk, Music, Singer/Songwriter
Monika Linkyte
Monika Linkyte - CD: Old Love - single - Songs: Old Love - Indie, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Like Swimming
Like Swimming - CD: Strike A Pose - single - Songs: Strike A Pose - Electronic, Indie, Music, Pop, Rock
Karrie Hayward
Karrie Hayward - CD: Going to The Grave - Songs: Going to The Grave - Alternative, Indie, Music, Singer/Songwriter
Josh Hoyer and Soul Colossal
Josh Hoyer and Soul Colossal - CD: End of The Night - Songs: End of The Night - Americana, Country, Funk, Music, R&B, Soul
Glass Peaks
Glass Peaks - CD: Don't Ask Me To Dance - single - Songs: Don't Ask Me To Dance - Alternative, Indie, Music, Pop, Rock
Didirri - CD: Formaldehyde - single - Songs: Formaldehyde - Folk, Indie, Music, Rock, Singer/Songwriter


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