New Indie Music

Samijay - CD: Samijay - Songs: Headed For Disaster, Silly Love Song - Music, Pop, R&B
Romina Anastasescu
Romina Anastasescu - CD: Hold You Down ft. Ryan Taylor - single - Songs: Hold You Down ft. Ryan Taylor - Dance, Music, Pop
Paul The Walrus
Paul The Walrus - CD: Dolphin And Whale Watching - Songs: Not So Sweet - Gothic, Music, Pop, Reggae/SKA, Rock
Palm Ghosts
Palm Ghosts - CD: Architecture - Songs: A Lover's Quarrel, Insomnia, Rhythm To Rage, Who Knew Me Better Than You - Gothic, Indie, New Wave, Pop, Punk, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Gordon James And The Power
Gordon James And The Power - CD: BLOOD - single - Songs: BLOOD - Acoustic, Alternative, Indie, Music
Firebug - CD: Wandering Soul - Songs: Follower - Acoustic, Blues, Indie, Music, Progressive, Rock
Dance Gavin Dance
Dance Gavin Dance - CD: Artificial Selection - Songs: Care, Count Bassy, Son of Robot - Experimental, Hard Rock, Music, Progressive, Punk, Rock
Blue Eyes Soul DK
Blue Eyes Soul DK - CD: Life is a Symphony - single - Songs: Life is a Symphony - Electronic, Funk, Music, Pop, R&B, Rap, Rock, Soul
Austen - CD: Too High To Cry - single - Songs: Too High To Cry - Alternative, Indie, Music, Pop
Wendy Martin
Wendy Martin - CD: Wendy Martin - Songs: 9 Roses In December, Eyes of the Children - Country, Folk, Music, Singer/Songwriter
Thirteen Mile
Thirteen Mile - CD: Don't Stop Never Stop - Songs: Are You Ready - Dance, Electronic, Music, Pop, Rock
The Trouts
The Trouts - CD: Surfin The Desert - Songs: Brothers, Down In The River, Generique, Peace in the Valley - Alternative, Music, Rock
The Hideaways
The Hideaways - CD: I Can See Pluto - single - Songs: I Can See Pluto - Music, Rock
Stephen Michael Murphy
Stephen Michael Murphy - CD: Root Down Low - Songs: Never Ever Here - Funk, Jazz, Music, Pop, Reggae/SKA, Rock, Soul, Spiritual
Second Hand Arms Dealer
Second Hand Arms Dealer - CD: Living It Up - single - Songs: Living It Up - Alternative, Indie, Music, Pop, Punk, Rock
Omarr Awake
Omarr Awake - CD: Time Spent In The Machine - Songs: Dynamite Parasite, In Control of Just One Soul - Acoustic, Funk, Jazz, Music, Pop, R&B, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Soul
LOLA - CD: Against The Tide - single - Songs: Against The Tide - Alternative, Indie, Music, Rock
Dallas Rodin
Dallas Rodin - CD: Spaceship - single - Songs: Spaceship - Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Best Not Broken
Best Not Broken - CD: Faster - single - Songs: Faster - Alternative, Indie, Music, Pop, Rock
Bares - CD: Montage - Songs: Montage - Alternative, Electronic, Music
At Pavillon
At Pavillon - CD: Stop The War - Songs: Stop The War - Alternative, Indie, Music, Pop, Rock
Air of Water
Air of Water - CD: Turbulence Vol 1 - Songs: Alright, Soak - Acoustic, Alternative, Chill Out, Music
Zander Holmes
Zander Holmes - CD: Into The Mist - single - Songs: Into The Mist - Alternative, Electronic, Music, Pop
X-Stylez and Two-M
X-Stylez and Two-M - CD: Caffeine - ft. Dillon Dixon - Songs: Caffeine - ft. Dillon Dixon - Dance, Electronic, Music, Pop


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