New Indie Music

Screamin' Deal
Screamin Deal - CD: That Ain't No Screamin' Deal - Songs: I Was Young and Needed Money, Not Long From Here, UFO Evidence, Under Stars Underwater - Alternative, Indie, Music, Pop, Punk, Rock
Ruby Gilbert
Ruby Gilbert - CD: Dearly Beloved - Songs: Oh, Bones - Alternative, Americana, Country, Easy Listening, Music, Singer/Songwriter
Pretty Gritty
Pretty Gritty - CD: Seven Year Itch - Songs: Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Acoustic, Alternative, Americana, Country, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Soul
Otto Niklasson Elmeras
Otto Niklasson Elmeras - CD: Wrong Side of the Road - single - Songs: Wrong Side of the Road - Folk, Indie, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Natalie Carolan
Natalie Carolan - CD: I Won't Move - single - Songs: I Won't Move - Ambient, Music, Pop, Vocal
Matt Steady
Matt Steady - CD: Echoes of Albion - Songs: The Green Man - Blues, Celtic, Indie, Music, Roots, Singer/Songwriter, World
Greg Blackwhale Harris
Greg Blackwhale Harris - CD: Behind The Wall - single - Songs: Behind The Wall - Hip Hop, Music, Rap, Singer/Songwriter
Grace Morrison
Grace Morrison - CD: I'm The Apple - Songs: The Ropes, The Trouble - Americana, Easy Listening, Folk, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Call Me Malcolm
Call Me Malcolm - CD: I Was Broken When You Got Here - Songs: In Treatment, Inside Out, There's No I In Apocalypse - Music, Punk, Reggae/SKA
Birdpeople - CD: Flesh and Bone - single - Songs: Flesh and Bone - Alternative, Contemporary, Music, Pop
3 Stripe
3 Stripe - CD: Anthem - single - Songs: Anthem - Alternative, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Yuval Bless
Yuval Bless - CD: We're Living In A Dream - single - Songs: We're Living In A Dream - Alternative, Easy Listening, Music
Syren - CD: The Weaker Side Of Me - Songs: The Weaker Side Of Me - Electronic, Experimental, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Manu Crooks
Manu Crooks - CD: Different League - single - Songs: Different League - Hip Hop, Music, Rap
Katrina Bishop
Katrina Bishop - CD: Hopscotch - Songs: Rocket Launch - Contemporary, Easy Listening, Funk, Indie, Latin, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Soft Rock
JoJo Worthington
JoJo Worthington - CD: Two Lines - Songs: Mid Youth Crisis - Alternative, Ambient, Experimental, Folk, Indie, Music, Pop
Francois Dufault
Francois Dufault - CD: Du Premier Baiser - Songs: Fais Moi Danser - Alternative, Indie, Pop
Elation - CD: XO - Songs: XO - Dance, Indie, Music, Pop
Chris Eves and The New Normal
Chris Eves and The New Normal - CD: Find Your Way - Songs: On Rainy Days - Blues, Funk, Music, Rock
The Shakes
The Shakes - CD: Scrumptious - single - Songs: Scrumptious - Alternative, Indie, Music, Pop, Soft Rock
Tommy Down
Tommy Down - CD: Superficial - single - Songs: Superficial - Music, Pop, R&B, Soul
The Moon and You
The Moon and You - CD: A White Light That Sings - single - Songs: A White Light That Sings - Alternative, Americana, Folk, Indie, Instrumental, Music, Roots, Singer/Songwriter, Soul
The Hunts
The Hunts - CD: Darlin' Oh Darlin' - Songs: Along The Way, Heaven Knows, Travel - Alternative, Folk, Indie, Music
Petrus Nordh
Petrus Nordh - CD: Blank Piece Of Paper - Songs: Blank Piece Of Paper - Funk, Music, Pop, R&B, Roots, Singer/Songwriter, Soul
Michael Kilbey
Michael Kilbey - CD: I Was Waiting - single - Songs: I Was Waiting - Alternative, Indie, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter


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